Lough Tay to Oldbridge

This leg can be divided into three stages as follows

Stage 1-2.

This is 1.2 km in length along the main Sally Gap road, with views of Lough Tay in the valley below to the runner’s right.  After about 1 kilometre on the road, runners will pass by two large gate pillars on the right (the "Pier Gates") framing a road dropping sharply to the lake below, Continuing on past these pillars the WW swings around to the left and some 300 metres past the pillars, runners turn right onto a WW sign-posted track, for the second stage of the leg

Stage 2-6.

This stage is some 4.8 km in length, on a broad track undulating through forest and open moorland, with all junctions clearly marked with WW posts.  After 1km runners veer right and come to a forestry hut on their left.  100 metres beyond the hut, runners will first see the Roundwood Reservoir several miles away in a broad valley below them to their left.  Some 700 metres on from the hut pass through an old rusty farm gate.  Runners then tackle a forested stretch and shortly there is a “cross-roads”.  Turn right here up a narrower track marked by WW signs.  You will soon have views of Lough Tay.  After a short distance, turn left down a narrow path which is marked with a WW sign.  Run down this until you cross a large wooden stile and enter a large field.  It is MOST IMPORTANT that you follow the markers around the grassy track on the right hand edge of this field and do NOT cross it.  This field may contain livestock so close all gates even if there is runner behind.  At the bottom of the field you climb another large wooden stile and descend along a narrow track occasionally strewn with short gorse stumps (watch your footing!).  At the end of this track you climb a third wooden stile to turn left onto a lane.  Follow this straight up to a sign-posted road junction where you turn right.  

Stage 6-10.

This is about 1.4 km in length: from the junction, keep going straight down the road.  The rest of the stage proceeds downhill through attractive oak & beech woods, crosses a bridge on the Avonmore River and arrives at Oldbridge crossroad (stage end).