The Wicklow Way Relay this year will be on Sat. 12th June

As usual we hope to make this event as accessible as possible for everyone.

With this in mind there are 8 stages and 7 different ways of forming a team
(see below)

Wicklow Way Relay Rules

For teams of two to eight runners to be made up as follows
Teams of 2: Open
Teams of 3: to include a lady or vet.
Teams of 4: to include a lady and vet. (may be the same person)
Teams of 5: to include a lady and vet. (may not be the same person)
Teams of 6: to include 2 ladies or 2 vets. (may be the same persons)
Teams of 7: to include 2 ladies and 2 vets. (only one may be the same person)
Teams of 8: to include 2 ladies, 2 vets (may not be the same persons)

Each team have their own support crew.
Change over allowed at official stage ends only.
Teams to be pre-entered and accepted, closing date 28/5/04
All runners to sign IMRA form if not already members
Juniors over 15 and under 17 must run stage 3 (no runners under 15 on day of race on any stage, no runners under 17 on day of race on stages 1,2,4,5,6,7,8)
Each runner to previously familiarize themselves with their leg of the run (briefing sheets available on site).



1. 7.00 Kilmashogue- Curtlestown 14.00km
2. Curtlestown Lough Tay 14.00km
3. 11.00 * Lough Tay - Oldbridge 8.00km
4. Oldbridge - Glendalough 10.00km
5. 15.00* Glendalough - Drumgoff 15.00km
6. Drumgoff - Ballyteige Bridge 13.00km
7. Ballyteige- Derry River, Tinahely 17.00km
8. Tinahely - Shillelagh. 13.00km


* In unlikely event of previous stage runner not having completed their stage