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Pól Ó MurchúJan 3 2014, 10:52pmSo it's January which can only mean one thing...not long till Imra winter league begins. 1st up is Howth on 19th so better get training. Not fit...injured? What better time than to volunteer early in the year get that non running place under the belt well before the summer league is even planned.

We're currently looking for a Race Diractor/ Shadow Race Director, assistant laptop (especially important for this one), First Aid person and a number of other running and non running volunteer role. I'm going to do Laptop operator on the day and happy also to assist Race Director/ Shadow Race director on the day and in the run up to it. I'll arrange pretty much everything before and after race so you just keep an eye on things on the day. Great way to get experience in the role of Race Director with minimum get volunteering. Please don't make me beg!
Brian McGuckinJan 4 2014, 10:58amI can do first aid.
Pól Ó MurchúJan 4 2014, 6:23pmThanks Brian. Can you log into "My Imra" and sign up.
Jim FitzharrisJan 6 2014, 11:57amPol,

I can do assistant laptop operator. I have often done the full role so I am familiar with the system. I think on this occasion I will let you take "pole" position - sorry, I could not resist that!

If you have someone else to do it, no problem: I can help out in any non-running role, preferably as a marshall but totally at your disposal.


Mary CollinsJan 8 2014, 1:37pmI have put my name down as a non running volunteer for Howth.
Happy to do any job on the day
Last year I helped Gerry to mark course, then stayed out as a marshall and demarked half the course at the end.
So happy to do that again--or indeed any role as needed
Mary Collins
Sam ScrivenJan 8 2014, 7:40pmHi all.
I'm happy to volunteer as RD for this one. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far. We could still do with a few more running and non running volunteers. I'll be in touch next week.
Pól Ó MurchúJan 8 2014, 11:21pmGood Man Sam and fair play for stepping up. I will give you a hand with anything on the day and had said I would be happy to arrange before/ after race. I would do it myself but just want to really get things right from the start with the laptop especially with this one as there can be a large number of new runners and people reregistering for the year. Jim we could certainly use your help if you are still ok to volunteer. I think we have Laptop covered as someone else has volunteered to assist but there's always other roles to be covered.
Mark Foley76Jan 10 2014, 1:14pmJust signed up for this, will be my first IMRA race since '98. Do you register for the race on the day or can that be done online also, i've just paid the year membership online.
Mark Foley76Jan 10 2014, 1:16pmJust signed up for this, will be my first IMRA race since '98. Do you register for the race on the day or can that be done online also, i've just paid the year membership online.
Sam ScrivenJan 10 2014, 2:47pmHi Mark. Welcome back to imra!!

Race registration will be on the morning of the race. The usual fee is €7 per race.

Vouchers which are valid for entry to ten races are available online for €50 and can be used at race registration. Race vouchers are valid for both Leinster races and Irish championship races.

As this is the first race of the season, anyone who can complete their 2014 annual registration online in advance will save everyone time on the day. Thanks
Aideen KeenanJan 10 2014, 4:30pmI just purchased the race vouchers online. Does anyone know whether they get posted out or whether I collect them at the first race?
Richard NunanJan 10 2014, 5:26pmHi Aidan

Just bring the confirmation email along to your first race and they will give you a race card voucher
Gerry BradyJan 11 2014, 10:23pmParts of the course require good grip after the recent rain so bring studs if you have them. The gorse on the climb up the steeper hill and along the straight has been burned. Small bit of gardening left to do on the descent in Deerpark. Well worth a recce - the car park in the Deerpark hotel is ideal to use for a recce and have a coffee afterwards!
Des O'BrienJan 14 2014, 9:02amHi,I was just wondering if there’s anywhere to securely lock a bike if you cycle up (with own lock) and anywhere to put a small gear bag during the race? Thanks! Des
Derek McHughJan 15 2014, 5:27pmHi,
First time to volunteer. What time should I be there at?
Jonathan SibleyJan 15 2014, 5:39pmHi, what time do racers need to be there for/what time does registration open at

Many thanks
Petra TolarovaJan 15 2014, 10:09pmHi,
It's my first time to volunteer too, will be happy to help with anyting. What time should I be there?
Sam ScrivenJan 15 2014, 11:04pmHi all,

Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far. I am confident I have enough volunteers for Sunday at this stage, but plenty are needed for the remaining Winter League races so don’t be shy

The race will commence at 12 noon at the GAA pitch off Dungriffin Rd in Howth. . There will be no early start. Registration opens at 10:00am will close at 11:30am sharp!! Please complete your 2014 annual IMRA registration (€10) online if possible by Saturday evening. Normal race fee is €7. 2014 Race vouchers only are valid. Please bring along a print out of your confirmation if you have purchased the vouchers online.

Parking is limited so please carpool. One person occupancy cars will not be admitted to GAA club. Collect runners from Howth Dart station and at car park opposite Mauds cafe on seafront. Alternatively park at Deerpark hotel and golf club and jog over to start (race passes just behind the hotel). There is no parking available on roads adjacent to GAA club.

If volunteers could make it by 9:45 please! Please email me sam dot scriven at gmail dot com if you have any queries.

Prizegiving will take place in the Deerpark Hotel following the race. There will be a place reserved for us in the bar.
Sam ScrivenJan 15 2014, 11:12pmDerek and Petra. Fair play for volunteering. See you Sunday. 9:45 if you can.

Des. I don't know if there is secure bike parking at the GAA club although there will be a number of us at the race start/finish at all times as long as it is securely locked to something. This is unlikely to be sheltered in the event of rain. I'm sure somebody will look after a bag for you during the race.
Richard NunanJan 16 2014, 9:22amMost people lock their Bikes to at the Club house which is in full view of the Start finish line.

Hope that helps - please car pool - its very tight for cars - there is a car park
down the hill on the sea front or at the dart station.
Sam ScrivenJan 16 2014, 10:03pmThe prizegiving will take place in the bar of the Deer Park Hotel post-race.
Anthony O'ReillyJan 18 2014, 7:25pmHi,

Can any volunteer give me a lift to Howth in the morning?
I'm looking for a lift from the around Ranelagh, Dundrum or Donnybrook, anywhere near that area.

Maeve ColemanJan 18 2014, 8:53pmHi
My first race with IMRA tomorrow, I've been keeping an eye on car pool forum to arrange car pool from village up to club as ill be travelling alone. Or is it just easier to park in deerpark and jog over to club?
Colum McKeownJan 18 2014, 9:15pmHi Anthony,

I'm volunteering tomorrow and leaving from St. Patrick's Cathedral at around 9am if that's any good to you. I won't be going back in to town after the race though so can't offer you a lift back in.

Colum (0860317357)
Pól Ó MurchúJan 18 2014, 9:21pmPossibly Deerpark might be best option Maeve if you know where you are going... I can't help you there I'm afraid. Alternatively there will probably be a few runners around the village and you should notice them. They're generally a friendly bunch so you can just ask them are they heading to the race and can you have a lift or do they want a lift...
Pól Ó MurchúJan 18 2014, 9:22pmOnline registration will remain open for a couple of hours after which time it will not be available until Sunday afternoon/ evening. If you have not registered by this time or are unable to register on the site please take a few moments to download 2014 registration form from: and bring with you on the day. This will speed things up a bit for both runners and organisers on the day and hopefully keep waiting times to a minimum when registering. Form also available under the link for forms below.
Gerry BradyJan 18 2014, 9:45pmThe route from behind the Deerpark hotel to the start will be marked from 10:45. The descent in Deerpark is wet with wood and rock underfoot or in other words: treacherous.
Maeve ColemanJan 18 2014, 9:48pmThanks Pol
Pól Ó MurchúJan 18 2014, 10:54pmOnline Registration is Now closed.
Mick HanneyJan 19 2014, 4:21pmThanks Sam & team for a great event. You even lined up perfect weather.
Gareth LittleJan 19 2014, 7:00pm
Hi all, I was was one of the car park marshals today and noted a few things.

1) Lots of single occupancy cars. In fairness, some people said they tried to carpool but no one was there to collect but a lot of others said it was their first race and they did not know anything about carpooling or that they had raced before but never knew about carpooling. These people are obviously reading the site as they know about the races so if they read the site they should know to carpool where possible.

2) Far too many people showed up late, it was clearly stated on the site that registration is open from 10 and finishes at 11:30 sharp. We had people arriving up as late as 11:50 with puzzled looks and no clue about the 11:30 deadline. Again, these people are obviously reading the site to get info on the race so have no excuse when they get turned away.

3) I saw Sam (race director) getting grief off a late runner. This particular runner was pleading to get registered but it was after 11:50 and Sam had already turned people away. This runner was not happy at all and went on to say something along the lines of "this would encourage me to come back".

This is unacceptable, it is everyone's responsibility to read the race day info and arrive on time. Under no circumstances should the race director or any of the other volunteers be getting hassle like this. It is the volunteers who are giving up THEIR time so YOU can race, if you are late then you are late, deal with it and move on and learn to be on time next race.

Finally, great race today, thanks to Sam and co, a great start to the winter league!


Maeve ColemanJan 19 2014, 7:33pmHi,
I don't see my result up - my number was 1586.
Please please tell me my time was recorded? Hopefully I've missed something?
Paul V MitchellJan 19 2014, 7:36pmThis was my first race and I really enjoyed it.
Thanks to the organisers.
My name isn't listed in the results, why would this be?
Martin BagnallJan 19 2014, 7:40pmIt looks like the online registered numbers aren't showing in the results. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon.

Thanks to Sam and his team for a well organised race.
Paul V MitchellJan 19 2014, 7:43pmI can see my result now.
Thanks :)
Maeve ColemanJan 19 2014, 7:59pmThank you - I can see my result now.
Went to the race this morning thinking it could be my first or my last - definitely wont be my last! Thanks to all - great day for a first timer :)
Paul PhillipsJan 19 2014, 8:26pmHi

Ran the race today but no time or position on results page.. Race number 90 and garmin gps finish time of around 29 minutes. Also there was a misprint of my name on last years name was down as Pavi phililps race number 50.. so could you please update.

Anyway great day today


Pól Ó MurchúJan 19 2014, 8:29pmJez lads give me a chance...They were just loading...

Results are up now.

Some errors that I'm aware of...

1) A couple of people have signed in with the wrong number. Not sure what number they ran with or their correct number. One person has signed in with number 1471...We didn't even have that number there today (to my knowledge we only had 1-500 and 1500-2000 open)and I don't think you could you have registered online with it (unless somethings gone wrong somewhere). If you are unsure of your number please take the time to check the list.
2) I've DNF'd a couple of people who don't seem to feature in any of the 3 sets of results that were taken (2 - manual results and laptop). If you have a time or know where you finished please let me know.
3) There are a couple of minor differences between the 3 sets of results i.e. when 5 or six came in together. This shouldn't affect timings much but if you know for sure you finished ahead (or behind) someone else let me know and I'll change this.
4) There were a number of people crossed the line with no numbers or numbers hidden. If you are not registered please don't run across the line. Please ensure your number is worn on the front and is visible when you finish.

Any other changes I'm happy to look at and change if you want.

There were quite a few who didn't sign in today. While this is a bit of a pain for the Laptop operator trying to sort errors this is also used as a backup for security purposes. If you haven't signed in there is no way of us knowing you are out running and in other longer races if you get lost or injured and don't come back we may be gone without even knowing you are missing. This is very important for your own security!

Well done to Sam on a great event. Some numbers out there today. We had approx. 280 - 300. I thought the online reg would make things much easier but there seemed to be quite a few new registration today. Although I can only imagine what it would be like if we had to do all manually...

Thanks to all who helped me today with Laptop duties.
Pól Ó MurchúJan 19 2014, 8:47pmThat's up now Paul/Pavi...Unfortunately when I change the name it's not showing in the results. It may be because its the first race and the first time to register you online this year. I'll have a look at again but for the moment If I change it your results aren't showing. I've the same problem with another runner whose name I changed today which I noticed earlier.
Gerry BradyJan 19 2014, 8:59pm
John will add his photos to IMRA event page. In the interim there are some here:
Joseph LyonsJan 19 2014, 9:00pmhi my name is joseph lyons and i ran in howth today. i am a junior but i ran in the long corse. would you be able to change my result to the long course please
Conor O'KeeffeJan 19 2014, 9:02pmHi, came 4th today but the race results say I cam 267th
Pól Ó MurchúJan 19 2014, 9:27pmThat's changed now Conor & Joseph.

Also John Fitzgerald was an early starter. Anyone know what time he started at or what his actual time was?
Maola­osa McHughJan 20 2014, 9:31am
Hi Pol,

My result doesn’t appear to be on the list, my race number was 1570. I think I came in around 30.25 at the back of a group of five.

Thanks to all organisers for a great race yesterday.
Aideen KeenanJan 20 2014, 10:06amWell done to Colm and Colin from Waterford on their first mountain run (and certainly not their last by all accounts)! And cheers to the lads for storing our bikes in their the true spirit of mountain running camaraderie.
Brendan PollardJan 20 2014, 10:23pmHi folks.

Recorded race yesterday from headcam. I unfortunately didn't catch any of Tommy tumblers incidents but had one or two of my own :) apologies little bit of baf language

Gareth LittleJan 21 2014, 9:41am
Congratulations to Daniela Boehm on achieving her 100th IMRA race at Howth on Sunday!
Gavin PurtillJan 21 2014, 9:48amI just wanted to pass on a big thank you to the four/five guys that helped me out of the ditch/bush at the corner of the rugby pitch on Sunday with the finish straight in sight. They were pure legends and I could have been in much bigger trouble without their help.
Cheers guys,
Gavin no. 126
Pól Ó MurchúJan 21 2014, 9:23pmHey Maoliosa, That's sorted now. The problem was to do with the fada in your name. I had to change it to "Maolíosa" on the laptop to get it to work. Difference in the database and the website. If you look at your profile that's how it was for some reason... websites generally don't like fadas... I know I've got some serious weird looking names on some sites (I've got 3 fadas in my name). Showing in the race results now.
Maola­osa McHughJan 22 2014, 7:20pmI see it now, thanks Pol!
Ciaran Mac DonnchaJan 29 2014, 9:59amhey race number 105 sorry late checking this but not showing up definitely took the number as I crossed the line, thanks, Ciarán Mac Donncha
Pól Ó MurchúJan 30 2014, 10:28pmLooks like a similar problem to Maolisa...will have a look in the next day or two.
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 1 2014, 10:19pmThat's fixed now Ciaran
Mark QuinnDec 27 2014, 6:22pmHi, is there a Junior Circuit for this event? Is there age restrictions? What distance. Thanks Mark