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Marty Mc veighApr 26 2014, 8:53pmIf you intend to run Sl Donard or are even thinking about it please pre register at ""
Pre registration is free, just pay on the day €10, it makes the admin a lot easier.
Go to the Hill and Dale link on the site and complete the form. Sl Donard is also part of the HD series..
Kieran Lynch73May 1 2014, 1:59pmIs there a map available somewhere for this race?
Richard NunanMay 8 2014, 9:48pmJust bumping this thread - I have 1 person interested in taking he bus so Far.

Any more takers ?


Ian ConroyMay 10 2014, 12:44pmHi Richard, I'd like to avail of the coach up - is there anywhere I have to sign up for it? Thanks
Thomas O'SullivanMay 11 2014, 11:37am.
I see there's a mandatory requirement to carry a map, but there's no map here or on the Newcastle AC website. Is there a course map available or is there a recommended map to purchase? Thanks.
Richard NunanMay 11 2014, 12:32pmHi Ian,

For signup here is fine, had asked people to email me if they were interested in getting a Coach up.

So far we are 4 but i expect more this week. I will let you know Wednesday what the plan is Car or Mini Bus.


Marty Mc veighMay 14 2014, 9:11amPre registration closing, save yourself some money and us some time.there is no online map of the course available, race area is covered by OS Mourne Country map.
Free parking available in Donard Park, about 300 mts from start and next to presentation pub.
There are changing facilities at the start in the Newcastle Centre. I believe that this race is also an Inter Provincial, also there is BBQ at the pub
Richard NunanMay 15 2014, 9:12amHi Folks,

We have around 8-12 people interested in travelling to Donard from the Leinster region so we are going to carpool.

If you are travelling by car can you please put your car in the carpool so that we can achieve this.

Thanks and see you Saturday.
Marty Mc veighMay 18 2014, 1:59pmSl Donard results/photos are on " "
Richard NunanMay 18 2014, 6:18pmThanks Marty and to all at Newcastle AC.

Fantastic race and well done to all who completed a tough run in nice clear conditions.

Congratulations to Ian Bailey and Diane Wilson on their fine wins !!
Some incredible descending by Ian and many others in the Newcastle Team.

Its a super day out, next up Carrauntoohil

Pól Ó MurchúAug 7 2014, 12:48amSlieve Donard Results are available :

With the last of the Irish Champs approaching I thought there might be some interested in the results.

Given the complexity of editing the results as they are to take out non IMRA Runners, change the formatting, register new runners etc I have opted for this format for now. I will have another look if I get a chance but I have no details for new runners or no indication of who has run before, not run, registered for the year etc etc.

By all means if someone else has some free time on their hand I can give you the details required and you can have a shot at it.
Sam ScrivenAug 7 2014, 10:38amPol

I think that link might be 2013 results. See here for 2014

A quick glance at the Irish Champs table and it looks like IMRA results may have been:
1. Jason Kehoe
2. Bernard Fortune
3. Rob Cleary
4. Stephen Cleary
5. Deon McNeilly
6. Tom Blackburn

although other NIMRA runners have been known to take on the might of Galtymore...
Peter O'FarrellAug 7 2014, 10:52amThe relevant results are 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 14th and 16th.

Extracting the IMRA runners out of the overall results completely defeats the purpose of an all island Irish Championship and does a disservice to the likes of Deon McNeilly, who may finish the championship on the Galtees.

It also adds an unnessessary and complex burden to the results and records secretary who also has a heavy load, as evidenced by Pól posting on this at 1am.

If you really want to win the Irish Championship you just make sure that you don't have to count Slieve Donard!
Pól Ó MurchúAug 7 2014, 1:35pmCould well be Sam. I was just sent the file to put up...will have a look at this evening.
Kevin O'RiordanAug 7 2014, 3:37pmI can take a look at it for you Pol if you send on the details.