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Alistair HodgettSep 4 2017, 8:36pmAnyone driving to this who might be able to offer a carpool place from the N11 or nearby? Thanks, Alistair
Niamh O'CeallaighSep 4 2017, 10:15pmHope you are all set for Sunday's Nav Challenge!
All are very welcome. The short course will be navigationally straightforward so do come along and give it a go.

Any absolute beginners to navigation are very welcome to come along and get some guidance to get you started.

I'll have my gang with me at the start so feel free to leave your kids with me and they can muck around together.
Niamh O'CeallaighSep 4 2017, 10:15pmHope you are all set for Sunday's Nav Challenge!
All are very welcome. The short course will be navigationally straightforward so do come along and give it a go.

Any absolute beginners to navigation are very welcome to come along and get some guidance to get you started.

I'll have my gang with me at the start so feel free to leave your kids with me and they can muck around together.
Conor O'FarrellSep 5 2017, 3:19pmHi Niamh

Any idea when we will be able to purchase this? I can see it listed under "Purchase Products"?

John CondonSep 5 2017, 7:31pmThe purchase option for NC2 is still live. Should this be NC3? Typo?
Niamh O'CeallaighSep 5 2017, 9:13pmCon, if u don't get sorted, I'll have my voucher and I'll sell you a punch for a modest mark up :-)
John CondonSep 6 2017, 1:28pmHi, This event still isn't appearing in the Purchase area.

Cheers. J
Pól Ó MurchúSep 6 2017, 4:54pmopen now...Will close Saturday at 18:00... That's Saturday at 18:00 not 19:00 of 18:30 or 21:00... SATURDAY AT 18:00 OK!
Stuart ScottSep 6 2017, 5:00pm18:01 is grand though surely?!
Conor O'FarrellSep 8 2017, 5:14pmGot sorted, thanks.
Niamh O'CeallaighSep 9 2017, 10:24pmHope you are all set for tomorrow. Warm clothes are essential. Twas fairly nippy up there today in the pelting rain.
James H CahillSep 10 2017, 6:41pmThank you Niamh and your volunteers for a great day out in the hills. The course was challenging, The conditions were challenging and it was a very enjoyable excursion. Thank you.
Stephen WalshSep 10 2017, 6:54pmThanks Niamh and team, it was a great finish to an enjoyable/tough series. The cup of tea was most welcome after after the long chasing run in, thanks. Stephen.
Paul SmythSep 10 2017, 7:01pmThanks Niamh for today's excellent course. Very enjoyable. Thanks also to the heplers who kindly donated their time today.
John BellSep 10 2017, 8:15pmThat was another great nav challenge. The course was challenging and the weather added to it. Just looking at the strava flybys there was plenty of different routes taken. I made a good few dodgy choices but it worked out ok in the end. Just added a few ks. The tea and treats while sharing routes was a nice way to finish the season... until the Dublin Peaks or Powerscourt!

Thanks again Niamh and crew.
Liam VinesSep 10 2017, 8:37pmWell No4 was NOT the way to go but seeing as Niamh took the time to put it out I felt it my duty to go visit it.. A cruel amount of climb..
well done to Alan John and Mike amazing running...and also glad to see that Shane is human after all..
I don't think the Nav R/D's get enough credit there should be a R//D plus or something the amount of work that put in is huge.. so thank you Mick Jeo and Niamh for a brilliant Nav series..
Oh did anyone else get the control at Fenton's today?????
James H CahillSep 10 2017, 9:07pmAh the secret control at fentons...i was going to try it for the extra pints...sorry points but I wasn't sure how to get'd have to flag down a car or something.
Alan AylingSep 10 2017, 11:26pmReport up. Great day in the hills despite the weather. Thanks Niamh & Co!
Gerry BradySep 11 2017, 7:54amGreat report Alan and congratulations on the win, now you have a taste for it like a vampire and blood haha

Would John have been closer if he had gone to 7 first and taken 8 after 3?
Gordon PlaceSep 11 2017, 8:34amThanks Niamh and all the volunteers for a great day out, even with the weather. Nice report Alan, and congratulations on the win. I also thought 4 was worth a visit, meeting up with Liam before going around in circles above 3 (I think). Is there a prize for longest route of the day.....
Conor O'FarrellSep 11 2017, 11:18amThanks Niamh and all the volunteers yesterday for a great event. Also thanks to Joe, Mick and their teams for a great series. I really enjoyed all the events and as a rookie it gave me some sort of idea what it is like to take on some of the bigger challenges, without actually doing so ;).

Now, just to find some events to keep me going over the next few months...
Stuart ScottSep 11 2017, 11:29amMany thanks Niamh, Diarmuid and Maeve for a thoroughly enjoyably miserable day out yesterday. It's been a while since I've been in that amount of slop. Great event! The course was expertly planned too with plenty of route choice and the food at the finish went down way too easily. Thanks for giving up so much of your time.

For anyone who feels bereft now the league has finished there is an orienteering event in Pine Forest this Sunday (17th). The maps will be more detailed than the NCs and courses more compact but you'll still get a decent challenging day out. Check out and - there should be more info posted during the week.

James H CahillSep 11 2017, 4:30pmRace report up (warning - it takes almost as long to read as it took me to complete Nav 3)
Maike JürgensSep 11 2017, 4:47pmloved reading the race report Alan, looking forward to James' now :).
for us poor injured souls (looking for sympathy here) would it be possible to upload a picture of the map so we can understand where all the controls were (and learn for next year)?
Andrew HanneySep 11 2017, 10:36pmRace report up... thanks to Niamh and volunteers for a great day out in testing conditions.
John CondonSep 12 2017, 11:05amThanks to Niamh and everyone else for an 'interesting' Sunday. A report will be forthcoming.
Niamh O'CeallaighSep 13 2017, 12:23amThanks and well done to everyone who took part with such enthusiasm and good humour on Sunday. What a tight race it was for 1st, 2nd and 3rd given the different routes taken. I thouroughly enjoyed the post race analysis, with James Cahill's concentric circle strategy being particularly interesting.

A big thank you to Maeve, Diarmuid, Paul, Hilary and Sandra for their assistance and particularly to Gavan Doherty who puts a tremendous amount of work in behind the scenes.

Sorry for the delay in posting the results:
Short Course:
1. Eoin Syron (1:28)
2. Padraig Somers (1:38)
3. Andrew Hanney (1:42)
4. Colin Walshe (1:44)
5. Stephen Walsh (1:45)
6. Kenneth Carthy (1:47)
7. Conor O’Farrell (1:52)
8. Inigo Alana (1:56)
9. Lorcan Farrell (2:00)
10. Don Shorten (2:04)
11. Vivien O Gorman (2:09)
12. (Joint 10) Tommy Tumbles (2:09)
13. Connie Deottino (2:12)
14. Joe Boyle (2:17)
15. Ruth Lynam (2:25)
16. Paula Rea (DNF)
17. Justin Rea (DNF)
18. Tanya Sheridan (DNF)
19. Sandra (DNF)

Long Course:
1. Alan Alying (2:13)
2. John Bell (2:14)
3. Mike Jordan (2:15)
4. Shane Lynch (2:29)
5. Sam Scriven (2:54)
6. Stuart Scott (2:58)
7. Alistair Hoggett (3:12)
8. Gerry Brady (3:29)
9. Conor O Meara (3:31)
10. Liam Vines (3:34)
11. Joe Lalor (3:38)
12. James Cahil (3:43)
13. Gordan Place (3:44)
14. Paul Smyth (3:59)
15. Jarlath Hunes(3:59)
16. James Curran (4:01)
17. Gavan Duffy (4:14)
18. Stephen Bailey (4:52)
19. Chris Willoughby (DNF)
20. John Condon (DNF)
Alistair HodgettSep 13 2017, 7:20amHi Niamh, I was actually a DNF if that can be corrected in the results...many thanks to all involved in organising the challenge!
Gavan DuffySep 13 2017, 11:26amMy Novice race report is up! Thanks to Niamh and volunteers for a great day.
Jarlath HynesSep 13 2017, 2:36pmAs traumatic as it is to revisit my search for control 3... that I overshot & didn't have the grit to backtrack to, I opted to continue on to Stoney Top, meaning I hit only 6 of 8 controls.
Please amend my result to DNF :(
Thanks to Niamh & everyone involved in organising this, it was a great course, the weather conditions added nicely to the challenge!
Andrew HanneySep 14 2017, 8:26amThere has gotta be a few more interesting race reports out there...;)
Stephen BailieSep 17 2017, 10:23pmBe honest lads. Who else didn't hit control 3.
Andrew HanneySep 18 2017, 9:41amEveryone is waiting for John's report... ;)
John CondonSep 18 2017, 4:38pmGo on so. Report up
Gavan DuffySep 25 2017, 10:10pmHi Just wondering will these results will be added to the members recorded results on the website? Thanks.
Andrew HanneyOct 6 2017, 9:59pmCan these results be added to the records, thank you.
Tanya SheridanOct 10 2017, 7:41amJust to confirm that we are working on getting these results added to the records. Apologies for the delay.
Niamh O'CeallaighOct 13 2017, 11:10pmSorry folks, didn't realise results weren't added.
Will sort
Andrew HanneyOct 14 2017, 7:40pmThanks Niamh, I was 3rd on the short course, no big deal if can’t be corrected.