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Kevin O'RiordanMay 1 2018, 11:11amHi all,

Please note, due to parking and permit issues we have had to change the date of this event. Howth will now be Wednesday 20th of June. In its place on May 23rd, we will run the Glasnamullen race.
Andreas KuschMay 1 2018, 7:46pmHi,
Can the people who volunteered for Howth Summer race please confirm that they are still available on the new date (20.6.2018). Thanks, Andreasdotkuschatgm@ildotcom
Phil behanMay 11 2018, 10:12amHi Andreas.

I am photographer by trade and would be happy to volunteer to take pictures at this event. I have registered as a volunteer and tried to email you on the address below but it wont deliver ?

Jerome BelJun 10 2018, 1:16pmHI all
Is it still possble to register for this race?
I cannot register online. There is no purchase available for this race.
What is the best way to attend it?
John J BarryJun 10 2018, 1:28pmRegistration will not open until after the next league event Scarr
Andreas KuschJun 18 2018, 10:16pmHi all,
Just a quick reminder that online registration will close at 6pm tomorrow. Don't forget your rain jacket and number.

David MastersonJun 18 2018, 11:44pmPotential first time runner - online, I just pay for my annual membership, and the race fee, correct? And then show up to the event (Deer Park Golf Club?) around 7pm Wednesday?

I've orienteered for a while, but this will be new. My orienteering buddies tell me they are good fun. I assume it's just a mass start? Also, please tell me I won't be the only one slowly chugging up the hills?
Laura FlynnJun 19 2018, 8:58amThat’s correct David re signing up. When you register you will get your number and collect hard copy at Howth which you use for any IMRA races in 2018. Please know your number when you come to Howth as the volunteers may not have access. And yes, it is good fun probably won’t think that during the race but you definitely will when reliving it afterwards in the comfort of your home.
For longer races we have an early start which is for slower runners with 160% of winners time cut-off. There is no early start at Howth as far as I am aware as it is relatively short.

@Phil - not sure if you were replied to but you’d be very welcome to take photos.
Emmet WardellJun 19 2018, 9:36amHi all,

Is there somewhere secure to leave your stuff/valuables during the race? Thanks so much!

Emmet :)
Lisa HowleyJun 19 2018, 12:01pmHi all,
Is it far from the Dart station to the start can you tell me please?
Conor O'FarrellJun 19 2018, 12:06pmGive yourself a good 10+ mins walk to get from the Dart station to registration.
Lisa HowleyJun 19 2018, 4:21pmThanks Conor
Alexandra BirneyJun 19 2018, 5:05pmSorry I'm another first timer for tomorrow and probably a stupid question here but do we have to wear a rain jacket? Can we not run in t-shirt?
Maria Elena PlacidoJun 19 2018, 5:29pm@David I am a beginner so I will be also very slow on the hills.
@Alexandra having rain jacket with you is mandatory during IMRA races, as far as I know, please correct me if I am wrong, you don't have to wear it, but it is mandatory to have a rain jacket with you while you're running. I will be carrying my jacket in a small running backpack.
Conor O'FarrellJun 19 2018, 5:34pmYou can run in your t-shirt, but you must have your rain jacket with you at all times during the race. You can tie it around your waist or carry it.
Alexandra BirneyJun 19 2018, 8:39pm@Maria and Conor, thanks for the clarification.
Emmet WardellJun 19 2018, 9:10pmGuys, I have a really stupid question but where/how do you register online? I am sure it is right in front of me but I just can't seem to figure it out.

Thanks so much!
Andreas KuschJun 19 2018, 9:18pmHi Emmet,
You have to create a myimra login. Then you go to purchase imra products. You can register for the year, but online entry for Howth is closed. However, give any runner with a 10 race voucher a fiver and they can pay for you on the day with their voucher.
See you tomorrow,
Eimear FitzmauriceJun 19 2018, 9:48pmHi there,
What time does registration at race close at tomorrow please?
I have race vouchers.
Thanks a mill.
Mikey FryJun 19 2018, 9:56pmUsually at 7.15pm....
Paul GillenJun 20 2018, 6:33amHi. I just wanted to check for people opting to get the dart out is there anywhere to leave a bag while running?
Emmet WardellJun 20 2018, 7:08amThanks Andreas! Is an option to just buy some vouchers myself and use them? Would I be able to collect them in time like? Thanks a mil!
Conor O'FarrellJun 20 2018, 9:36amIf you buy the vouchers online, just bring a copy of the email receipt on your phone.
Emmet WardellJun 20 2018, 11:32amFantastic, thanks Conor!! Looking forward to the race now :)
Ciara KilroyJun 20 2018, 2:59pmHi is it possible to enter this race tonight on the night?
or is it possible to buy a vocuher?

its been a few years since i done a race and last time i thought i could register on the night?
Kind regards
Ciara KilroyJun 20 2018, 3:00pmHi is it possible to enter this race tonight on the night?
or is it possible to buy a vocuher?

its been a few years since i done a race and last time i thought i could register on the night?
Kind regards
David MastersonJun 20 2018, 3:33pmThanks for all the info - I didn't get sorted in time to come along tonight (we were running an orienteering race last night), but I'll aim for Trooperstown next week
Karl WalshJun 20 2018, 4:58pmhi is a sleeveless jacket sufficient?
Karl WalshJun 20 2018, 4:58pmhi is a sleeveless jacket sufficient?
Gordon PlaceJun 20 2018, 5:06pmHi Karl, it's a mandatory rain jacket so I'd say no.
Gordon PlaceJun 20 2018, 5:08pmHi Ciara,

Provided you are registered already for the year, you'll find someone there who'll let you punch their voucher card for a fiver.
Emmet WardellJun 20 2018, 5:12pmCiara, I just bought ten new vouchers so can help if needs be! Emmet (0861677283)
Richard NunanJun 20 2018, 5:23pmSleeveless Jacket is not sufficient
Gordon PlaceJun 20 2018, 11:26pmThanks Andreas and the gang for a great race
Caoimhin MacMaolainJun 21 2018, 9:11amThanks very much Andreas and volunteers for a great race and a very enjoyable evening in Howth last night. Thanks also to Deer Park for being so generous with their facilities.
Richard NunanJun 21 2018, 10:27amthanks also to Andreas and all teh Volunteers -
The start worked well to spread the field!! Good thinking.
Stuart ScottJun 21 2018, 10:49amThanks Andreas for a great race yesterday. I hope someone got a video of that Braveheart-like horde rampaging down the golfing pitch!

Plus thanks to IMRA in general. While the likes of Gaelforce charge almost a e100 for a race, you can get the same experience (well a 50k cycle, 10k run and 2 creamy pints) plus the opportunity to win a few flowers for merely a fiver! As an organisation, it's hard to beat!
Hazel ThompsonJun 21 2018, 4:34pmThat was great fun running down the golf course, especially when no one had any idea where they were going! And it did help reduce the backlog at the steps.
Karen DevenneyJun 21 2018, 9:18pmWell done to Andreas & co for a fantastic race...the new & improved route was fantastic & the weather God even delivered! Results are up, please email me at karen.devenney at imra dot ie if there are any issues.....don't post here if you want it fixed!

Looking forward to Trooperstown already!