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Mike LongApr 12 2010, 6:45pmFolks
It has been great to see such positive comments on the WW trail / ultra. If you enjoyed that then you will definitely enjoy the Lug relay.
The current date of 21 Aug clashes with some big orienteering champs abroad (and with holiday season). Given that traditionally the teams are often made up of O clubs (and that CNOC promised us a new course record this year) could the date be re-considered?
Kevin O'RiordanApr 14 2010, 2:07pmHi Mike,

It would be a good idea to contact Philip Brennan of Setanta about this as he's the one who'll be organising it. You'll have to run changes of date by Niamh O'Ceallaigh (race co-ordinator) as well.

Leanne CookeJun 14 2010, 12:12amwhat's the cut off date for teams to enter this race? cheers
Colm HillJun 19 2010, 5:49pmAs far as I can remember there was a cut off time of 2pm at the end of leg 2 (Wicklow gap).

I've been sending emails around and posting messages in the known usual haunts of IMRA runners - but is anyone against changing the date of this race?
I ask as last year all 9 teams had at least 1 orienteer on it.

It’s not very well supported by the general IMRA population. Is this because of the Nav involved?

This year is the 30th anniversary of the race - I think it would be great to have more than 9 teams. I'd be hoping for 20 teams! If the Wicklow way can fill up within a week with 30 teams (30 x 7 = 210/3 = 70 possible teams!) surely clubs or individuals can get together to field a team.

Boards, Rathfarm, UCD, Sli Cullen, Crusaders - these clubs have NO excuses for not fielding at least one team.

It’s the only mountain relay in the country. It should be a more supported, highly competitive relay where the Strongest Mountain Running Team comes to the fore.
Philip BrennanJul 6 2010, 8:30pmWe are now approx 6 weeks away from this race and as race director I would like to encourage as many teams as possible to give this a lash. As Colm Hill has stated, this race has a wonderful history and we are trying to revive it as the premier open mountain race. Having run it a number of times I can honestly say it is a super race and each leg has its own challenges, in terms of route choice, distance and terrain. This year, to accomodate those of you who like a little lie-in on a Saturday morning, we have moved the start time for leg 1 from 7am to 8am!

Can you please let me have expressions of interest if you are interested in running. If you cannot form a team we will try & find one for you. Have a look at the leg descriptions - decide on a leg to run - and get out there and recce it while the hills are currently so dry.

I will also be looking for assistance on the day so if any of you are interested in volunteering (either as a runner or non runner) please let me know.
Paul JoyceJul 6 2010, 10:00pmHi Philip,

Boards will have at least one team in this. If goading will help get other teams in, we'll offer to point Rathfarmham in the direction of Fenton's. Pints will be awaiting your arrival lads;)
Colm HillJul 7 2010, 12:35amCNOC will have a team. Currently attempting to contact one of the guys that is abroad and seeing is there interest in a second CNOC team.
Colm HillJul 7 2010, 11:13amI'm assuming the date has not been changed?
Will it still clash with Slieve Donard (taking out strong runners looking at the irish champs), Lake 5 Day (taking out orienteering families) and World Military s (no strong army teams)...?
niamh o ceallaighJul 7 2010, 1:07pmColm, Nora,
This is currently being considered by the RD / Committee.
Will keep you posted.
stephen collerJul 10 2010, 12:06pmcan you post leg distances and record times etc. i am trying to organise a team but ill need the gritty details to sell it to the two boys... thanks.
stephen collerJul 10 2010, 12:16pmok scratch that i found the distances on the profile section, but i would like to know the times for each leg if that info is available. thanks

also, anyone interested in doing leg 2 or 3 recce on monday/tuesday eve??? contact on 086/3982516
Brendan LawlorJul 10 2010, 4:35pmDublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team hope to have at least one team for this event
aidan roeJul 10 2010, 10:07pmif anyone is looking for team member i'd be happy to help out. don't care which leg. you can get in touch with me at 0eight7 9881three98.
Philip BrennanJul 11 2010, 10:33amAfter consideration and given the fact that Saturday 21st August is clashing with a number of other events we are looking to move this race to the following Saturday - 28th August. I will arrange to change the date on the Events page of the website. Hopefully this will allow more runners to enter this iconic rave.
Colm HillJul 11 2010, 3:43pmStephan... Record times are stupidly fast. Something like this Leg 1 - 60mins, Leg 2 - 90mins, Leg 3 90mins
Stuart ScottJul 22 2010, 11:01pmHi Philip,

Just wondering if runners have to demonstrate a particular standard to enter? E.g. proven nav ability, completed recces etc. Hoping to get a couple of teams in all going well.



P.S. A rave at the end would be a great idea, if only!
Jonathan McCloyJul 23 2010, 11:13amJust lettin ye know I'm trying to get a team of northern raiders put together.

PS. Stuart, did you get the invite to the MMM rave? NW corner of the campsite, flashing headtorch essential.
Philip BrennanJul 26 2010, 9:28pmHi Stuart, Johnathon, I would expect all runners to be reasonably proficient in navigation and confident navigating alone in the hills. Last year we had a few runners who were "temporarily mislaid" despite having navigational experience and the weather being generally very good. Obviously a recce of the route should be done, this is a true open mountain race, you are generally following prominent ridge lines linking various summits and if the weather is poor it is quite challenging. Unlike the WWR you are not following a waymarked route.

A kit check will also be in place - I will be looking for map,compass,small bit of food and if the weather is poor some extra clothing.

I will post further details on the events page shortly.
Jonathan McCloyJul 27 2010, 7:38pmjust thinking there... do we have to pay IMRA membership to be able to run this race?
Mick HanneyJul 27 2010, 8:39pmWell it is an IMRA race so unless you've paid already this year... If you haven't paid already this year the reg fee and race fee are usually reduced to a combined 10 quid - less if a student.
Dermot MurphyJul 28 2010, 8:43amI would also add - if you are a member of NIMRA, you are not need to pay the annual registration fee, student or otherwise.
Jonathan McCloyJul 28 2010, 4:05pmCheers for the info
Stuart ScottJul 29 2010, 1:55pmThanks Philip. That makes sense.
Edward BatemanJul 29 2010, 2:17pmDo you need to pre-register for this race or can you show up on the day?
paul tierneyJul 29 2010, 3:45pmi see the date is still the 21st on the events page. is it being moved to the 28th for definate or was that just a possibility
Eoin KeithJul 29 2010, 4:16pmThanks for pointing that out Paul. It's been updated on the events page now.
paul tierneyJul 29 2010, 8:57pmno prob the extra week might give my niggly injuries a chance to improve :)
Philip BrennanJul 31 2010, 9:34pmpre-entry required for the race, if you are putting a team together email me & I will send you an entry form and rules for the event. My email addres is philip at pmbrennan dot ie
robbie williamsAug 4 2010, 5:24pmhello

just checking, my friend and i would like to do the complete stone cross to lug, i beleive my friend paul tierney was on to you already to ok himself for this. got 2 stages done last year and had to retire at wicklow gap with cramps so want to make sure of it this year, names are : robbie williams and john hallahan.

thanking you

robbie williams
Philip BrennanAug 4 2010, 8:16pmHi Robbie, thats fine, you will still need to complete an entry form & be registered with IMRA for 2010. If you email me I will send the forms onto you. You can pay on the morning of the race.
robbie williamsAug 4 2010, 9:19pmhi philip im already a member but john hallahan isnt this year

my number is 1334.

so i need an imra membership form for john and 2 race entries

will u send them to : please

thank you
robbie williamsAug 4 2010, 9:23pmhi philip im already a member but john hallahan isnt this year

my number is 1334.

so i need an imra membership form for john and 2 race entries

will u send them to : please

thank you
Paul O'GradyAug 5 2010, 12:59pmGood to see this has been moved to another weekend.

Without wanting to "mention the war" - I am available to run leg 3 if anyone is looking for a team member.

I ran Leg 3 in the 2008 relay.


Colm HillAug 5 2010, 1:11pmEvery time I see a new message on Stone X to Lug appear in my inbox I have to take a breath, put the kettle on and try to calm the surge of adrenaline that pumps through my veins.

Less 549 hours till Seamus hands over at the Wicklow Gap. . . .
Amidou DembeleAug 12 2010, 2:32pmHi folks,
I am planning to run leg3 in the lug relay (28 of August) but do need a recce of the route before. My handicap is I do not have a car.
I would be grateful if anyone from or passing through Dublin planning a recce could provide me a lift.

Many thanks,
Philip BrennanAug 12 2010, 9:52pmIts just a little over two weeks now until the kick off and its shaping up to be a great race. There has been a major upsurge in interest in the last couple of weeks and I would ask all of you to formalise your entry as soon as possible - I need to get a handle on the number of teams as soon as I can. Get your teams together now & let me know. Email me at philip at pmbrennan dot ie
robbie williamsAug 17 2010, 7:53amhi philip

how much is the registration which we must post in with the form

there are 2 of us doing the complete 3 legs each???

or do we pay on morning of?

ta robbie
Stuart ScottAug 19 2010, 10:06amHi all,

Would anyone be free for a (very slow) recce of Leg 1 this Sat?



(scottst1 A-T gmail DO-T com)
Amidou DembeleAug 19 2010, 11:10amHi Paul,
Are you still interested in running the leg3 of the stone cross - Lug relay? If yes I would be happy that you take my place. I was planning to run but haven't been able to do recces and have also caught a light injury on wednesday race, so not ideal conditions for me to adventure on that long distance.

Please leg me know in order I can inform our team leader (Stuart) to make the changes.

Stephen DoorlyAug 19 2010, 11:58amHi Stuart, and anyone else,
I too would like to do a recce of Leg 1 this Saturday 21st Aug. I suggest 4pm till ...maybe you prefer early (email me at stephendoorly at eircom dot net). Car at each end. We can lay out some booby traps for Colm Hill & Co. :)
Stuart ScottAug 19 2010, 1:32pmHi Stephen,

That's great. 11am would suit better, but I'll contact you by email and we can agree a time. Not sure about booby traps...some magnetic rocks and dense fog might help!

Jeff FitzsimonsAug 19 2010, 2:26pmStuart/Stephen,

I'm hoping to do another leg 1 recce over the weekend. Hoping to do do it a bit quicker so as to get a better idea of my predicted time for the day. I might try plan it so that I could get a lift back to the race start with you guys if that was ok? Earlier the better for me.

If you plan what time suits you both I'll try fit my run round you guys. You can get my email address in myimra.

Stuart ScottAug 19 2010, 3:23pmHi Jeff,

We're going to meet at the Sally Gap at 11am and drive back to the start from there. If that suited, it might make more sense for you to do the same? It would avoid some complex maths, and you wouldn't have to wait around the finish!

Jeff FitzsimonsAug 19 2010, 3:37pmGreat stuff, suits me perfectly. See ye Saturday morning.

Paul Brew CrewAug 23 2010, 7:09pmHi Philip,

The Brew Crew are available for Saturday if you would like us to attend - we will have the usual refreshments including sandwiches / hot beverages / isotonics / etc. We will also have a generator with us that might be useful for power if needed for laptops, etc. Kind regards,

Philip BrennanAug 23 2010, 9:00pmJust 5 days now to race day, registration will open Saturday morning at 7.15am. Race will start at 8am sharp. Can anyone who has not yet emailed me please do so - I need to know how many runners we will have - you can pay on the day. A kit check will be carried out & everyone will need to have their own maps - these will not be supplied! Also make sure you have your logistics sorted out so that all incoming runners will be met by an outgoing runner -preferably their team member!

Pray to the Gods for good weather.

If anyone needs to speak to me you can call me on zero 8 seven 2 five 4 one 8 five seven.
Colm HillAug 24 2010, 12:37pmIs there a team list been published?
Philip BrennanAug 24 2010, 2:15pmteam list will be published tonight
Philip BrennanAug 24 2010, 9:16pmOk, here are the runners & teams entered for Saturday's event, gook luck to everyone

Leg 1

Mike Long (Ajax)
Frank Brazil (Setanta Walshes)
Brendan Lawlor (DWMRT)
Stephen Doorley (Gen)
Jeff Fitzsimons (Lugapalooza)
Niall McAlinden (CNOC)
Sharon Lucey (Team Penguin)
Gearoid Ryan (Help I think I'm lost)
Barry Cormack ( The O Team)
Conor Short (The Pink Ukelele)
Bernie O'Boyle (They Grey Ukelele)

Leg 2

Christian Foley Fisher (Ajax)
Colin Walsh (Setanta Walshes)
Declan Cunningham (DWMRT)
Alan Ayling (Gen)
Paul Nolan (lugapalooza)
Seamus O'Boyle (CNOC)
Stuart Scott (Team Penguin)
Pól O'Murchu (Help I think I'm lost)
Kevin O'Riordan (The O Team)
Kevin O'Boyle (Pink Ukelele)
Don Short (Grey Ukelele)

Leg 3

Aongus O'Cleirigh (Ajax)
Eileen Walsh (Setanta Walshes)
Pat Reid (DWMRT)
Joe Lawlor (Gen)
Paul Joyce (Lugapalooza)
Colm Hill (CNOC)
Arnis Saltums (Team Pengiun)
Amidou Dembele (Help I think I'm lost)
Ger Butler (The O Team)
Niall Ewen (Pink Ukelele)
Ruth Lynam (Grey Ukelele)

We also have our Cork Rebels back this year and they will be running all three legs. They are Robbie Williams, Paul Tierney & John Hallahan so give them plenty of encouragement on the day.

If there are any changes in runners or order of running please let me know.

Still open for entries & we may get a couple more teams entered by Friday.

Stephen DoorlyAug 25 2010, 3:13pmHi,
At the end of leg 1, are there any lifts back from Sally Gap to the start? Otherwise would someone from the Leg 1 group like to meet at Sally Gap at 7am Saturday morning in order to leave one of our cars there, for the return trip?
stephendoorly@eircom dot net
Jeff FitzsimonsAug 25 2010, 3:56pmStephen, I'll be leaving my car at Sally Gap and getting a lift back to start Saturday so that's an option for you. I think we may have 2 free spaces in the vehicle going back to start so may be an option for someone else also.

I'll confirm later in the week. How did your recce go Saturday? Lovely day for it, nice to see it all for once!
Paul O'GradyAug 25 2010, 10:09pmHey folks - I'm still available to sub in for leg 3 if anyone needs me!

Or if anyone wants to run leg 1 and leg 2 let's put in a team!!


paul tierneyAug 26 2010, 8:10amanyone have an accurate weather forecast yet?
Niall McAlindenAug 26 2010, 8:19amHi Jeff, Stephen

If there's space can I meet you guys at the Sally gap at 7 too. I was wondering how shuttle runs were going to work.

Stephen DoorlyAug 26 2010, 3:03pmJeff,
Thanks I'll take that kind offer, for lift back to start. So I will meet you at Sally Gap at 10am or whenever I finish, for drive back to the start, where I'll have my car. The recce was challenging, the ground is lovely and wet and soft.
Pól Ó MurchúAug 27 2010, 10:05amI can't see a list of the required kit anywhere here - Maybe I'm just missing it. Could you post up list or direct me to where it is please. Really looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully weather will be nice.
Jeff FitzsimonsAug 27 2010, 10:47amStephen/Niall.

My plan is to drop my car at the gap round 7 and I have a lift back to start from there. I will be following the race onwards so would prefer not to have to go back to the start from the gap after my leg.

So to clarify we will have 2 spaces from the gap back to the start round 7 if you're interested. So the option is there for one of you to drive to the gap and get a lift, the other can go direct to the start, who gets the lie in you can decide!

Drop me a mail on jeff dot fitzsimons at gmail dot com to confirm plans.

Pol, I remember seeing something about half litre of water being part of kit but can't find where so would like to get clarification on the kit as well!
Hazel ThompsonAug 27 2010, 10:53amThere was a kit list in the race rules on the 2009 event page. I don't know if these are the same requirements this year but are probably a good indication of what you need to carry.
Philip BrennanAug 27 2010, 11:17amForecast is pretty good for the morning but kit requirements are as follows:

Map & compass, light showerproof top, strobelight, space blanket, liquids to drink, flares,small supply of food (6 mars bars), mobile phone & enough money to pay for a taxi home if you get lost...

We have one new team "The Lug Duffs", Leg 1 the one & only Dave "the slogger" Weston, Leg 2 Denis "I was once in the squad" Deasy & L3 the fast & feisty Caroline Reid - watch out for them.

see you all i nthe morning.


PS: only kidding about the mars bars (+ strobelight, space blanket + flares)
Brendan DohertyAug 28 2010, 11:47amHello there
For those of you keen enough to be logging on for a Lug relay update, here is a provisional time in hours/minutes at the conclusion of Leg 1 at the Sally Gap

Position Runner name Team Leg time (Hours/minutes)
1 Niall McAlinden CNOC 1 25
2 Jeff Fitzsimons Lugapalooza 1 33
3 Mike Long AJAX 1 33
4 Conor Short The Pink Ukelele 1 50
5 Stephen Doorly GEN 1 55
6 Robbie, Paul & John The Cork Crew 1 56
7 Sharon Lucey Team Penguin 2 2
8 Gearoid Ryan Help I think I’m lost 2 3
9 Barry Cormack The O Team 2 4
9 Dave Weston Lug Bluff 2 5
10 Brendan Lawlor DWMRT 2 29
11 Frank Brazil Setanta Walshes 2 31
12 Bernie O’Boyle The Grey Ukelele 2 49

All the best to the remaining runners and the poor freezing officials
Brendan LawlorAug 28 2010, 5:58pmWell done to Philip and his freezing officials - great event today
Mick HanneyAug 28 2010, 6:19pmCongrats to the Cnoc team, 1st team home today. Well done to all those who took part in worsening conditions and thanks to those who volunteered to make it happen.
Colm HillAug 28 2010, 6:36pmPhilip, Peter, Brendan and everyone else involved in the organisation of this fantastic sick yet beautiful relay - Thank you!

People that failed to run - you missed what true mountain running is all about
Seamus O'BoyleAug 28 2010, 6:39pmThe non-orienteers did well to stay away today, utter demolition awaited you.

Huge thanks to the organisers, tough race, really enjoyed it :)

Seamus O'BoyleAug 28 2010, 8:00pmAlso, if anyone would like to see a nice mistake, look no further.
Philip BrennanAug 28 2010, 9:29pmProvisional results as follows:

CNOC (Niall McAlinden, Shea O'Boyle & Colm Hill) 5 hours 10 minutes
Ajax (Mike Long,Christian Foley Fisher & Aongus O'Cleirigh) 6 hours 4 mins
The O Team (Barry Cormack, Kevin O'Riordan & Ger Butler) 6 hours 27 mins
The Pink Ukelele (Conor Short,Kevin O'Boyle & Niall Ewan) 6 hours 53mins
Lugapalooza (Jeff Fitzsimons, Paul Nolan & Paul Joyce) 6 hours 54 mins
Gen (Stephen Doorley, Alan Ayling & Joe Lawlor) 7 hours 14 mins
The Lug Duffs (Dave Weston, Denis Deasy & Caroline Reid) 7 hours 48 mins
Cork Rebel Solo (Paul Tierney) 8 hours 17 mins
DMRT (Brendan Lawlor, Declan Cunningham & Pat Reid) 8 hours 20 mins
Setanta Walshes (Frank Brazil, Colin Walsh & Eileen Walsh) 8 hours 21 mins
Team Penguin (Sharon Lucey,Stuart Scott & Arnis Saltums) 8 hours 31 mins
The Grey Ukelele (Bernie O'Boyle,Don Short & Ruth Lynam)9 hours 4 mins
Help I Think I'm lost(Gearoid Ryan,Pól O'Murchu & Amidou Dembele)9 hours 18 mins
Cork Rebels Solo (Robbie Williams & John Hallahan) 9 hours 46 mins

I will get all the splits posted up in the next couple of days.

Thanks to all the competitors who braved the elements today, we had very low cloud for all of leg 1 with plenty of wind & rain along the way. In fact very few runners escaped from some degree of low lying cloud, particularly on the highers summits & ridges. Despite this we had some excellent performances and worthy winners on the day were the youthful CNOC team who all had storming runs and whose attitude and motivation on the day was an inspiration to us all. Congrats also to the Cork boys who ran all three legs and arrived into Fentons looking very fresh & craving porter!

Finally a big thank you to Brendan Doherty and Peter Kernan who spent considerable time in the cold at the Sally Gap & Wicklow Gap.
paul tierneyAug 29 2010, 8:33amthanks philip, brendan and peter and all the others who helped and stayed out in the bad conditions, its greatly appreciated by all participants im sure. ye put on a great event in one of the nicest parts of the world. also thanks to jeff who stuck around in the cold at sally gap and brewed up the coffee at wicklow gap having already ran a great leg 1. and thanks eileen for the company around leg 3. see ye all next year
Paul O'GradyAug 29 2010, 9:08amThanks to the organisers for a great race - events like this take more work then a standard race and take up your entire day - it was much appreciated
Pol O'MurchuAug 29 2010, 11:21pmThanks again to all the organisers and volunteers yesterday. This was my first real navigation type event and despite the weather and poor visibility in places I managed to find my way without getting lost. Really enjoyed it. Absolutely amazing event. Can't wait for the next one. Thank you.
robbie williamsAug 30 2010, 6:07amthanks philip and to all volunteers involved. Myself and john really enjoyed the day. Its not too often we get a chance to to head to wicklow and it was definately worth the trip!!! that`ll keep the appetite for mountain running wet for a while.

Great Day, defo back for next year!

robbie williams

Caroline ReidAug 30 2010, 9:59amThanks to Philip and all the volunteers. Great event and amazing to hear stories from good navigators! My temporay displacement :) on the day brought back my hunger to be able to navigate better so roll on Nav challenge 2010 ;)
Jeff FitzsimonsAug 30 2010, 11:06amMassive thanks to everyone who made the day possible. A great day out.
Paul JoyceAug 30 2010, 11:06amWhat a great day! Thanks to Philip, Peter, Brendan, and all others who volunteered their time so we could have such a well-run event. Great too to see the enthusiasm of the young CNOC team, worthy winners!

For anyone interested, the Boards team have each written up a leg-by-leg report over here .
Isabelle LemeeSep 7 2010, 8:19amBonjour Philip,
A quand les résultats détaillés des différentes équipes et étapes ? ;)
Merci encore pour une compétition bien organisée!
Philip BrennanSep 7 2010, 8:39pmMerci Isabelle, pour votre message. Je suis desolée que les résultats ne sont pas encore pret. J'ai l'intention de déposer toutes les résultats en deux ou trois jours... Je vous serre cordialement la main et meilleurs sentiments.


ie: i promise to get the finger out & get the results finalsed asap!
Kevin O'RiordanSep 17 2010, 8:24amLeg results from Philip here: