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Mick HanneyJan 22 2010, 2:02pmThe last winter league race will take place on Saturday 13 March, 2010 on Carrick mountain in Glenealy which is near Ashford Co. Wicklow. If you can volunteer in a running or non-running capacity please log your interest through the myimra feature. Thanks.
Zoran SkrbaFeb 8 2010, 3:48pmMick can you update the events calendar?
Zoran SkrbaFeb 8 2010, 4:03pmsorry, my mistake! d'oh! :)
Mick HanneyMar 1 2010, 10:38amNB: Please note the day change for the Carrick race in Glenealy. Carrick race is now Sunday March 14th at 11am, not Saturday 13th as initially proposed.

From consultation with the local GAA the Sunday time works better from a parking and general logistics point of view. We had originally aimed to have a mix of Saturday and Sunday races in the Winter League so this helps restore the balance a bit.

The registration will take place at the GAA club in Glenealy. The start of the race will be 1k up the cul de sac which leads to the forest entrance from the GAA club. Under no circumstances should imra runners drive up or attempt to park on that cul de sac. To do so would impede residents and fellow runners. Thanks.
Mick HanneyMar 1 2010, 2:06pmIts advisable to wear grippy trail shoes for the Carrick race. On a recce of the route yesterday its quite wet and mucky in parts and thats the way they are liable to stay with the weather we've been having.
Caroline ReidMar 1 2010, 4:55pmHi there,

It would be great to get a few more volunteers for this race, espically non running volunteers.

Any queries, you can email me on

Many thanks
Mick HanneyMar 7 2010, 6:08pmCarrick Route Description:

I recced the course with Caroline Reid and Martin Francis today. Route is drying out but good grippy trail shoes are still advised for the steep sections and for the single track sections.

Race starts at the forest entrance into Carrick from Glenealy. No parking here. Local access only to this point.

All distances are approximate.

- The first 2k follows fireroad which turns and rises into the forest.
- Turning off this fireroad left there’s a steep section of single track of a few hundred metres.
- Turning right the next 800 metres or so follows a fireroad bearing north east.
- Turning off this fireroad left you follow a steep single track of some 700 metres, with ascents of some 130 metres on this part alone and gradient between 20 and 30% in places. You cross over and ignore other trails during this climb. Onwards and upwards.
- The single track bears left for a few hundred metres then left again before emerging onto fireroad bearing right (south west). You’ll pass the highest point in the route at around 360 metres above sea level.
- The track heads downhill before veering right (juniors will go straight not right at this point) on an undulating track before you take a left into more single track which twists and turns through forestry – low branches to avoid in places and be careful of branches swinging back towards you from previous runners. You’ll cross a fireroad and continue on this single track with more twists and turns. If it’s rained before the race there could be pools to avoid or thrash through.
- Breaking out onto forest trail with newly constructed timber stacks you go right then left before you take a single track left up along the edge of felled forestry.
- A fast section of forest trail brings you down onto fire road – you go left – and this climbs slowly for the next nearly 2k. Turning right there is a steep and tricky downhill (-20% grade) on single track - mind your head here for low tree branches and a felled beam which is nearly at head height – which will be taped but caution is advised.
- Just under 1k of downhill fireroad will bring you back to the start/finish point.

Please don't congregate at the finish point after the race. If you make your way back to Ashford the prizegiving will be in Chester Beatty's pub once all runners are accounted for.
Caroline ReidMar 7 2010, 7:57pmFolks this is a cracker of a route…you’ll love it! The committee have definitely saved the best until last. Jenny and Richie McCauley have created a wonderful route with something for everyone! It starts on fire road which will give the field time to spread out naturally before getting onto the single track - from there on, it has a great mix of fire road and single track! Well worth the trip to Glenealy : )

Remember the race is next SUNDAY (not Saturday).

Also we need more volunteers, so please put you name down and if you want to run, I’ll make sure you have a job which will give you plenty of time to warm up / cool down etc! Any problems volunteering on the website, just email me on

Thank you
Mick HanneyMar 9 2010, 12:00pmIMPORTANT:

There is limited parking available at the GAA in Glenealy. Runners are requested to park at Ashford - plenty of parking around Chester Beattys pub - and drive from there with preferably 3 and 4 per car. If you get to Glenealy and the GAA parking is full, limited parking would be available in Glenealy village itself (just down from the GAA). Please ensure you are not blocking access to locals.
Mick HanneyMar 10 2010, 3:05pm
We've had a great Winter League so far and this is thanks in a big way to the volunteers who have assisted in each race. We're still short of volunteers for Carrick so please sign up to help. Better still if you've already run your 3 winter league races (to count) so far so you need not feel obliged to run.
Caroline ReidMar 11 2010, 12:39pmOnly a few days to go until the last race of the Winter league!! I’d appreciate if anyone attending on Sunday could read the following housekeeping instructions.


Registration will be at the GAA hall in Glenealy.

As the race start is approx 1km from the GAA hall, registration will close at 10:40am sharp. If you are not in the queue at this time, you cannot register for the race. Please respect that volunteers have a job to do and do not argue with them over this.

Please have the correct race fee ready when you queue for registration.

For safety purposes, the following points are very important:

On the sign in sheet:
1. Please ensure your name is legible
2. Make sure to sign in using your 2010 race number (all race numbers will be on display, so double check your number before you sign in).

3. Should you retire from the race, you must report to the finish officials
4. Return your race number

Parking is limited in the area so everyone must carpool from Ashford/Rathnew/Rathdrum. Give yourself extra time to get to Glenealy and find parking. Lack of parking will not be accepted as an excuse for being late for registration.

Please respect the instructions of the volunteers controlling parking at the GAA grounds.

We must walk up a cul de sac called Chapel lane to access the starting area. This is a residential area and we have to go through one family’s garden. Please be respectful of the locals and their property. It is imperative that no-one tries to drive down or park on this lane. This is strictly local access only and must be kept clear in the case of an emergency.

Finally remember, this is a new race route. No-one in front of you has raced this route before – keep an eye out for the route markers – where people normally go off course is while enjoying the thrill of the downhill section : )

Prizegiving will be in the Chester Beatty pub in Ashford. We will try to get the prizegiving done as quickly as possible as we appreciate its Mothers day and many of you will be rushing home to spoil all the mammys!

Thanks a million and see you Sunday
Ian O'DonnellMar 11 2010, 1:10pmhello there.i am a newcomer for this and will not have a race number.can i still register on the day if i pay my imra fee at the registration?
Caroline ReidMar 11 2010, 1:16pmHi Ian,

Thats no problem :)

You can register, just give yourself a few minutes extra to complete the registration process. If it is your first time to run in any IMRA race, you should download the membership form, complete it and bring it along with you.

All the best
Mick HanneyMar 11 2010, 1:56pm
With a view to reducing car traffic from Dublin for this event can people use the Carpool facility? Theres only 1 car listed so far.
Jimmy SynnottMar 11 2010, 2:50pmFirst aid. Can all runners doing Sundays race who completed any of our last 3 first aid courses please make yourself known to me on the day has i now have your first aid certs.At our last committee meeting it was s suggested that for some of our up and coming races it would be a good idea to use 2 first aid officers . Carrick mountain falls into this category. So any one wishing to help me with first aid on Sunday.Just e mail me , or come along on the day .We need to see some new faces steeping forward. Congrats to Maria o Rourke who did a first class job on Maulin.See you Sunday Jimmy
Ian O'DonnellMar 11 2010, 11:20pmThats great thanks caroline,also i have no myimra but have 3 seats to heading from portarlington.will be sticking to mainly motorway but people can let me know if they need a seat.
Kevin O'RiordanMar 13 2010, 12:00pmFergal Buckley asked me to stick a message on the forum. He needs to be down early to do laptop for the race and is stuck for a lift. Any volunteers or anyone else heading down early who would be willing to pick him up in either Fairview or the city centre?
Susan SeagerMar 13 2010, 5:03pmI can give Fergal a lift there and can help out before the race. I'll be coming from Raheny. If he calls me on 087 9332128 we can arrange a time.
Caroline ReidMar 13 2010, 7:00pmThanks Susan,
He got sorted.
Mick HanneyMar 14 2010, 8:23pmThanks Caroline and team for today which went very smoothly and was a credit to you. Thanks as well to Glenealy GAA for the kind use of their facilities.
Niall KilkennyMar 15 2010, 11:53amThanks to all for a great day yesterday. Have only discovered the joys of running up and down mountains this year and am really enjoying it. Both events that I have run this year have been organised brilliantly. Looking forward to the next race already!
Caroline ReidMar 15 2010, 1:50pmHi,

Just a quick note to thank all the volunteers yesterday who helped make Carrick such an enjoyable race. Well done!

Particularly I must praise Jenny and Richie McCauley for the fantastic job they did marking the course - everyone was praising their work.

Also to Mick Hanney for all his help and support in organising the race and Justin Rea who organised the barrier key.

An enjoyable event so thanks everyone, volunteers and runners : )
Mick HanneyMar 15 2010, 3:04pmAny intrepid race reporters out there?
jen mccauleyMar 15 2010, 7:51pmyou're very welcome Caroline, our pleasure, thanks for organising the race:) Already we're thinking up longer and harder routes for next time! and thank you for the bottle of wine, I am enjoying it right now - richies easter egg is gone already:O