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Paul JoyceJan 1 2012, 12:18amHope everyone is enjoying Xmas, and looking forward to the new 2012 season. Annagh Hill was run for the first time last year, and seemed to get a great response. Word-of-mouth has spread, so we're anticipating much greater numbers this year. We had 135 runners last year, and the car park at The Gap pub was filled to capacity- literally, if we had one more car, we would not have had space to park it. So we're going to try something new to alleviate the congestion- I've organized a 50-seater coach to pick up runners at 9:30am from the Sandyford Luas stop, and drive them to the race in comfort. You'll get here in plenty of time to register, and will be able to enjoy a pint or two post-race beside the turf fire of The Gap, before leaving for Dublin at around 3:30pm or so.

This is very necessary to aid congestion, so I'd encourage as many as possible to avail of this service. Cost will be about €9 per person (you'd spend more on petrol driving down and back). I need to get an idea of numbers (we can add a second bus if necessary), so can anyone interested in helping lessen IMRA's footprint, sign up for this bus as soon as possible on the carpool section (listed under Paul Joyce).

Thanks :)
John AnonJan 1 2012, 7:53pmReally a bus to the start ?, A bus seems like an awful lot of expense for a 9km race, travelling 85km down the road. Are we to expect this for all races in future ?

I think part of the attraction for most runners to the IMRA races is the flexibility of making your own way there and getting parking close to the start. I guess there would be plenty of farmers in the area willing to let the use of a field for a small parking fee.
Mick HanneyJan 1 2012, 8:49pmGrrr, where does one start.

Why don't you post under your real name John Anon?

Travelling in ones own car will incur fuel expenses too comparable / more than the bus cost.

Paul's bus suggestion is simply to avoid a parking situation like last year when many people travelled down in empty cars and overfilled the car park. This way it can be a more social event with a greener stamp on it. Cars will be unavoidable for some people but hopefully enough will avail of the bus proposal. Fair deuce to Paul I say.
Paul JoyceJan 1 2012, 9:50pm
@ John Anon:

Really, a bus to the start.

I know the area, I know the size of the carpark. I know that cars to bring 135 runners last year took the very last space available. I know there will be a good deal more coming down this year.

I know the narrow local roads, I know the local fields, and how boggy they are in February.

I know that races exist in areas like this in large part due to the goodwill of the locals. I know they don't like their tractors blocked, or their Sunday's hindered by double-parked cars tightening arteries both transmittal and cardial.

I know not everyone will take the bus, but without it, not everyone will be able to race. I know I'd prefer to organize the greener, cheaper option of a bus, than put a cut-off of the first 150 runners get in, everyone else has made a wasted journey.

I know, I know, all this still might not sway anonymous internet posters. So please feel free to act upon your guess and organize a local farmer to open a suitable field.
Ronan HickeyJan 1 2012, 9:57pmSounds like a smart idea to me. Nice one. Can I just ask whether the bus would get volunteers down in time as well? (Volunteered at this last year and was thinking about doing the same again to free up other races)


Paul JoyceJan 1 2012, 10:04pm
The bus should get down around 10:45am, so plenty of time to register etc. (in any case we'll wait). Anyone volunteering could take the bus too, you'll get down in plenty of time to be put to good use!
Alan AylingJan 4 2012, 11:57pmCracking race last year. Can't wait for the climb from hell near the start, or the bottomless puddle, or that incredible descent near the end. Definitely not going to let the Hodge lad get the better of me in a fire road sprint this year!
Paul JoyceJan 14 2012, 1:45pm
I'm going to book the bus next week, and need to get a better idea of numbers. Thanks to everyone signed up so far, can I urge everyone else intending to take a seat, to please book their seat now, so I can gauge what size bus is needed. In particular I'd urge anyone who was going to drive from Dublin in a solo occupant car, please choose the bus option, as parking space is very limited for this race, and any overflow is going to block roads (there's nowhere suitable for offroad parking besides the pub carpark).

We'll have to turn away runners who arrive when the carpark is full. Car parking in remote areas is an ongoing issue for IMRA over the years, please do your bit to help lessen our impact, and book a seat on the bus.

Did I mention you should book a seat on the bus? :)
Paul JoyceJan 23 2012, 7:04pm
Ok, almost 300 ran at Howth, so its safe to say we need to start planning for larger numbers. We had 135 runners at Annagh last year, and the carpark was 100% full. I've put on a bus, which to date is only quarter booked. We're headed for a situation where many cars will be turned away owing to lack of space. So, in effect, we'll have to put a cut-off on the entry numbers on this race, which is being dictated by facilities available.

SINGLE OCCUPANCY CAR DRIVERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ENTER THE RACE. REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE WHEN THE CARPARK IS FULL (or 11:30, whichever comes first). So in effect, that means you will be turned away if you drive down from Dublin by yourself. Anyone booked onto the bus will be guaranteed entry. Anyone who carpools and arrives in good time will get entry. Anyone else faces missing entry. I'd love to have 200 running; but this will only be possible using the bus and carpool facilities.

I make no apologies for this, as RD I'll ensure its enforced. As an organization we need to respect the locals in the rural areas we run in, and to do that we need to park the maximum amount of runners in the minimum amount of space. Over 90% of runners will be coming from Dublin direction, so can you guys please either book onto the bus, or offer your vehicle in the carpool facility.
Mick HanneyJan 23 2012, 8:37pmFair play Paul for laying this on. Theres the extra benefit for those travelling that they can have a bit of social time in the pub after race without having to worry about a drive home.

A suggestion which will aid the smooth running of this and other events. Volunteers should consider themselves non running unless the Race Director has surplus and can make allowances for running volunteers. The volunteers yesterday did a great job but frankly there wasn't enough non-running volunteers and no one could have anticipated such a crowd.
Aidan BligheJan 24 2012, 12:34amHi Paul
I volunteered as a running volunteer. Loved the route last year so would like to do it again but if you are short volunteers on the day i dont have to run & will gladly help out.
Paul JoyceJan 24 2012, 7:55amThanks for all the volunteers so far. Aidan fills the last running-volunteer spot. A search committee has been formed for that most necessary of posts, the Laptop Operator. The Spot Prize laws of probability each year tend to be generous to you, so anyone who can hit a keyboard button repeatedly and likes chocolate or wine, this could be the job for you. Ditto a First Aider.

Assistant RD is free, for anyone already volunteered who wants to fill it. No added responsibility really, you just observe and learn what is done on the day, with a view to Directing a race some day down the line (I learned from watching the grace under fire that was Richard Nunan last year).

For anyone who is new to IMRA, please volunteer in some capacity for a race later in the year. The success of IMRA is wholly down to everyone volunteering to pitch in and help out.
Mirjam AllikJan 31 2012, 2:34pmDear All

I like the idea of the bus, but maybe we can reconsider the route/times. Is it possible to:
1. Maybe start the bus somewhere closer to downtown (Nassau street etc) say at 9 and then drive down to South by 9.30 and pick up rest from there? For those who live in the north, it is not easy or fast to find transport down south on a Sunday (morning).
2. Maybe the bus could leave at 3pm - should be ample time to finish a race and get a pint. Again, if leaving at 3.30 the time one actually gets home is quite late. Leaving at 3.30 would mean arriving in dublin 4.30-4.45 and then a luas to downtown and then a bus/another luas/dart to north...

Thank you
Paul JoyceJan 31 2012, 9:04pm
Bus is now half full, I expect it will fill up soon. I've been getting emails, but not replying to them, so if you booked, take it as read that you're on. Sorry Mirjam, but the coach is priced and paid as leaving from Sandyford, won't be changing that now. Check out the carpool section if you need a lift from the northside, or include your car if you have one.

Still looking for a laptop operator- if you've done the imra training course, there's a laptop assistant who can learn your skills, and play it forward at future events. Ditto need first aider. All other posts are filled (I'll assign jobs next week), please volunteer at Niamh's Trooperstown race or other events.

*Reminder- Single occupancy drivers will not be let enter the race. This is so more runners can come and run the race, appreciate everyones understanding on this point*

Mick HanneyFeb 1 2012, 8:31pmMore volunteers needed guys.
Paul JoyceFeb 2 2012, 11:34pm
Good man Jimmy for volunteering, no better man for First Aider.

Runners, you can attack those downhills with abandon, this man will patch you up ;)
Eoin KeithFeb 3 2012, 12:37ameeeeehm... are you sure about that Paul?!!
Paul TierneyFeb 3 2012, 1:30pmHe'll bring a spare leg for ya Eoin, don't worry!!
Paul JoyceFeb 4 2012, 1:08pm
That sharp downhill has already been christened "Enduro Falls" by some local wags, but lightening doesn't strike twice as they say Eoin :)

Volunteer spots all filled now, thanks for everyones help. I'll assign roles in the next few days. Bus is almost full, grap those last few spots quick!

Myself and Mick are going to run the course tomorrow (Sunday 4th) morning at 10am, leaving from the Gap carpark, all welcome to join us.
Mick HanneyFeb 5 2012, 1:24pmFlickr set of route taken this morning.

Be prepared for wet and muddy. That means trail shoes with decent grips. If you only have road shoes you'd be slipping and sliding and possibly falling.

Recent deforestation has occured so theres places where bits and pieces of branches are strewn on the path. Run with care. Very easy to clip a branch.
Margarete ClarkFeb 5 2012, 6:54pmIs anyone from around Bray offering a lift to Sandyford Luas?
Barry TennysonFeb 6 2012, 7:06amMargarete

I am driving down. I can collect you from Bray enroute. Simply request a seat in the carpool section and we can agree a collection point.

Barry Tennyson
Mikey FryFeb 6 2012, 11:24pmAnyone from Wicklow town direction going Who wants to car pool?
Turlough ConwayFeb 7 2012, 11:00amHi Paul

Was wondering about leaving bags (change of clothes etc) in the bus during the race? I was going to travel very light but it may be something for runners to consider when planning their pre-race logistics.
Barry TennysonFeb 7 2012, 1:18pmMikey, I can collect you from Wicklow Town enroute. Simply book a seat in my car in the carpool section above.
Annie Browne Feb 7 2012, 2:08pmHi,
I was thinging of going along this year but I live on the Wexford side of Gorey and have no one to travel with...Does this mean that I would not be able to enter?
Paul JoyceFeb 7 2012, 3:31pm@ Turlough,
Don't know that the bus driver will be too thrilled with 50 muddy runners dragging half of Annagh Hill back onto his bus! So we'll keep a section aside at the pub registration where bussers can leave their bag until after the race. Will keep someone here so its all secure. But everyone should bring a change for the return bus journey. Limited changing at the pub, but we'll muddle through.

@ Annie,
The first thing you should try is to offer your car in the carpool system, or offer/seek a lift through this forum if that doesn't work. The single occupancy ban is to discourage parking chaos- but I realize there will be rural runners who can't get/give a lift, in which case mention this to the parking marshals and we'll see what can be done. I don't want to have an unworkable blanket ban that effects non-Dublin runners like yourself, but at the same time I don't want scores of single occupancy cars driving down from Dublin when they could be pooling.

At which point can I thank all the runners who've booked onto the (almost) full bus, thats a huge benefit to our parking problem. I've heard from one runner booked who can't make it, anyone else who booked but won't take their seat please let me know ASAP. Cost will be €9 return, bus (JJ Kavanagh) will leave 9:30 sharp from Sandyford Luas.
Margarete ClarkFeb 7 2012, 4:29pmHi carpool users for Annagh Hill,
I have unbooked my seat in Barry Tennyson's car, so anyone who's looking to go in his car, there's bound to be another seat available, even if it doesn't show on the carpool list. If anyone knows how to visibly remove bookings on the carpool list, please fill me in.
Turlough ConwayFeb 8 2012, 1:24pmThanks Paul, that sounds perfect, just somewhere to leave the bags. (Meant the luggage hold on the bus for storage tho! :-) )
Barry TennysonFeb 8 2012, 4:04pmThis confirms that I still have one seat available for a lift, even though 4/4 seats are shown as booked in the carpool section above. Contact me 087 255 1489 if anyone needs a lift.
Paul JoyceFeb 8 2012, 4:15pmVolunteers: could everyone please be down for 10:30am, and make yourself known to me (big baldy guy looking stressed:)

Bus: leaving Sandyford Luas at 9:30am. To save time, Donal Troddyn will collect registration fees, race entry, and bus cost, together on the bus. If you've not run IMRA in 2012, cost is 10+7+9=€28. If you've run IMRA in 2012, cost is 7+9=€18. Exact change would be useful. We'll try and have numbers ready as you get off the bus, and have everyone sign-in on the bus. There will be a supervised area at registration to leave your bags during the race. Bus returns at 3:30pm.

Parking: Please follow directions of parking marshals. Single occupancy cars face not being allowed enter the race (if you're single-occ because you live in some rural area, give the marshals your name and we'll make note). If you're thinking now of driving solo down from Dublin, save yourself a wasted journey and stay at home- or more proactively, offer your car in the carpool section.

Registration: If you haven't ever run IMRA, fill out this form (leave number blank) , pay €17 at cash desk, and go to laptop guys, you will be allocated a number for 2012. If you have already run IMRA in 2012, pay €7 at cashdesk and go and collect your number. Everybody needs to sign the race sign-in sheet after number collection.

Race start: is about 500m from the pub. Race will start at 12 noon. A word of advice for anyone not run this course before: charging off at the gun is a false economy!

Course: is muckier than I've ever seen it in places. Varied terrain, but your best grip shoes should be worn. There are a couple of walls to cross, nothing too difficult though. A felled tree blocks the route in the forest, go under and stay low. The return along the ridge features three puddles/pools. The first two you can skirt around, the last you can jump into and out of the forest; but all can be ran through for speed. The final downhill is steep and technical, but rewarding for fast descenders. Reminder of mandatory kit- windproof jacket and foil blanket.

Prizegiving: will be back at the pub 2:00pm.
Alan Einstein Feb 8 2012, 4:58pm10+7+9=26
Paul JoyceFeb 8 2012, 5:07pmWould you believe I'm actually doing a degree in Maths Alan? Beetroot ;)
Mick HanneyFeb 8 2012, 5:37pmMaths fail :-)

Great initiative with the bus Paul. Good to see it paid off.
Paul JoyceFeb 8 2012, 8:56pmLest anyone think I've made more maths errors, there are currently 4 spare seats on the bus, which I have put into an extra carpool offering (some people booked had to drop out from the bus). Anyone taking those extra spots will be on the same bus.

Thanks to all the carpoolers too. Be great to see a few more cars offering if possible.
Mikey FryFeb 8 2012, 9:50pmThanks Barry im ok going down early helping out:-)
Mick HanneyFeb 8 2012, 9:59pmJust echo'ing this as I gather I'm car park marshalling...

Parking: Please follow directions of parking marshals. Single occupancy cars face not being allowed enter the race (if you're single-occ because you live in some rural area, give the marshals your name and we'll make note). If you're thinking now of driving solo down from Dublin, save yourself a wasted journey and stay at home- or more proactively, offer your car in the carpool section.

Carpool carpool carpool
Paul JoyceFeb 8 2012, 11:06pmVolunteers: please be meet at the Gap pub before 10:30am, when registration will open.

Niamh O'Ceallaigh
9am start. Meet Paul Joyce at car park from 8:40am

Niamh O'Ceallaigh
Charlie Lyons
One Marshall will stand at gate after initial climb, direct any juniors to the stile where they cross for the short course return and descent. Close metal gate after last runner through.
Second Marshall to stand at wall crossing at ridge end. Direct runners to cross wall and enter forest. Returning runners should be directed up the trail other side of the wall.

Donal Troddyn
Collect money for bus, registration, entry fee, from runners. Ensure everyone signs sign in sheet. Have new runners fill out registration form. We will try to pre-enter the bus list the night before, and have numbers ready for everyone when they get down.

Mick Hanney
Colm Howlin
Direct cars into carpark in orderly fashion. Keep space for bus, perhaps outside pub. Turn away any single occupancy cars, or take names of those who are not coming from Dublin.
High-viz. jackets useful.

Aidan Blighe- Cash desk.
Eamonn Kavanagh-Hand out numbers.
Mikey Fry-Hand out numbers, and ensure everyone signs the sign-in sheet.

Eamonn Kavanagh
The runners from the bus will need somewhere to store their bags until after the race, this can be a corner at the pub, which will need to be supervised.

Donal Troddyn-lap-top
Jeff Swords-assistant lap-top

Jeff Swords-recording numbers
Rafael Salazar- collecting and sorting numbers
Aidan Blighe-collecting and sorting numbers
Colm Howlin-collecting and sorting numbers

Charlie Lyons to follow last runner from wall crossing at start demarking the course to the finish.
Paul JoyceFeb 8 2012, 11:13pmFIRST AID
Jimmy Synnott
Sure the mans a legend, he knows what to do.
Colm HowlinFeb 9 2012, 11:24amAnyone going from the Arklow direction?

I'm volunteering so will aiming to be at the start for 10am. Can I offer anyone a lift or possible get a lift off someone?

I'll be leaving Arklow about 9:30 will be passing through Coolgreany on the way but can take a small diversion if needed.
Ken CowleyFeb 9 2012, 5:12pmPaul - can you take my name off your bus list (I don't think it's possible for me to technically remove myself via the carpool page)?
I have a calf niggle that has got worse, so unfortunately have had to make the decision to pull out of the Annagh Hill race - I realise the bus is getting full and someone else may need my seat.
Many thanks, and I hope everyone has a great race.
David PowerFeb 10 2012, 10:02amPaul - can you remove my name from bus list? Thanks for organising but we are car pooling.

Paul JoyceFeb 10 2012, 11:05am

Below are the list of the 46 runners currently booked onto the bus. Please let me know of any errors. 4 spots remaining.

1) If you have run IMRA in 2012- your number should be listed below. Pay €16 on the bus (€9 bus + €7 entry), you will be pre-entered for registration and can collect your number upon disembarking.

2) If you have run IMRA previously, but not in 2012- we have your details on the laptop, you will be allocated a number. Pay Donal €26 on the bus, sign your pre-printed reg form we will have ready for you, and collect number upon disembarking.

3) If you have never run IMRA before, pay €26 and fill out a registration form with your details, on the bus (or download one and have it ready). Wait until all the other bussers have been given their number, and we'll then process your info and give you a number.

Everyone on the bus should sign the sign-in sheet on the bus. Exact money would be a great help, thanks!

Eoin Keith 107
Carlos Castillejo 483
Alan Ayling 156
Kevin O'Riordan
Rachel Cinnsealach 231
Niamh Hartnett 286
Joan Stapleton 309
Paraic Gallagher
Fiona Sheerin
Stuart Scott 104
Eanna Cunnane 230
John Ahern 261
Robin Keenan 223
Colum McKeown 300
Melanie Earwaker 143
Patsy McCreanor 210
Gary Revins 477
John Langan 321
Mirjam Allik
Tony Keely
Pavel Rajnoha 106
Ian Conroy
Tim Chapman 269
Jason Reid
Ciaran Aylward
Warren Swords 349
Alejandro Carrasco (Never ran IMRA)
Greg Byrne
Ger Lawlor (Never ran IMRA)
Turlough Conway 167
Jeff Fitzsimons
karl walsh 241
Justin Rea 471
Donal Troddyn
fiona christian
Andrew O'Connor
Margarete Clark 330
Aisling Corkery
Michelle Rowley
Michelle Rowley
niamh o' gorman
sarah steer
catherine halpin 431
Conor Acton (Never ran IMRA)
Samuel Fox (Never ran IMRA)
James Keane 401
Paul JoyceFeb 10 2012, 11:37amI've accidently listed Michelle Rowley twice above. Jeff Swords now confirmed. 4 spots still remain, book via the carpool section.
Tim ChapmanFeb 10 2012, 12:59pmHi Paul you still have me on the bus, i wont be able to make it.

good luck

Paul JoyceFeb 10 2012, 2:29pmUpdated. 44 confirmed, 6 spots remaining.

Eoin Keith 107
Carlos Castillejo 483
Alan Ayling 156
Kevin O'Riordan
Rachel Cinnsealach 231
Niamh Hartnett 286
Joan Stapleton 309
Paraic Gallagher
Stuart Scott 104
Eanna Cunnane 230
John Ahern 261
Robin Keenan 223
Colum McKeown 300
Melanie Earwaker 143
Patsy McCreanor 210
Gary Revins 477
John Langan 321
Mirjam Allik
Tony Keely
Pavel Rajnoha 106
Jason Reid
Ciaran Aylward
Warren Swords 349
Alejandro Carrasco (Never ran IMRA)
Greg Byrne
Ger Lawlor (Never ran IMRA)
Turlough Conway 167
Jeff Fitzsimons
karl walsh 241
Justin Rea 471
Donal Troddyn
fiona christian
Andrew O'Connor
Margarete Clark 330
Aisling Corkery
Michelle Rowley
niamh o' gorman
sarah steer
catherine halpin 431
Conor Acton (Never ran IMRA)
Samuel Fox (Never ran IMRA)
James Keane 401
Jeff Swords
Jesko Zimmermann (Never ran IMRA)
Andy MinshullFeb 10 2012, 2:32pmHi I don't have a my IMRA logon yet, so can't add this to the car pool - coming down from Donabate, can fit 4 in the car. +353863927842
Ger LawlorFeb 10 2012, 3:17pmHi Paul,
Just to let you know I have ran already in 2012. My race number is 406. My name has been entered incorrectly to myimra. The r in my surname is missing. Just to let you know.
Samuel FoxFeb 10 2012, 3:59pmI've also run IMRA in 2009 and 10, so should be on the system - but my name is spelt incorrectly - I'm down as Samual Fox - tried getting this changed but no joy as yet
Tony QuirkeFeb 10 2012, 7:32pmHiya I'm heading up to the run from the Wexford side so if anyone wants a lift from Gorey let me know. Tony 0872751024
Paul JoyceFeb 10 2012, 9:48pmGer, Samuel, that's noted. Everyone listed on the bus has now been pre-registered for the race, except for never-ran-IMRA-before Alejandro Carrasco, Conor Acton, Jesko Zimmermann, who will need to register on the day.

This will hopefully take a huge burden off the laptop guys work on the day. If you've run an IMRA 2012 race already, I'll have your number waiting when you get off the bus. If you've run IMRA pre 2012 only, I'll have your number and a completed registration form for you to sign. Then you're all good to go, warm up, etc.

Currently 6 spots remaining on the bus after cancellations etc. Great to see the carpool offers, fair play lads.
Donal TroddynFeb 10 2012, 10:26pm@ Ger Lawlo - Sorry, that mess-up was mine at the last race.

Ger LawlorFeb 11 2012, 8:31amDonal,
No problem, I imagine its easily rectified.
Paul JoyceFeb 11 2012, 1:18pm
8 seats remaining on the bus.
Jan EmmerichFeb 11 2012, 4:37pmHi,
I just booked a seat on the bus, but somehow the system registered my twice.
Thank you,
Paul JoyceFeb 11 2012, 4:50pmNoted, Jan.

I'm just back from a scout around the route, its very wet. Visibility was down to 20m. Reminder to everyone that windproof jacket and foil blanket are on the mandatory kit. Depending on tomorrow's conditions, we'll make a call on whether they need to be carried in the race or not, at registration.
Luke BreathnachFeb 11 2012, 8:46pmLeaving Ashbourne,Co.Meath around 9am. Can pick anyone looking for a lift up en route, eg.RedCow,Tallaght,Dundrum exits.
2seats available.
Luke 087 7566703
Margarete ClarkFeb 11 2012, 9:34pmWould it be an idea to post a contact phone number of someone on the bus just in case?
Donal TroddynFeb 11 2012, 9:53pmI'll be on the bus tomorrow. My phone number is 087 6927609.

Also, anyone taking the bus, please bring exact change. I won't be carrying a float.
Paul JoyceFeb 12 2012, 6:08pm
Results etc. tomorrow or the next day. For the moment I want to thank all the great volunteers who made this race happen. Ditto the bussers and car poolers, it all seemed to work very well. Some fast pints sunk just before the bus left at 3:30pm: how did those bladders hold out till Dublin?

Most important info:

Turlough Conway 1st home in 43 mins, taking nearly 3 minutes of the course record. Less wind, more slop, there's the debate. What is beyond discussion is Turlough has won the Winter League, 3 ran, 3 won. Great reward for your training effort Turlough, well done.

1st lady home, avenging last year's 2nd, Karen O'Hanlon, very well ran Karen.
karl walshFeb 12 2012, 6:37pmsorry i had my name down for the bus but got a puncture on the way to sandyford so didnt make bus..sorry about that
Paul JoyceFeb 12 2012, 7:41pm
First Aid is vital for IMRA races. We had a few runners needing stitches today, sprained ankles, etc. Watching Jimmy Synnott assess runners as they came over the line was a masterclass in triage. Finishers with (to my eyes) similar cuts and scrapes were quickly appraised, and advised for a hospital visit or first aid. Ably assisted by Paul Nolan, (who ascended the course to help an injured runner), today was a reminder of what can be expected to go amiss at imra races, and how to deal with that in a professional manner. Kudos to both lads, you both made my RD role a lot easier.
Alan AylingFeb 12 2012, 7:54pmFabulous day, the bus, the pub, the brilliant course... That descent near the end has to be one of the best in any IMRA event.
Thanks to Paul Joyce and all the volunteers for making it happen.
Tony LyonsFeb 12 2012, 8:45pmAnother great event today.. Kids had a blast, very enjoyable. Thanks!!
Paul JoyceFeb 12 2012, 9:05pmThe report section is looking a little like Yawnsville... lets stick a few race reports up there, preferably before the muck is washed from memory. Not looking at anyone in particular, Mr. Winter League :)
Turlough ConwayFeb 12 2012, 9:06pmThanks to Paul Joyce and all the volunteers. This was one of the best organised IMRA events ive ever attended. Thats because the orhganisation was almost transparent. All the bus-goers had to do was to interrupt their enjoyable chat to sign the sign in sheet passed around the bus; collect their numbers already layed out in order for them, leave their bags in the green van and give back the numbers at race end before enjoying the craic in the bar. I glanced in the direction of registration (had no need to go near it)and it was all tranquility a few in the queue, no long queue, no pressure on the laptop operator.

That was the effect of taking 45 people out of the registration queue. A real eye opener. Felt good taking the bus knowing that this was reducing our footprint both physically- with the amount of cars in the local vicinity as well as our carbon footprint.

I think we should be looking at this as a template for any race involving a bit of a journey. The bus today effectively took the headache of registration away from all participants and volunteers; took the headache of driving away from many of same; helped our obligation as users of this country's beautiful area to respect and protect these areas.

Weve also had a sneak preview of the huge benefits of any pre-registration system.

WRT times, i think this years race ran a good bit faster. Results up, and A comparison of both years results seem to indicate this. There was more water on the first climb last year, it had drained very well this year. The very strong head-wind on the ridge last year was very significant to slower times on that section. Just as significant the recovery available and taken on that section was not avilable last year, meaning that all subsequent sections were also more difficult for tiring runners.

THanks for the good wishes.

Margarete ClarkFeb 12 2012, 9:13pmReally enjoyed myself today! Thank you very much to RD, all volunteers & nice company during & after race (incl. a lovely oat biscuit, Mags!) and on the bus! The bus was a brilliant idea, thanks, Paul, or whoever put it on, and thanks to Donal for doing a great job on the bus!
Mick HanneyFeb 12 2012, 9:31pm2 video links:-

Big puddle section.

Video is 'mare to upload.
Richie McLFeb 12 2012, 9:55pmGreat vids Mick i'm the last through on both of em! thanks
Margarete ClarkFeb 12 2012, 11:19pmI do understand Turlough's point about benefits of pre-registration, but just want to say, that one of the attractions IMRA races hold for me is that I can make up my mind on the day about going or not. Maybe a mixture of pre-reg and on the day?
Mick HanneyFeb 12 2012, 11:30pmPhoto collection from the hill and the muckier bits.
Dermot MurphyFeb 13 2012, 9:33amThanks Paul and co for organising a great race - great fun in the mud!

Margarete, the main point about pre registration is not having to carry cash after the race. Working on a solution were it will be pre registration only is what we are working towards.
Margarete ClarkFeb 13 2012, 12:20pmpoint taken, Dermot
seamus kilcullenFeb 13 2012, 11:05pmAmazed to find I had a great at Annagh Hill while I can do many things bilocation is not one of them. I wonderwho had my number?
Seamus Kilcullen
Mick HanneyFeb 13 2012, 11:27pmI reviewed some photos there and see that Rachel wore no. 131. Bold Rachel :-)
Rachel CinnsealachFeb 13 2012, 11:49pmSorry Seamus,

I wore you're number by accident :(

You should have run the race yourself, it was an amazing race! Lots of muck.... Steep uphills, steep down hills and lots and lots and lots of muck... and then more work!

Rachel CinnsealachFeb 13 2012, 11:52pmThat last ssentence should read.... "and then more muck"

Seriously guy's great race, a big thanks to Paul and co. for organising.
Mick HanneyFeb 14 2012, 12:12amPhotos added.
Paul LarkinsFeb 14 2012, 10:31pmHi, some more photos for you from Sunday, well done to all:
Alan AylingFeb 15 2012, 6:10pmFAO John Langan - if you're reading this - any chance of some GoPro footage of the race going up on you-tube? In particular the deep puddle and the Enduro Falls descent?
Eamonn HodgeFeb 16 2012, 12:13amFAO Alan Ayling: Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Alan AylingFeb 16 2012, 6:02pmAwww, maaaan! I didn't even mention the finish section.
Richie McLFeb 17 2012, 1:09pmgreat report warren
pat walshFeb 17 2012, 4:13pmThis was my first IMRA race and I have to say it was a really enjoyable experience. Great organisation, friendly and helpful volunteers and a great course. A special thanks to Paul Nolan who was particularly helpful and gave his time freely to go back up the hill to help an injured friend. Also thanks to Dermot Murphy for the welcome. Will definitely do this again.