Dublin Peaks

A long distance traverse over the Dublin Peaks (not the original shorter race)
Sunday 4 September, 2011
12:00 PM
10 (Extreme) - Extreme, >1,000M ascent or > 30Km
Route not marked - Route not marked
Zoran Skrba 2:52:16 Mary Jennings 4:10:14
Long Distance Championship
Ticknock car park. Gr. O 168242
Race three of the long distance championship. Race starts at entrance to Ticknock Wood. Runners must visit each of the following summits, out and back. These points will be manned check points. The route between these points is of the runners choosing.
Start 168242
Fairy Castle 172224
Tibradden 149222
Cruagh 137217
Bog Road 131196
Kippure 116154

This race can be completed entirely on tracks of some sort however the distance at 36km is considerable and route finding could be tricky. The recommended map is the new Dublin & North Wicklow Mountains by East West mapping. Note some runners have managed to complete the course in 31.1km but to do this you will need to go over very rough ground and have good navigational skills

This race will have two cut-off times. 2.30 at check point at the start of bog road up to Kippure and 4.00 at same check point on way down from Kippure. This is standard practice in long distance races. These times are generously set at 200% of the winning time. Runners failing to meet first cut-off must turn back and those missing the second must take the car back to finish.
Accepting these cut-off times for the Dublin Peaks is a condition of entry. Cut-off times are necessary to.
Protect the safety of runners
To make the decision to call out a search for injured or lost runner more promptly
To reduce the time race officials spend in exposed and remote location

A basic kit will be required to be carried, irrespective of weather, and will be checked at start and check point Bog Road, failure to produce a jacket here will lead to disqualification. The kit will comprise of water/wind proof jacket (double top will not suffice), emergency food (gels, sweets etc) map or copy of route. There will be a water and feeding station at check point Bog Road and the facility to retire and get a lift back.

Split times from 2010 and 2011 races:

2010 Split Times
2011 Split Times

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