Colonel Darling's Garden

First race of the annual nav challenge league
Sunday 12 August, 2012
12:00 PM
9 (3,3,3) - Difficult Terrain, >500M ascent, >10Km
Route not marked - Route not marked
Navigational Challenge
Own route between marked points on map.
Nav Challenge 1 - hereby renamed Colonel Darling's Garden will start at the Kippure Adventure Centre, Co Wicklow @ 12noon on Sunday 12th August with registration open from 11.15am.

This year we will revert to the old format whereby each runner must bring their own map (Harveys is the one to use) and will be given a list of co-ordinates so that they can plot the points/controls on the map. These will be given out at 12 noon sharp.

Minimum kit requirements will depend on weather but you will need to bring map & compass, some food & drink & mobile phone for the run & possibly extra clothing.



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