Sunday 21 March, 2004
1:00 PM
Connacht /Ulster Championships, King/Queen of the Mountains
Race starts along Altan Track for half kilometer before veering NW towards Mackoght summit. Runners must make contact with race marshall on summit. Descending by the correct route off Mackgort is important so do not proceed if not following taped route. From here route joins main ridge up Errigal. Race finishes at first summit peak, possibly the lowest but certainly the safest.
Parking and registration at car park at foot of Errigal. Race starts a further 750m along (NE) the road at the start of Altan Track Gr. B953205. Runners are asked to jog up to race start from parking

Race is up only and runners are asked to take care descending. The final ridge up Errigal is narrow and prone to high winds not alway obvious from the road. Race officals will decide what appropiate clothing must be worn and if race will go ahead based on weather conditions.
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