Circuit of Glenmalure

Up the zig-zags, on to Lug via Clohernagh. Home via Camenabologue and Table track
Sunday 10 July, 2005
12:00 PM
Leinster Championship
Registration Glenmalure Lodge Hotel Gr T 106909

Starts Zigs / Zags Gr. T 087921

This is a very long race in difficult terrain and should not be taken lightly. The route goes to the summit of Lugnacoille which in poor visibilty requires careful navigation and all intending runners should be capable of preforming this. In the case of bad weather this race may be curtailed or cancelled. Route starts up the zig zags to the summit of Clohernagh. It continues on summit ridge West to summit of Lugnacoille. From summit retrace steps approximately 300m NE and then proceed out along ridge to Carrow Mountain. From there to Camenablogue and Table Track. Then follows the long down run through Glenmalue valley on rough track to Barravore Youth Hostel and three km on road to start / finish
Glenmalure Lodge Hotel



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