Sunday 3 June, 2007
12:00 PM
Men: 1:11:43 (John Lenihan) Women: 01:32:17 (Beth McCluskey)
Irish Championship, King/Queen of the Mountains
Breanlee, Lough Acoose, Glencar, Co. Kerry Gr. V 771 871 (new parking)
Please note that registration for this event, for the last few years, is in the quarry car park, roughly 1 km south of start and NOT at the race start. This has become necessary as the large numbers attending this race of late have caused a dangerous traffic situation at the start. No runners or supporters should park at the start

Please note there is a Team race this year with the first 3 from each Male and Female team to count.

Start: Breanlee, Lough Acoose, Glencar Gr.V 771871
Climber's Inn Glencar



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