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Rene BorgMay 25, 10:26pmTeam results are up. Great to see a strong Raheny team winning in the hills. An omen for tomorrow? ;-)
Mick HanneyMay 19, 1:27pmIan - we'll remove you from the results. Kevin - can you oblige please.

Separate thread started about race nos and sign ins.
Ian O'KaneMay 19, 11:51amHi, I know from the forum that there were problems with races numbers etc. but could I have the DNF allocated to me removed from the record? I wasn't at or near the race and it would be my first. My race number is 1024,
Mick HanneyMay 19, 9:37amThat was encouragement Ian ;-)
Ian ConroyMay 19, 12:04amThanks for the abuse Mick! I'll do one tomorrow - once I've stopped waking up in a cold sweat, the image of a fast-descending Turlough out of my mind! It was a fantastic race and one of the best organised I've seen. With such an unbelievable amount of racers on a a perfect Wednesday evening. Some great runs by a number of runners - including the (very) gallant winner Turlough, who was very gracious in victory (something he's seemingly getting used to in 2012!!) and there was great banter and the usual talk about shoe choices and training methods. Great stuff all around!
Mick HanneyMay 18, 11:35pmGreat to have the reports to add to the photos. Thanks guys. Always adds something when you can look back later...
Turlough ConwayMay 18, 11:24pmMe too!
Brian O'MurchuMay 18, 8:20pmRace report added!
Mick HanneyMay 18, 6:47pmAny race reporters out there (who took part in the race that is)? ;-)

Ian Conroy you are overdue a report!
Mick HanneyMay 18, 6:44pmKevin - thanks for correcting the errant %s.

Can you update Peter Cannon's result. He was early starter. No. 452. 72 mins. Thanks.
Alan AylingMay 17, 9:10pmThanks for the kind words regarding the course marking.

It's not that bad a job, provided you allow enough time and have a bit of homework done beforehand. Jenny and I basically took half the course each, which made it quite manageable. De-marking was split between Paul Mahon (about half the course) and the rest between Jenny, myself and marshals Shane and Colin. Handy when the workload is shared.

There are very clear instructions in laminated form in the kit bag with the marking gear - based on the comments this system seems to work, so hopefully anyone marking courses in the coming races will stick to the same system - consistency counts for a lot.

The black and white tape seems to have been a winner - I'll look into what's involved in getting some IMRA-specific stuff made, NOT red and white!

Mick HanneyMay 17, 2:51pmWill do Peter. Have your time noted on the sheets, but it got overlooked in the madness that is race end. I daresay it'll get adjusted along with a few others in due course.

I can second John's point there about the sign ins. Some sign-ins didn't have a race no. on them or had a scrawl of a race no. If you want to be registered in the results you must write your number clearly. And wearing a no. that coincides with the no. entered on the sheet obviously speeds up the results process. We shouldn't have to assign a volunteer to check the sign-ins as they happen to check for legibility.
Peter CannonMay 17, 2:41pmGreat race last night Mick.

many thanks and well done on the car pool progress.

If you wouldn't mind correcting my result as i started early.About 7.10
And see myself in very unfamiliar territory on the results
I did tell the guys at the finish but the usual finish line rush was going on.


John LangenbachMay 17, 2:27pm% seem to be based on the time for the short course. Not sure why.

Also, some of the DNF's are actually "were never even thinking of being in the areas" - gremlins in the registration system due to people who don't seem to realise that their scribbles on the sign-in sheet actually have to be read and entered into the computer to give the list of starters for the race.
Mick HanneyMay 17, 1:42pmResults up. Percentages seem to be out of whack though?

First 6 finishers were all ahead of the fastest time this course was last run. Winning time was nearly 3 mins faster!
Mick HanneyMay 17, 1:34pmI've uncollected prizes for:
- Eva F40
- Bernard M40
- Jimmy M50
Eilis - Aidan has your prize for you.
I'll leave the prizes in an 'uncollected prizes' envelope in the Directors kit.
The junior winner was Jack Lawlor. I'll deliver that with the kit handover.
Ciaran KellyMay 17, 1:20pmHi IMRA,, Last night was my first Mountain run. Thouraghly enjoyed it, and I would just like to thank all the organisers for hosting such a great event and thanks to all the competitors for making me feel so welcome. See you all next week.
James ClancyMay 17, 1:19pmSavage event last night, thanks to all organisers and helpers, and great photos!!

Thanks again,

Turlough ConwayMay 17, 1:13pmStephen: Its a risky strategy trusting the runner in front of you! Its being the theme of many a good race report! BTW I was following Ian in front for most of the race too.
John LanganMay 17, 1:06pmAbsolutely brilliant event overall. Really really enjoyed it. Stunning location and breathtaking views. Exemplary marking. Deadly descents. Killer climbs. What a race. Brilliant fun!

Thanks a million to everyone who helped organise. Top job. High standards :)
Stephen WatersMay 17, 1:01pmThanks very much to Mick and crew for a great race.
I agree on the marking, it was very clear but I think very few of us have Turlough's dilemma as we just follow the person in front.
Turlough ConwayMay 17, 12:53pmMeant to say: people wandering, chatting and jogging contentedly back to the GAA club when the event was over.
Brendan LawlorMay 17, 12:38pmGreat event last night - well done and thanks to Mick and all volunteers
Turlough ConwayMay 17, 12:28pmThanks to Mick on the great organising as usual. Very relaxed atmosphere it seemed. People wandering and jogging contendedly. Great course and marking from Jenny and Alan.

I noticed the new tape and it was very obvious. There seemed to be a system at the junctions. One piece of tape metres before the route changed paths indicating the side the current path would be exited from; followed by tape clearly marking the exit.

It meant that you could see from some distance that an exit was coming and which side the exit was one. Would be great to have that extra marking feature from now on.
Sinead McCarthyMay 17, 12:15pmHi,

Last night was my first event and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Atmosphere was great, run route was fantastic and well marked and everyone friendly and helpful. I'll definitely be back next week if the blisters have settled!

Thanks to all involved for the superb organisation.

Mick HanneyMay 17, 10:48amThanks Paul. You are the maths man so you can tell me what double zero is, I'm rusty. :-)

The marking was a heavier black and white variety used by Alan in mountain biking. If IMRA can get there hands on a supply of that it would be a good investment.

I'm told there is a range of other single track trail available on Carrick so the next route there might have a bit more variety to it and less out and out trail. Its a delicate balance as such routes inevitably require a heavier marking overhead.
Paul JoyceMay 17, 10:35am
Yet another smooth Hanney production, well done Mick on hosting a well-organized event last night. Whatever it is IMRA are paying you to volunteer as RD, it needs to be doubled.

Has to be said too, the marking (to this non-running marshall) seemed excellent. That thicker all-white tape used, is a lot more visible than the common red-and-white striped version.
Mick HanneyMay 17, 7:46amThanks guys. We'll get results up as soon as we can.
Dominic HoranMay 17, 6:48amLink to pix.
Dominic HoranMay 17, 6:47amWell done Mick and team, very well organised and a great turnout, I was nearly tempted but sense prevailed.
First 100 Pix from last night, was having fun and games with the new Flickr uploader, there's another 87 or so to go up later this morning.
Anyone looking for the full res without watermark PM me or contact me through Flickr - no charge.

Paul SmythMay 17, 12:45amMy compliments to the race markers Alan and Paul. Superb job!
jen mccauleyMay 16, 11:25pmHi guys,
I took a few pics, they're not great but you might like to see if you're in them, album is on google+ but you don't have to join to see them:
well done all, you inspired me to want to run next week :)
Mick HanneyMay 16, 11:09pmThanks again to the volunteers for making this event possible. Its gratifying to hear good feedback. Kudos in particular to Alan and Jenny for the marking and Paul for the parking which went pretty well by all accounts. Lastly thanks to Glenealy GAA who make available their facilities to us for registration and parking.
Ken CowleyMay 16, 4:48pmMy plans have just changed - will be around the southside for the next hour or so, could pick someone up from anywhere around Foxrock/Sandyford/Carrickmines/Bray en route to the Carrick race.
I'm easy re the prize-giving, and will be heading back via all those places, ultimately to where I live, in Fairview.

If anyone wants to jump in with me, feel free to text or call on 085 7129060.


Gareth LittleMay 16, 2:50pm
I booked a seat with Turlough but no loger need it so even though it says full there is one free space in his car.



Jeff SwordsMay 16, 2:42pmI'm a fool, trying to hide my number I entered it wrong one !

It's 0 8 7 nine O two one five one four.
Jeff SwordsMay 16, 2:38pm@Orla, I'll be leaving from around the Ballycoolin area, heading up the M50 from the Ballycoolin/Blanchardstown area, is that of any use, or to anyone else coming from the Dublin 15 area ? Text me on - oh eight seven nine oh two 1 five oh 4.
Ronan FleetwoodMay 16, 1:00pmAn extra space has become available in my car (leaving from Milltown Luas stop at 5:30). Ring me on O86 852 4246 if you want to take the spot.
Elaine McGrealMay 16, 12:15pmI'll be leaving from City West heading down the M50 is anyone wants to car pool. Probably leave at about 5.15, my number is 0868231597.
Orla CrosseMay 16, 11:29amAnyone leaving from North Dublin/Anywhere near M50 with a spare seat in car? Would really appreciate a lift and can offer it back in the following weeks. If so get in touch with time and place, thanks.
Mick HanneyMay 16, 11:01am@Colin. Reasonable suggestion. Happy to go with that.
Mick HanneyMay 16, 10:59amSome additional points.

If you are running this evening please take a minute to inspect the map. The course is anti-clockwise in direction.

Also, if you are unsure of your race no. look it up in advance. It helps us if you know your no. and saves time. It helps no one if you wear the wrong no. If your race no. isn't in the files there are some blank numbers which can be used.

Juniors. Any juniors will run the same first 3k as the rest of the field. If you look at the map.. when the route passes over the 300 metre numbered contour any Juniors will continue directly downhill here, whereas the rest of the field takes a right turn. Juniors running downhill at this point will connect with the race route at the 250 metre marked contour and continue to finish by marked route.

The major junctions will be marshalled. Thanks.

colin doyleMay 16, 10:58amJust wondering Mick, Since Im the running 1st aider tonight will I go off at 7.10pm in early start?. That way I will be back at finish if and when any hobbling wounded come in. Just a suggestion for efficiency as I wouldnt be in top half or Field.
Padraig FitzpatrickMay 16, 9:44amAh hell, i forgot my runners, so i won't be going via Stillorgan (see message above). But I'll be going via Knocklyon/Firhouse if that's any good to anyone. You can give me a ring on 087 6295122.

Eddie DalyMay 16, 8:57amI will be leaving Bray at approx 6-6:15 if anybody wants a lift.
I will check back here through the day or you can text me on 0863826222 (please don't phone during working hours)

Pádraig FitzpatrickMay 15, 11:33pmHi,
I'm leaving Stillorgan shopping centre at about 17:00 - 17:15 if anyone wants a lift from there, i'll be going via the Leopardstown M50 junction.

087 6295122
seamus kilcullenMay 15, 8:33pmthanks mick,will probably get there around 6.30
seamus kilcullenMay 15, 8:33pmthanks mick,will probably get there around 6.30
Mick HanneyMay 15, 8:33pmIf the weather is inclement tomorrow a long sleeve top is recommended.

No headhphones, please. Some of route is on single track and to use headphones would cause a danger to you and others.

Trail runners are recommended footwear.

Please concentrate on the marking and obey marshalls on the route.

Any juniors should make themselves known to the race director before the race. Yellow bibs should be worn by juniors so they are recognisable for doing a short course option.

An early start will be facilitated at 7.10. This is the exception and runners seeking this should have a finish average of over 160%. A helper will record the numbers of those starting early. When you finish the race please identify yourself as an early starter or your result risks being incorrect.

When you finish please ensure your race number is visible.

Please hand your number back at the end.

Prize giving will take place in Chester Beatties in Ashford once all runners are accounted for.

Thanks in advance for carpooling.
Mick HanneyMay 15, 8:01pmHi Seamus,

I cannot guarantee that all the marking will be in place that early? Alan might comment here. Scalp navigation was a bit easier than you'll find on Carrick mountain. If you are happy enough navigating, I'll leave it in your hands if thats what you want. Hope to see you there at some stage.


kilcullen seamisMay 15, 6:01pmhi mick,
seeing as vivion said i could start at 4pm last week does the same apply this week.
seamus kilcullen
Turlough ConwayMay 15, 1:52pmHi Lisa

If you can get them as far as Foxrock church on N11 or better still: just past Clonkeen Rd Junction on N11, then i can pick them up. Im driving from Deans Grange area. Just book two seats under my name in Carpool area. Number is o87seven52sevensix62. (wont be able to reply to phone till this PM but leave a message).

Karen O'HanlonMay 15, 9:11amAidan,

I'm leaving Maynooth tomorrow for Carrick race. I can pick you up at the Moyglare Gate of College on Moyglare Road at 5.30 as I'm picking someone else up there. My mobile 087-9816569. Let me know either way.

Mick HanneyMay 15, 8:59am@Jerome. Yes please. If you go to Glenealy GAA for 6 tomorrow I could do with an extra hand. Thanks.
Aidan KellyMay 15, 8:33amHi Sarah

No problem, I would have needed a return lift.

Thanks Though

Jerome KilkennyMay 15, 8:20amMick: I'm new to this but available to volunteer in any role you need for Carrick... pop me an email if you still need a volunteer. cheers Jerome
Sarah Ni RuaircMay 14, 11:08pmHi Aidan,

Turns out I won't be going to Carrick at all on Wednesday.

Hope this doesn't cause a problem.

Tamas FarkasMay 14, 10:22pmHi folks, could anyone driving down the M50 pick me up for the race from the next location?
I figured this is an easy, hassle-free meeting point for someone on the motorway. Could be there any time. 0872348903 Thanks a lot!
Mick HanneyMay 14, 8:08pmDon't forget guys, please swing past Ashford on the way and look out for Torben at Chester Beatties pub if you need to fill a car for onward transit to Glenealy. There is a backroad between Glenealy and Ashford but I'd recommend you stay on the main road between Ashford, Rathnew and onto Glenealy.
Ciaran KellyMay 14, 8:02pmHi Folks,, im leaving from Ballymount/Red-Cow and can accomodate 3 others.
Colum McKeownMay 14, 5:26pmHi,
Volunteering for the race on Wednesday. Based in Ranelagh/Donnybrook but can get to anywhere in the city. If anyone has room in a car let me know,
Lisa FitzGeraldMay 14, 1:34pmHello,

Anybody passing near Clonskeagh/UCD/Dundrum vicinity (N11/M50) and have room for 1-2 people in their car? I could meet somewhere on/near your route so you don't have to go too far out of your way.

My brother-in-law and sister (fresh from a Tough Mudder in the US) want to run and unfortunately, with 2 kids to put to bed, I can't bring them down and back.

Sarah Ni RuaircMay 14, 1:04pmHi Aidan,

I will probably be going to race from Trim so could pick you up in Maynooth.

I won't be going back to Trim after the race.

Mick HanneyMay 14, 11:49amThanks Colin.
Colin DoyleMay 14, 11:43am RE: + potential running volunteer if 1st aid queue? added my name for this in case John is swamped

Aidan KellyMay 14, 8:27amHi all,

Would anyone be passing through Maynooth on the way to this race?


Mick HanneyMay 11, 6:18pmVolunteer roles for Carrick:

Thanks to everyone for their assistance. If people with pre-race roles can try to be at Glenealy GAA as near to 6pm as possible. Except Torben who can stop off at Ashford. If volunteers can car-pool too that would be ideal. If anyone needs to contact me my no. is 086 8539554

+ Torben Dahl (From c. 6pm-ish at Chester Beatties Ashford)
+ Paul Joyce (at GAA ground in Glenealy)

+ Shane Jenkinson. Collect cash.
+ Laurence Colleran. Sign-ins for existing runners.
+ Ian McGrath / John Langerbach. Existing race numbers.
+ Colum McKeown. General assistance. Also, early start coordinator (be at start line at 7.10pm. Record who has early started)

+ Richard Nunan
+ Warren Swords

+ Alan Ayling
+ Jenny McCauley

+ Paul Mahon
+ Alan Ayling (agree with Paul relevant section to clear)

Race Marshalls.
3 junctions to be marshalled. Alan Ayling to advise on locations. Please bring route map from the imra site so your target location can be pointed out.
+ Colum McKeown
+ Jenny McCauley
+ Aidan Blake

+ John Shiels (hopefully)

+ Laurence Colleran
+ Shane Jenkinson
+ John Langenbach

First Aid
+ John Ahern
+ potential running volunteer if 1st aid queue?

Collect numbers / Number sort & file
+ Ian McGrath

Spot Prizes
+ Paul Joyce

Alan AylingMay 11, 5:53pmNot sure on the shoe choice thing Mick - feet will get wet regardless unless you run in wellingtons... flats would be ideal for the fire road sections, but lack grip on the descents, the climbs are grippy, the descents aren't that bad, but the last one is VERY fast... :-)
Mick HanneyMay 11, 10:59amThanks Torben. I'll add you to the list.

Instructions for volunteers will be sent out early next week.
Torben DahlMay 11, 10:21amMick,
I can assist if I can run. Thanks.
Mick HanneyMay 11, 10:17amHi, 1 more volunteer needed to assist with the parking coordination as per forum post yesterday. Should be no problem if you want to run.
Mick HanneyMay 10, 9:22pmI went over the course this evening. Think muddy puddles. Anyone wearing road runners will be very ill-prepared for the run.

You may as well career through the first puddle you encounter as it'll save you the bother of trying in vain to stay dry thereafter. :-)
Mick HanneyMay 10, 3:38pmFurther to the discussions re: car-pooling, it would be good to get another volunteer (a running volunteer is fine), to be at Chester Beatties in Ashford to act as a coordinator for people who can park there and car-pool onwards from there. If you wore a hi-vis vest you'd be clearly recognisable to the IMRA contingent arriving. Thanks.
Mick HanneyMay 10, 3:15pmOr if someone wants to try fill a mini-bus from the Luas stop in Sandyford or the Park and Ride beyond Carrickmines feel free. Some people might be happy to pay a nominal fee and be able then to have a pint afterwards.
Mick HanneyMay 10, 10:58amCar-pooling: Prize giving for this race is in Chester Beatties pub in Ashford. People could park there and car-pool over to Glenealy.
Mick HanneyMay 10, 10:37amThe old LL calendars used to have a phased race distance and difficulty over the course of the LL from easy to hard. The LL calendar this year doesn't quite have the same gradual build up. I'm not sure why? For instance, Scalp should have been before 3 Rock? Carrick should probably be later again?

People should be aware that next week's race is 10k and twice the ascent of yesterday's race. The winning time in Carrick the last time this route was ran was around 43 minutes. Its a tough but enjoyable route.
Mick HanneyMay 9, 10:15pmEarly start (correction): An early start will be facilitated at 7:10 but only by exception (> avg 160% finisher)
Mikey FryMay 9, 12:28pmSorry mick had to jump out forgot had meeting might not make it at all thanks:)
Mick HanneyMay 8, 9:45pmI'm good for volunteers. Thanks to all who have expressed an interest.

Runners please familiarise yourself with the route map. It is anti-clockwise in nature. The course will be well marked. If you go astray please retrace your steps to where you last saw markings. There a some very fast descents with loose stones underfoot so be careful.

Early starters are allowed by reasonable exception. Please make yourself known to the start/finish volunteers and keep track of your own time.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no parking whatsoever at the race start / trail head or on the road down to the race start. The road is c. 1k from the GAA (registration) so it an ideal warm up jog. There are private residences along that road and anyone parking along that road could be blocking access etc. If runners are found to have parked along this section of road they can expect to be disqualified.

Registration will close at 7 to allow everyone to make their way to the race start. Any new registrations to IMRA should get there early.
Mick HanneyMay 8, 3:59pmThanks Colum. I've added you to the list.

I'll post here re: volunteer roles nearer the day.
Colum McKeownMay 8, 3:52pmHi Mick,

I can volunteer as non-running if needed.


Mick HanneyMay 8, 9:35amI could ideally do with 2 more non running volunteers to assist with marshalling, thanks.
Mick HanneyApr 30, 7:57pmNo bother guys. See you next time.

I checked out the car park in the GAA in Glenealy this evening. Its a reasonable size but I will still be expecting people to carpool. Single occupancy cars can expect to be turned away.
Angus TynerApr 30, 7:10pmAlas, I can't make this race. You may strike me off as volunteer Mick. Sorry about that.
Stephen BrennanApr 30, 3:17pmUnfortunately, I have a work commitment so I may not be able to make this race. I am currently down to volunteer and car pool.
Mick HanneyApr 18, 6:17pmThanks Jenny. We've 3 volunteers for marking now :-) I reckon Its a 2 person job (to get it done in reasonable time). With maybe the other person demarking, sweeping up after the race starts. We can iron out the details nearer the time.
jen mccauleyApr 18, 5:03pmhi mick, cant seem to log in to volunteer but i can help out at this one as a marker/demarker.
Mick HanneyApr 17, 11:16amThanks Paul.
Paul MahonApr 17, 9:03amShould be able to mark and de-mark with you Alan.

I think Race Directing yet another race is plenty for you to be doing Mick :-)!
Mick HanneyApr 16, 9:41amMuch appreciated Alan. If push comes to shove I can meet you and we can divide the route up so we could each mark a half.
Alan AylingApr 15, 10:55pmReckon I could do that Mick, just have to check if I can get a day or half day off work, as that'd take a bit of time to mark. Probably makes sense to demark as well, following the race around.
Mick HanneyApr 13, 9:53amHi, Looking for volunteers to mark and demark route. Route is intended to be the same as the one ran 2 years ago in the Winter League so the ideal marker is someone familar with that or who can follow the map shown on the event and mark on that basis. I'd be happy to recce route in advance to ensure route is fit for purpose and if we have to tweak it so be it. Thanks.
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