Munster Hill Running Course

Rene BorgJan 16, 12:26pmTom Blackburn is hosting a mountain running training day in Munster this Saturday 21st (meet at the Cycle Centre in Ballyhouras at 14:00). Jason Kehoe and I will be there to help facilitate the session and provide coaching support, so if you live in the area, we'd love to see you out.

If you get accommodation close to the Tipperary area rather than the Limerick side of the Ballyhouras you will be closer to the start.
Jason KehoeJan 20, 12:33pmBrief reminder for anyone who want's to attend Tom Blackburns training day which is on tomorrow from 2:00pm in the Cycle Centre in Ballyhouras.

More details here:
Rene BorgJan 24, 9:08amI want to say thank you to Tom Blackburn for setting up the Munster Training Day. Despite less than fair conditions, we had more than 25 runners out and as a bonus we got to attend the Munster AGM as well (which must get full marks for efficiency!).

Course ran from the Ballyhoura race start and included technical work on uphill and downhill as well as how to use the Lydiard Hill Circuit in training for mountain running. Tom capped a weekend of full hospitality by showing us just how well-laid out the trails of Glen of Aherlow are, great running to be had even if you stay clear of the Galtees themselves.
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