Hill/Mountain running in Connaught.

Turlough ConwayFeb 1, 10:51amHi Folks

There has been discussion and interest on another forum about a hill running group in Connaught. Would involve meeting for leisurely hill runs weekends or perhaps summer evening. Id love to hear from Susie Mitchell and Cormac MacDonnell who were keen to get this going back in 2010.

my number is zero8seven 7five2seven66two

We need runners to show interest and tehn a date and location for first hill run can be arranged.

Hoping to post on IMRA facebook page also.

Post here with any comments. Thanks

Cormac MacDonnellFeb 1, 12:50pm
Hi Turlough,
Hope your keeping well. Will give you a call to discuss but would be keen to help get things moving a bit more in the west.
Turlough ConwayFeb 1, 1:23pmThats what i thought Cormac:

Have set up facebook page called: Mountain and Hill running in Connaught


Can be used as a focus for discussion and organisation.

See you there

Turlough ConwayFeb 2, 9:48amWe have 70 who have joined the Connaught group on facebook since yesterday. Looking for routes particularly in the driving vacinity of Galway city to get a few runs going. I suppose routes with relatively easy options would be good to start with.

Any help appreciated

Brendan LawlorFeb 2, 10:20amThe West's awake - woo hoo!
Eoin KeithFeb 3, 12:41amNice work Turlough. Hopefully the start of something big!
raymond dohertyFeb 3, 7:28pmjust looking over the site and was wondering if their is any mountain runners in the donegal area
Betty WalshFeb 4, 5:31pm"Trail running Connaught" might be a simpler name...

If anyone can make it, 2morro 9.30am, Sun 5th, for a hike into the Turks from Glenglosh valley - L879 558. Nice horseshoe 2 do from there - moderate pace!
Turlough ConwayFeb 5, 10:37pmAnd road running Connaught even simpler Betty! (although also inaccurate) Enjoy the walk.
John CroninFeb 6, 11:37amDelighted to see a trail running group around Galway set up, I'd be very interesting in heading out when I can to meet a group of runners and discover some new trails, exciting stuff!
Turlough ConwayFeb 7, 5:18pmLooks like the first run might be in Castlehackett this weekend John.....have a look at the FB page for updates and route etc.
Turlough ConwayFeb 9, 3:06pmFist Connaught run:

CastleHackett (Tuam area) 10:30 this Saturday morning


Niamh Ni ChuaigFeb 17, 3:57pmHi there! I would like to get in touch with mountain/trail runners in Connaught.. Are there any group.facebook pages?? Thanks
Jarlath HynesFeb 17, 4:50pmhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/102676813190044/

Good luck!
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