Mick HanneyFeb 21, 9:35pmAn old and regular discussion point. Re-opened again.

Yet again we have another race on the horizon with a deficit of non-running volunteers. Last Sunday's event got a few last minute volunteers. Credit the guys for coming forward but as a Race Director last minute volunteers are not much use when it comes to advance preparation.

I thought there was an understanding that if key roles weren't filled in the days prior to an event that the event could be postponed? It shouldn't take a repeat volunteer to come forward at the last minute to fill a slot. And the RD shouldn't be left to the last minute wondering if the roles are going to be filled.

Personally speaking people should just volunteer. If the Race Director then has a surplus of volunteers they can choose for some to run. A race cannot take place without non-running volunteers.

From a Winter League perspective there are surely lots of runners who have completed the league and don't need to run in Maulin?
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