Bray Head

derek livingstoneFeb 23, 8:44pmhi i can mark the course for bray head
Laura FlynnFeb 24, 7:32pmThat's great Derek-thanks. I am race director. Can you make contact with the race director for the race previous to Bray and arrange to pick up marking flags, markers and tape? Can you let me know, closer to the time, at what time you intend to head off. You would need to give yourself an hour and half to 2 hours-If you have any questions Peter O'Farrell would be helpful as he has marked that course in the past.My number is 0877420795. Thanks again.
laura FlynnApr 11, 7:59pmThanks to all who have volunteered so far. I need a few more non-running volunteers and we're nearly there.
Adrian TuckerApr 11, 9:29pmLaura, I still can't log in to this 'MyIMRA' but you can count me in as a non-running volunteer for this event
Dermot MurphyApr 12, 9:08amHi Adrian, have added you as a non running volunteer.
Stuart ScottApr 12, 2:13pmHi Laura,

I can give a hand too if you need more.

Laura flynnApr 12, 5:23pmThanks Adrian- I will put you down to demark course and if you like I can put you down for a job at registration too? However if you want to run and demark just let me know and it won't be a problem. Thanks Stuart-I will allocate roles in next few days.
laura flynnApr 17, 5:54pmDerek-can you pick up flags and tape from race tomorrow night in Killiney from the race director?
Kevin-can you make arrangements re computer and printer etc?

Let me know if any problems please.Thanks again.
Derek LivingstoneApr 17, 7:14pmthats grand i'll be at the killiney hill race tomorrow night and i'll pick up the equiptmet

Mick HanneyApr 17, 7:53pmHi,
I daresay Dermot will be holding onto a lot of the stuff, with the exception of marking, for the Leinster Champs race at the weekend. I'll have everything ship shape and in place early for the Bray race Laura.
laura flynnApr 17, 9:12pmThat's grand Mick -thanks.

Can everyone please note that there has been a CHANGE OF VENUE for registration and prize-giving to the MARTELLO BAR a couple of hundred metres south of The Strand Bar. They have kindly offered to provibe sandwiches after the race and indoor facilities for registration. I hope to be there at 5.30 on race night-the cotct is ConorDuggan in case I'm late and people want to start setting up.

My number again is 087 7420795 if anyone has any problems or questions.
Dermot MurphyApr 17, 10:08pmThanks Laura, event page updated for the change in venue.
Dermot MurphyApr 19, 11:25amPlease note the following 2 points added to the events page. Both of these will need to be strictly enforced, as we expect a high numbers of new registrations for this event - apologies in advance to anyone who misses out.

Notice regarding registration: Please note there will be a strict cut off time of 7pm for people who have not yet registered for an IMRA race this year - if you are not in the queue by 7pm, you will not be allowed to register. The cut off time for people with an IMRA number is 7:10pm.

Notice regarding early starts: No early starts allowed for this race.
Charlie LyonsApr 20, 11:05amHi Laura,

Do you need any more non running volunteers for next weeks race ?

If you do just let me know.

Many Thanks
Tamas FarkasApr 20, 9:11pmHi Laura! Not sure if you need more volunteers, I added myself in any case. No-run. The more the merrier.
seamus kilcullenApr 23, 12:56pmHi Laura,
Could you not let a poor young geriatric like me have an early start? otherwise you might have to send out a search party for me and in anyway I,d be missing valuable drinking time.
Jim CorbettApr 23, 1:28pmI can't get in to myIMRA, but would like to volunteer for Bray race. I wont be running.
Jim Corbett 086 381 7046
Laura flynnApr 23, 9:24pm
We've had a great response to volunteering so thank you all.

I've allocated the following roles:
(They're not written in stone so if anyone has a problem let me know).

First Aid: Mick Hanney.
Lap-top:Kevin O'Riordain.
Shadow lap-top:Aidan Roe.
Race Marker:Derek Livingstone.
Marshall for summit and de-marking course:Adrian Tucker.
Marshall for Junior turn-around:Stuart Scott.

Registration:Paul Grant , Gareth Shaw and Barry Moore.
Taking money:Tamas Farkas.
Finish Chute:Charlie Lyons , Jim Corbett and Tamas Farkas.
Sorting numbers at finish:Gareth Shaw , Barry Moore and Thomas O'Sullivan.

PLEASE NOTE that I've given some people two jobs so please read the whole list looking out for your name.

Seamus-that's fine re early start-just let me know before you head off.

I will be at Martello 5.45 if you could report to me around that time. Derek-you might just let me know what time you plan to start marking at and confirm by text swhen done. My number again is 087 7420795.
jason melvinApr 25, 9:46amDear laura,

I am plannning to run my first mountain race this evening and I just wanted to confirm that the race will go ahead regardless of the bad weather conditions that are expected?

Many thanks,
seamus kilcullenApr 25, 10:26amthanks Laura
Dermot MurphyApr 25, 11:55amJason, and everyone else, the race is planned to go ahead as normal. Should not change unless weather gets really bad. If anyone is able to post any updates in the Bray area in the afternoon, please do so.
Martin ConroyApr 25, 11:56amIs the race still going forward if the wind & rain dont ease ?
Alan AylingApr 25, 12:34pmIt's not as if Bray gets hit by tornadoes.... oh, wait.
Ronan HickeyApr 25, 12:37pm"The race will still go forward. Competitors may however go backwards at times."

Bray weather report:

I've only ever heard of one IMRA race being cancelled, Howth Winter, when the race committee couldn't even get to the start of the race because the road was too icy.

Barring lightning I can't imagine the race being cancelled. But I'm not a safety officer etc etc...

I bet Mick Hanney's kicking himself for volunteering for First Aid Officer though! :-)

Mick HanneyApr 25, 1:29pmRunners should be suitably attired for the weather this evening. Long sleeves and/or jacket as apropriate. If you don't have one in your gear ask around and someone might have a spare. We don't want to be treating people for impact of cold / rain if that can be avoided.

Also, as the trails are likely to be slippy in places if you have them please wear trail shoes which tend to have more grip than your regular runners.
Eddie DalyApr 25, 2:04pmWas up Bray head early this morning and conditions were great at that time. Quite windy and a good bit of rain here through the morning.

I don't think there will be any great problems as long as weather doesn't worsen. Rain jacket etc will be an essential. My guess is the dodgiest part will be on the steeper parts of the descent. Wear 'grippy shoes' if you have them!!
Jean O'NeillApr 25, 2:39pmWeather is vile here in Swords-wind and driving rain- are we still on?
Sean mcmahonApr 25, 2:46pmWhat does 6 - 10km mean?

For a pitifully unfit person such as me 6km may be possible but 10....
John CondonApr 25, 2:46pmUnless there's a tornado, yes
Ronan HickeyApr 25, 2:49pmJohn,

6 - 10k is only used for rating the difficulty of races. The race distance is the one to go by, which is 6k. (Although you may find that it is an IMRA 6k, which can be slightly longer than the metric equivalent, but that is another story.)

BrĂ­an O'MearaApr 25, 3:10pmWill being inadvertently blown down (or up)the course be considered taking a short cut?
Tristan DruApr 25, 3:48pmWeather in the Bray area (I'm in Shankill at the moment) is slightly less rainy & covered than this morning.

However there is still quite a bit of wind, which must be a bit crazy on the mountain.

Paths up Bray head have been damp enough lately considering the lack of precipitation so after last nights & todays rain should be pretty slippy.

...As mentioned by other posters make sure to bring appropriate gear!
warren swordsApr 25, 4:16pmIrish Rail are saying there's a 20 minute delay to their DART services "due to severe weather conditions at Seapoint & Greystones/Wicklow."

Something to bear in mind if taking the DART to the race.
Stuart ScottApr 25, 4:20pmThanks Warren. It's a NE wind so I imagine the sea is blowing straight onto the track...looking forward to this electric submarine train now!
Careful NowApr 25, 4:47pmGood luck to all those Brayyyy-ving the inclement conditions. I'm turning the boat around and veering a course for the couch and Real v Bayern.
Eddie DalyApr 25, 8:37pmHugely enjoyed that, interesting conditions to say the least.

Thanks to Laura and her team, especially to the marshall on the second summit (that must be the shortest straw of the year)
Dermot MurphyApr 25, 10:50pmMany thanks to Laura for organising a great race tonight at Bray.

Thanks also to the Martello Bar for offering their function room which was greatly appreciated given the night that was in it and also for the super soup and sandwiches afterwards!
Rene BorgApr 25, 11:05pmTeam results are up.
Paul DalyApr 26, 9:59amHi Guys
Bray Head last night was my first IMRA run and I really enjoyed it!! Especially the wind and rain and the spread the MARTELLO BAR put on afterwards very nice!!
However I have just checked the results page and I can't seem to find my name or race number on it. Is it possible to get my name added to the results please?
My race number is 1031.
Thanks and roll on next Wednesday evening!!
Dermot MurphyApr 26, 11:15amHi Paul, I think your number was one of three in a row that were missed on the results sheets - will update in the next few days. Anyone else see any missing numbers or incorrect times, please let us know.
Darragh TierneyApr 26, 12:45pmHi Guys - my name is on the results page for this race - I couldn't make it lastnight though so think there is a mistake somewhere!
Darragh Tierney 850
kevin scanlonApr 26, 1:36pmhello all,
last night was my 1st imra event too and i really enjoyed it. looking forward to a few more now. thanks to all the people who made it possible.
David RouseApr 26, 2:18pmMy maiden run too- very impressed and thanks to organisers.
Jean O'NeillApr 26, 5:54pmI took home with me an abandoned pair of black gloves with 'flashes' on them, also a green/black hat with OYB printred large. I found them down the back of the room. I will bring them with me next week to 3 Roc.
Laura flynnApr 26, 8:58pmThe people recording numbers at the finish experienced some difficulty due to the fact that a number of people had worn jackets ,understandably given the conditions, and had their numbers on underneath.We will try and sort it out in the next few days if possible.

Darragh-re your query-someone must have taken your number on the night. This is difficult to control and really we rely on people to remember their own numbers and if they forget they can get them from lap-top operator or list displayed on the night. I suppose then the message to go out is please DONT TAKE A NUMBER UNLESS YOU ARE SURE IT'S YOURS .

The Martello have put some photos on their facebook page-the link is

If anyone would like to file a race report it would be very welcome.No harm in letting those who stayed at home what they missed.Well done again to the 186 hardy souls who ran last night.
aidan roeApr 28, 10:50ammislaid a blue/purple hat. if anyone came across it i'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Kevin O'RiordanApr 30, 8:28pmI uploaded corrected results. Let me know if you find any more problems.
laura flynnApr 30, 8:33pmThanks Kevin and well done.

Dermot MurphyApr 30, 9:41pmRace report up.
Paul DalyMay 1, 9:03pmThanks Kevin
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