2011 IMRA Yearbook

Greg ByrneMar 1, 12:50pmThe IMRA Yearbook has returned. The 2011 edition features another 80 pages of articles and photographs (over 400) in a new 20x25 cm soft cover format. This years articles have been drawn from 31 contributors and cover the full year of Irish mountain-running. The cost is 14 euro and as we're due to collect them tomorrow it should be available from this Saturday, the Maulin race.

Special thanks to Basecamp (www.basecamp.ie) and Paul Mahon of MultiSport Adventure Ireland (www.msai.ie, WAR, ROAR, Urban Trail Series, Run-a-muck, etc...) for their great support with the costs.

A selection of articles include this year are:
Irish Championships, by Dermot Murphy
Connaught Championships, by Mick Hanney
A Year in Munster, by Tom Blackburn
IAU Trail World Championships & Wickow Way Record Run by Paul Tierney
World Long Distance Challenge, by Karen Alexander
World Champs, World Masters Champs & European Champs compiled by Gerry Brady
International Youths Challenge, by Clare McCarthy
British and Irish u16 & u18 Champs, by Killian Mooney
Carrauntoohil, by Jason Kehoe
La Petite Trotte à Léon, by Adrian Tucker
Wicklow Way Relay Record, by Barry Minnock
Snowdon Reports, by Rene Borg & Jason Reid
The Runner's Quotes, compiled by Mick Hanney

As soon as we have them we'll look into making it available by post as before.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, by writing, running, photographing or volunteering.
Greg ByrneMar 2, 5:03pmYearbooks are in... will have them at the race tomorrow.
Mick HanneyMar 3, 2:54pmGreat work on the yearbook guys.
Brendan LawlorMar 3, 8:18pmFolks

The new Yearbook looks great - I guarantee you are in there somewhere. Get one while they're hot as this years print run was reduced so it will sell out

Well done to Greg for pulling it all together, John and other photographers and all contributors and whoever did the design, production and running around with the printer
Mick HanneyMar 5, 10:49pmSome facts/stats from the yearbook.

3 runners ran all the LL races last year. Doesn't say much for non-running volunteering does it unless the volunteering isn't listed on the website which is usually fairly dependable?

The runners are named in the yearbook as:-
- Derek Livinstone. Ran a total of 37 races in 2011. Not listed as a volunteer once.
- Tommy Galvin. Ran a total of 42 races in 2011. Listed as a running volunteer once.
- James Higgins. Ran (just) 19 races. Not listed as a volunteer once.

Them's the names listed in the yearbook. Mind you theres probably lots of others who have ran a lot and not helped out much.
Jim FitzharrisMar 6, 9:16amMick,

Before posting a message like that which names people, I would respectfully suggest that you first check the facts CAREFULLY.

I do not think that Tommy Galvin has Internet access so he may not see your message. He was a non-running volunteer at the WMRA Youths Trial in April 2011 - look at the event details.

I have the privilege and pleasure of counting James Higgins as a good friend and we travel to many IMRA races together. He was a non-running volunteer at the Spring League Hellfire race - again, look at the event details on the website. He was also a running volunteer at Howth in January 2011 (also on the website). I could check back (I do not have time at present) but I am sure he did other volunteering roles during the year.

It is my understanding that the minimum volunteering requirement is two roles, of which at least one should be non-running. I am not aware that they must be LL races.



Mick HanneyMar 6, 9:18amHence my caveat 'unless the volunteering isn't listed on the website '.
Jim FitzharrisMar 6, 9:27amMick,

A quick check of the runners page for 2011 shows that James Higgins also volunteered in a running capacity at Sorrell Hill and the Dublin Mountain Plod. That makes one non-running role and three running ones. He turned up at 20 races so that is a 20% volunteering rate - twice the "recommended" level.

A similar search shows another running volunteer role for Tommy Galvin making one non-running + two running.

Also, Derek Livingstone is down twice as a running volunteer.

There can also be cases where someone helps out at the last minute but does not credited with this.


Jim FitzharrisMar 6, 9:29amMick,

What website are you looking at? These roles ARE listed on the IMRA website - time to go to SpecSavers !!


Mick HanneyMar 6, 9:32amMea cupla. You are correct Jim. I shouldn't have posted without checking and double checking.

The names were in the yearbook and I didn't intend any slight in using the names again.

Non running volunteering is a hobby horse of mine as without that we won't have races.

Jim FitzharrisMar 6, 9:43amMick,

No problem!

I have yet to get a Yearbook. I was at the Maulin race on Saturday (in a non-running volunteer role!) but in the rush out the door I forgot to bring my wallet so could only have a quick browse.

If it is of any consolation, I agree with much of your sentiment about volunteering. I would not have quite the same feelings about running volunteers as you (and Peter). I think they have a place in the system but clearly there is still a problem when race directors constantly have to issue many pleas before a race for people to fill the key volunteering roles. They always seem to be filled in the end but, in many cases, by the usual suspects.

I know that it sounds perverse but it might do no harm if a race was called off a day or two in in advance if the required roles had not been filled. It might serve as a wake-up call.



Brendan LawlorMar 6, 10:07amAnd we're all friends again!
Jim FitzharrisMar 6, 10:10amBrendan,



James HigginsMar 6, 10:11amMick,

I have to say that I was disappointed and annoyed when I read your posts on this forum when I opened my e-mail this morning. I couldn’t reply as the IMRA site is blocked until 10:00 at work. I appreciate Jim Fitzharris’ time and effort in correcting your post. Thanks again Jim!

As someone who is an avid poster to this and other forums you should know the importance of posting inaccurate and disparaging comments. People have been banned from posting on forums for less.

Unfortunately I wasn’t at the Maulin race and I haven’t seen the yearbook yet. I was heavily involved in organising the AIB/NUI BHAA cross country race in Maynooth on the same morning which I and my colleagues in AIB were putting on. I am also involved in my own club (, Brothers Pearse AC in Knocklyon) at committee level and have managed my sons soccer teams. There is volunteering required outside IMRA as well!

However I do appreciate that you have apologised and I accept that. And as Brendan has just posted we're all friends again!

Adrian TuckerMar 6, 5:03pm
Looks like this thread took a wrong turn somewhere along the way. Lets take a compass bearing and put it back on track!

Well done to Greg and all the crew for an excellent yearbook. I’m sure it’s a huge undertaking to produce such an item, with a hell of a lot of hard work involved.
As good as the web is for info, you just can’t beat a good auld book.
Greg ByrneMar 6, 6:07pmPutting this back on a due North bearing...

The hope is that 2011 Yearbook only accentuates the positives. With that aimin mind we have a listing of all 290 volunteers who helped out last year, including Tommy, Derek and James.

I would like to repeat the specific thanks we express in the book to Dermot Murphy, Vivian O'Gorman and Gerry Brady, who between the organised 21 races last year, and helped out at many more.

And then you have Philip Brennan who organised 3 great races in 2011, despite not getting out to run any himself!!!

Johan DehantschutterMar 9, 10:59amAny chance one could procure a copy of the yearbook by mail?
I'd love to get my hands on a copy but I haven't been able to make it to any of the races so far this year.
Please let me know
Dermot MurphyMar 9, 11:25amNo plans to send any by mail at the moment - but we should have them for some time yet - when do you think you will be your next race?
Johan DehantschutterMar 9, 12:46pmDermot, hoping to be at the race on March 24th at which you're RD. If you could keep a copy for me that would be great. Thanks
Dermot MurphyMar 9, 1:14pmNo problem, will have a book for then.
Sonja FuhrmannMar 18, 11:32pmHi, Is there a chance to get the year book posted? Or can I only get it if I attend to a race?
Justin O'KeeffeApr 26, 8:30pmBrilliant job on the year book to one & all. Picked up a copy from Dermot at Bray&, must have been a huge effort to compile. It is definitely worth the €14; the articles are spot on & the photos excellent.
Dermot MurphyApr 26, 10:05pmJust to repeat an earlier message - yearbooks are also available in Basecamp at the moment.
aidan roeApr 27, 2:31pmI got one on Wed. in Bray. For the photo of Amidou + Rene its worth the 14euro.

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