Powerscourt Uphill

Mike JordanMay 10, 10:44amHappy to do summit or course marshall for this.
Justin ReaMay 10, 11:31amSummit is finish ;-)
Bronagh CheethamMay 10, 12:53pmwill need plenty of summit marshalls / time keepers so thanks for that.
Jason HalpinMay 18, 12:46pmDoes anyone have a GPS trace for this route? Wouldn't mind doing a reccie on it (and seeing if I can do it under the hour! :) )
Brian O'MurchuMay 18, 4:33pmAs a matter of interest, are there any other uphill only IMRA races on the calender?
Dermot MurphyMay 18, 6:20pmThe world trial on August 11th will be uphill only. Course to be decided.
Ian ConroyMay 19, 12:06amPowerscourt Uphill (the name kinda gives it away...) on the 13th July would be a good primer for the World Trial, some lovely climbing in it with plenty of time for a breather too.
Ian ConroyMay 19, 12:11am@Brian, Conroy didn't look at the forum heading - very smart! Time for bed! Just do what I do, choose races that have plenty of uphill in them and worry about the descent afterwards. Or head up to Newcastle in Co. Down and run up the saddle on Donard - incredible ascent, one of my favourites, I felt privileged to run up it. Or... the climb from Santa Sabina to Howth Summit carpark is 5k...
Val JonesMay 19, 10:12amSanta Sabina to Summit car park - is that on the road, or do you have a trail over Shielmartin and the Ben?
Ian ConroyMay 19, 8:26pmYeah it's on the road Val, a nice run nonetheless - and it means you can do it in the dark oo, which is handy in the winter.
Alan AylingMay 19, 11:41pmRunning on the trails of Howth in the dark is great training and great fun if you have the right torch and a sense of adventure. If you want a proper savage climb, with a little breather in the middle, the little beach below Shearwater Farm, up the steps, grassy section to the road, then up Shielmartin. What sort of fun is running on the road at all?!
Bronagh CheethamMay 20, 9:50pmLooking for Laptop operator for this race please and a few more volunteers. need at least 6 for the summit finish. tks to those already signed up.
Bronagh CheethamMay 23, 1:43pmIm away for the 2 weeks leading up to this race so would like to know that Ive laptop operator and more helpers signed up before I go this Sat..thanks. lots signed up for tonights race that could switch to help at this or other races (I see Brendan suggested this so Im not poaching his helpers!) ;-)
Ruth LynamMay 24, 8:35amBronagh I'd be happy to help on the summit
james curranMay 24, 9:08amWould like to volunteer for summit duty
Sarah HarleyMay 25, 4:19pmHi, happy to volunteer in a non-running capacity for this race if you still need people? Don't mind what I'm doing ....
Jean O'NeillMay 25, 10:39pmI would like to be a running volunteer for this race, if volunteers are still needed.
Mike LongMay 28, 2:01pmFolks
I am down as marker for Brockagh. As there are likely to be lots of volunteers would anyone be willing to give me a hand?
Jeff SwordsMay 30, 11:03amHi Bronagh,

I've stuck myself down as a running helper if you need one. I was car park marshal at Crone for the Maulin winter race so I'm familiar with getting everyone squeezed into the side carpark.
Mark SheridanMay 30, 5:01pmI can volunteer to be a non-running helper, if more are needed.
John CondonMay 30, 11:03pmLikewise, more than happy to volunteer for this.
Alan DugganMay 31, 12:38pmGuys, any directions for the start for this?
Rachel CinnsealachMay 31, 9:21pmHi Bronagh/Mike,

I'd be happy to help mark this, or I can demark it if you want?

Angus TynerJun 1, 2:05pmI've decided not to run this.
I'm happy to be on summit duty
Mike LongJun 5, 1:33pmRachel / Bronagh
Rachel thanks for your offer of help. Will talk to you tomorrow or if not before the race. Some of the people on the summit usually demark. Hope this can apply this year.
Mike LongJun 7, 8:50amBronagh / Rachel
Chatting to people last night (including some on committee) and view was we should use the old route to top of Djouce straight up the WW and not the route used last year (which Gerry Brady designed for a trial race). The main reasons being it is too narrow in places and takes longer (issues getting back to start etc). Is that OK with you. That would mean the map on the web is incorrect.
Paul MahonJun 7, 10:49amAdvantage of Gerry's route is that there is some nice off-road running on the shoulder of Maulin unlike the flatter boring firetrail sections of the Wicklow Way which are well used already in several IMRA races.

You could just follow the Wicklow way route for the first 400m before joining Gerry's at which stage the general order will be established and there is no single file sections on Gerry's initial climbing route in any case.

Folk can be directed back to Crone car park via the Wicklow Way markers so no delay there

All comments IMHO :-)!
Paul SmythJun 7, 11:02amI agree with Paul. Gerry's route is much better than the original route. It's a bit slower because it's steeper but that just makes it a better race in my view. There are some congestion issues on the small paths at the beginning but that can be fixed by staying on the forest road until the turnoff for the ascent. My vote is for a slightly modified version of Gerry's route.
Ronan HickeyJun 7, 11:05amJust to offer the other position, I prefer the original version up to the WW. People were getting boxed in and bottlenecked on the Maulin route. I appreciate it's more of a mountain race but I still think the original is better.


P.S. I accept that this opinion may be based on me having a sh*te race on the Maulin route last year
Rachel CinnsealachJun 7, 11:36amHi Mike/Bronagh,

What are the issues with getting back to the start? I reckon last years route was better, more "uphill". (Then again, I'm not racing it!)

I was thinking that in terms of demarking, that I could start with the main race, and follow the race demarking as I go. The summit marshall, can demark, from Djouce downwards, and we would meet on route :)

In terms of marking it, one of us could start from Djouce and the other from crone, and we could meet in the middle, or we could just do it together, company for each other.

I meant to chat to you last night, but you wer going from the pub, by the time I arrived. I had a lovely leisurely stroll, down from the summit of Scarr :) It really was the most amazing evening, the views were spectacular.
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 7, 1:05pmBooo to fireroad! That said, being a compliant member I'll race whatever route is marked on the night!

I'm not sure of the concerns regarding congestion. If you want to get clear ground, make sure to get a good start. But it's long enough a course to ensure there are lots of places to be made up by anyone choosing to start slower.
Zoran SkrbaJun 7, 1:27pmI agree that Gerry's route is a bit tougher (and thus) better :). I agree with Paul that the 400m of fireroad will thin the field out.

@Mike Long, last year this race was in May, so there would have been less daylight.
Mick HanneyJun 7, 1:32pmGerry's route would be preferable to me if I was running...

Turn it into a handicap race based on avg percentages this season. Would be interesting to see Torben starting last and battling through the field. The mass finish at the top would be carnage though for the RD, so scrap that :-)
Kevin O'RiordanJun 7, 1:58pmDidn't think the congestion was too bad last year despite getting off on a piss poor start and having to overtake loads of people on my way up. Was far more enjoyable than the Wicklow Way route as well.
Mike LongJun 7, 2:22pmHear and understand all the arguments. Guess we need direction from the committee?
Dermot MurphyJun 7, 3:08pmMixed views, I would say go for whatever suits best for the race marker and race director.
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 7, 3:27pmThe President has spoken! But I am none the wiser what will happen.

I think that should be the last said on here about it, and we all get to find out on the day. Mystery race.
Mick HanneyJun 7, 3:29pmNow theres an idea Jeff!
Stuart ScottJun 7, 4:15pmMy preference would be the compromise route suggested by the Pauls. Last year there seemed to be a little congestion at the start, but overall the route was well received. There's actually very little difference with winning time and as Zoran said, daylight definitely won't be an issue this time of year. In either case, runners have to return by the WW. But it's Bronagh's call as RD - I think very few of us who offered an opinion will be running it!
Alan AylingJun 7, 5:14pmIMO Paul Mahon's suggestion makes the most sense. A short(ish - 500 m?) section of gentle fire road climb to spread the field out a bit... preferable to that stinking narrow climb right at the start only to _descend_ a fire road (as Jeff says, Boooooo). Then the singletrack climb by the stream that starts out handy enough before morphing into pure savagery, like its brother to the east, the original Maulin Ride. Any of which is better than traipsing up the WW all the way - we are mountain runners after all!

From a marking perspective, shouldn't be too big an ordeal if the new marking guidelines are followed (instructions in the IMRA marking kit bag).

For the return, once on the WW no one should need any marking to get them back.
Bronagh CheethamJun 8, 8:41pmApologies all for my lack of comment - was away with unbelieveably I know..no internet! I'll review all comments/suggestions and come back with confirmed race route over weekend. thanks a mill for all the volunteers too - will get back on who's doing what etc....but any takers for the LAPTOP operator? its not at all as bad as it sounds...less stressful in fact for this race.
Bronagh CheethamJun 9, 11:20pmCan I have 3 more non running volunteers please..manually recording requires more persons than normal. Still awaiting a non running Laptop user please...else we can go with a manual recorded race I guess (Dermot would need to ok this) but will mean no results recorded on website (or %)so not sure that would be acceptable! All those who have volunteered so far (either via forum or noted on volunteer role table) Ive used and need you all - so thankyou. Will email you seperately with role. ****Can Sarah Ni R, Kieran, Jesko and Ken update your profile with your email details and/or send to me at bronaghcheetham01@googlemail.com.**** tks
Bronagh CheethamJun 9, 11:22pmMIKE L - can you give me a shout tomorrow when can - 087 4191511 tks
Bronagh CheethamJun 11, 9:01amRoute is confirmed as old route via the Wicklow Way. Map to be updated on web page. This is mainly due to safety reasons and ensuring that runners are returning same route as they go up. wont satisfy everyone I know but hey what can one do! cant please 100%. see you all Wed (assuming we get a laptop operator - I know I sound like a broken record but role remains unfilled)
Daniela BoehmJun 11, 10:48amHi Bronagh, it's been at least 2 years since I did laptop operator, so I'd be a bit 'rusty' to say the least but if you can't find a more capable volunteer for Wed (and are willing to take the risk of me messing it up ;))I could give it a shot. My email is boehm.dan AT gmail.com. Daniela
Jeff SwordsJun 11, 11:12amHi Bronagh,

I can change from running to non-running for Wednesday. Was never the main laptop operator but was shadow laptop operator at Annagh Hill back during the Winter, so I'm sure between myself and Daniela we can manage the laptop and contribute towards the helpers required to manually record the results ?
Bronagh CheethamJun 11, 12:54pmExcellent -thanks Daniela and Jeff!! Jeff come ready to run and we'll try and let u run too. will send details seperately.
Jeff SwordsJun 11, 1:09pmCheers Bronagh,

To be honest I'm recovering from a little bug so it probably suits me not to run Wednesday, especially on the Powerscourt Uphill course.
Rebecca JacobsonJun 11, 2:17pmHi all, can anyone offer me a lift from Blackrock/Booterstown or nearby?
Many thanks, Rebecca
John CondonJun 11, 2:33pmI'll be leaving from Greystones around 6.15 can pick up from Delgany/Bray if anyone is looking for a lift. Zero 86 6 zero 9 23 16
Bronagh CheethamJun 12, 9:01amFinal instructions:
- Usual Car pooling rules apply - NO single occupancy cars will be allowed into carpark and will be turned away. there will be car pooling from Glencormack Inn so please ensure to call by there first if your on your own.
- Jackets are compulsary and you'll be checked for them - can get cold on the return down so for safety please respect this rule and carry one.
- Race will finish on summit at 20:30 for both safety and comfort of volunteers who will have been standing there for a while. so if you have not reached summit by then, please respect marshalls if they ask you to turn around as they make their way back down. there will be an organised early start at 19:00. some people may choose to go earlier and can take own times.
- all must touch cairn on top to mark finish so make one final burst for it!
- think thats it, see you all tomorrow
Bronagh CheethamJun 12, 9:03amVolunteers - have sent you all a seperate email with instructions. If you have not received one from me please mail me on bronaghcheetham01@googlemail.com. (JAMES CURRAN - I dont have your email address if you can forward on) tks
Bronagh CheethamJun 12, 9:05amPS- could do with one or two carpark marshalls at Kilcormack Inn if anyone willing to put on a vest and help people get organised into cars.tks
Bronagh CheethamJun 12, 9:15amGlencormack Inn rather!
James CurranJun 12, 1:29pmBronagh,

My email is james.curran@intunenetworks.com.


James CurranJun 12, 8:51pmDo any of the summit team want to carshare from Glencormac Inn, Kilmacanogue to crone or lough Tay? Say meet at 6PM at pub carpark.
Michelle RowleyJun 13, 7:53amJames, I can meet you at the Glencormack Inn at 6pm, if you want to carpool.
Michelle RowleyJun 13, 7:55amSorry, should have mentioned I will be going to Crone, if that suits. Probably more like 5.45pm at Glencormack Inn too.
james curranJun 13, 9:13amPerfect Michelle, Crone would be great, see you at 6PM at the pub.
james curranJun 13, 9:15amMichelle, 5:45 at the pub.
Fergus ByrneJun 13, 10:11amHey folks,

Anybody want to carpool from Glencormack Inn this evening.
Ian CliffordJun 13, 10:11amHi I'll be driving from parnell sq up the N2 and out by the m50 leaving at 4.55, I have 3 spaces in the car...email me cliffori AT tcd.ie
james curranJun 13, 10:30amFergus, Myself and Michelle Rowley are carpooling to Crone at 5:45.
Fergus ByrneJun 13, 10:36amJames That works for me. See you guys at 5:45
Paul O'GradyJun 13, 12:52pm@ Rebecca - I'll be leaving from Stradbrook Road around 6.15 if that's of any use to you. 086 2900827
Bronagh CheethamJun 13, 1:30pm***** Registration closes at 19.20 sharp ***** Race will start at 19.30 and finish of 20.30. Those doing early start at 19.00 gather at start line at 18.55 and we'll do a mass start. Ensure to notify those at sign in desk if your doing an early start so we can track you. (not normally done I know but Id imagine might be more than usual doing early start).
Mark SheridanJun 13, 1:43pmMichelle, any space left in the carpool from Glencormack Inn?
Paul GrantJun 13, 2:20pmHi Paul, any chance I could take a lift with you from Stradbrook Road at 6.15 too
Paul DalyJun 13, 2:41pmHi Guys
I'm just checking to see where registration is for tonight's race? I can't seem to find it any where in the above posts...maybe it's a case of can't see the wood for the tree's!!
Mike JordanJun 13, 2:49pmPaul, you can't see the CRONE WOODS for the trees. Registration is in Crone Woods Car Park. Pick up a carpooler at the Glencormack Inn in Kilmacanogue and they'll show you the way.
Michelle RowleyJun 13, 3:28pmJames, sorry me again! It will be closer to 6pm...just cant make it till then.
john condonJun 13, 3:34pmHi Michelle, I'm going to swing by around then so can pick you up if needs be.
Michelle RowleyJun 13, 3:41pmOk, thats great. I will already have someone in the car with me then too. I will definitely be there by 6m and can fit 2 more in.
Jason MooreJun 13, 4:11pmif anyone from southwest dublin is stuck for a lift get in touch ,i will be leaving from lucan round 5.15.i will also drive from the glenn inn so if anyone wants to carpool.jason 0872786289
Paul DalyJun 13, 4:48pmThanks Mike. Let's hope the rain ease's off before the race or I still won't be able to see the trees!!
Peter O'FarrellJun 14, 7:34amThanks again to Bronagh and all the volunteers for a brilliant job on a misty evening. The summit marshalls had mist and the start marshalls had midge!

My time was 36.45 (in case the times can be adjusted)
Bronagh CheethamJun 14, 8:25amBig word of thanks to the trusty team of volunteers last night who helped everything run so smoothly - esp those stood on the summit and to Daniela and Jeff on laptop who did fab work getting pretty much all the manual results up on laptop late into night in pub last night. Few minor tweeks to be made yet to finalise and then we'll announce the full category winners. M & F winners were done last night. thanks all for waiting in the pub for the results/prize giving and apologies for delay - but we have to wait for last person to be off the mountain. thankfully all made it to the summit and back safely which is the main thing. Congrats to all the winners! and yes Peter we certainly had the midgies to keep us company on the ground!
Julie HarkinJun 14, 8:34amThank you for an enjoyable race last night. Even though the mist was a bit crazy up top at least it didn't spill!

My time seems to have an extra digit. I timed myself for 55:46, if it could be updated that'd be great.
Dermot MurphyJun 14, 8:39amJulie, that problem seems to have affected a few results, the last 4 or 5 on the results sheet, we will get it sorted over the next couple of days.

Peter, yes the times are all out by about 2 minutes and 30 seconds - for the main field anyway. Can any of the earlier starters confirm if their times are correct or are they also out? I'm not sure if we will update the times, Kevin can provide an update when he gets a chance to look at it over the next few days.

Well done also to Bronagh and the team - great job and a lovely evening for a run!
Angus TynerJun 14, 8:53amI was part of the summit team. We didn't know when the race started (either main or early) and yes in my opinion the times need to be adjusted by the offset that Peter has suggested.

The times will be spot on (within a few seconds) relative to each other. Well done to laptop team for managing our scribbles!!

Remarkably as we were clearing up, the cloud cleared ever so briefly to give us a second of sunshine and a quick view down the mountain. Well done to all competitors for allowing us to get your number and for getting yourself up and down!
Conall MurphyJun 14, 9:54amHey guys,

I was one of the four with an affected result. I didn't time myself but I was just behind Laura Shaughnessy if that helps any.

Thanks again for a great race - that mist was mental on the way up!
Warren SwordsJun 14, 9:57amGreat race last night. Thanks to all organisers and volunteers. Not the easiest of races to do.

Slight correction to results. I'm down as joint 16th with Brian but he was a couple of seconds ahead of me.

Really enjoyed the misty conditions. Some lovely views into the valley on the way down.
Eva FairmanerJun 14, 11:05amA huge well done to Bronagh and crew who so cheefully ran the show last night. will admit I was a bit excited with my time (I forgot to stop my watch such was the relief at reaching the Cairn) but two minutes for everyone sounds about right. On another note...if anyone found a mobile in or outside the Glencormack Inn could they let me know. I am starting to get a hard time as this will be the second phone in 6 weeks! I have rung the Glencormac Inn but no joy so far. Thanks.
Bronagh CheethamJun 14, 11:06amHi Angus & all. yes getting word to the start when the races actually started was a slight problem. Phone coverage was not good and took time to finally get through to summit! Mist may have hampered coverage more than usual. I agree they are all out by about the 2.30 as Dermot says here and Id go on Peters time. Kevin will advise in due course if an overall adjustment can be made.
Darragh TierneyJun 14, 11:37amHi Guys - my finish time is listed as 43:54 - but according to my watch I finished in 45:45ish. I started with the early group.
John J BarryJun 14, 12:07pm
I also like to echo my thanks to everyone involved in the organization of last nights run. Rachel was giving epic vocal support at the final Stile.

Peter's suggested difference matches nine: His differences is 2' 37"
Mine is 55' 06" (watch) - 52' 29" (Official) = 2' 35" (Main Group Start)
Robert HickeyJun 14, 12:15pmMy time is also off from my watch at the finish (early start)
849 M 52:44 - watch time 54:35
Jim FitzharrisJun 14, 12:47pmThanks to Bronagh and her crew for a great night out. Not an easy one to organise with the summit finish and the midge-fest in Crone!

I self-timed (accurately) in the main group and also recorded a difference of 2:35 so I would say 2:30 would be a fair adjustment, especially since in other years we did not have to touch the cairn but just had to cross a strip of tape at the top!

The "descent" on the rocks from the cairn was the trickiest bit of the race!


Alan AylingJun 14, 1:20pmCairn?!
Bronagh CheethamJun 14, 4:45pmCairn/summit - I hope the visability was not that bad not to see it!
Mike JordanJun 14, 5:10pmI think Alan is getting at the point that the finish was at the TRIG PILLAR on top of Djouce and not the CAIRN which is about 10 or 15metres from the summit :)

Probably won't get an answer to this but does anyone know the origin of the name 'Djouce'? Its probably bastardized from some old Irish name but it always struck me as an odd sounding name compared to the rest of the Wicklow hills.
Jim FitzharrisJun 14, 5:17pmI realised later that it was the trig point that Alan was referring to.

As a jovial man-about-the-mountain, I had not realised that there was a pedant lurking beneath Alan's genial demeanour.

Given that I usually wear the acccolade of Prince of Pedantry, I am now in something of a sulk given that my crown has been stolen .......

As to the name Djouce, apparently it comes from the Irish word, Dioghais, meaning ‘fortified height’ but I am open to correction on this.



Paul O' ConnorJun 14, 5:20pmMike,

From mountainviews.ie...

Djouce comes from the Irish name Dioghais meaning 'fortified height'. The summit sure felt pretty well fortified last night as I struggled to get to it!
Paul DalyJun 14, 5:52pmI didn't run last night due to an injury but I tagged along with a friend of mine at the last minute and took a few photos.
They are not great photos due to been taken on a compact and due to constant attack from about a million midges!!

Here's a link to them on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3082971247812.105118.1669783945&type=1

Tag anyone you know if you like.

Is there a way for me to post the photos on the IMRA web site??
John CondonJun 14, 9:39pmHi Paul, log into myIMRA and upload. Instructions are pretty clear.
Pat barryJun 15, 12:40pmThose bloke in the early photos just look so fast!
Really catches the sense of power/speed they have.
Kieran RocksJun 15, 4:48pmMore photos uploaded. Well done all!
+ some placename info: http://www.logainm.ie/1167122.aspx
Dictionary CornerJun 15, 5:01pmIf curiosity killed the cat, I like to think Piles killed Pedantic Pete..
Alan AylingJun 15, 8:34pmI can be pedantic enough when the mood takes me... Just thought it was a bit confusing all this talk of a cairn when there is a big rock slab, plus a trig pillar, but no cairn of any significance!

As for the piles, I suffer terribly. A right pain in the arse, they are.
Bronagh CheethamJun 18, 1:22pmCategory Winners - apologies meant to put up this post after race.
Those of you who didnt get your category prize last week, you can pick up from Rachel, RD at this weeks race in Sorrell Hill.
M40 - Ben Mooney
M50 - Francis Martin
M60 - Matthew Kavanagh (collected prize)
M70 - Seamus Kilcullen
F40 - Eva Fairmaner (Karen O'Hanlon already rec'd placing prize)
F50 - Mags Greenan (collected prize)
F60- Jean O'Neill (collected proze)
Junior - Cian Galligan (sorry Cian, did try to catch you after race but your Dad was driving too fast for me!)

Congrats to all...
Rene BorgJun 29, 9:02amTeam results are up.
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