Discount offer from Basecamp

Dermot MurphyMay 11, 10:50amBasecamp are offering an additional discount to IMRA members who have completed both Bray head and either Three Rock or Scalp. The offer will run until med June and details are as follows:

Additional discount for IMRA runners at Basecamp. The additional discount will be calculated by subtracting their Race Points for Bray Head from their race points for one of the following two races (Three Rock Summer or Scalp).

Three Rock Summer – Race Points 141
Bray Head - Race Points 130
Additional discount 11%)
Total Discount: 10%+11% = 21%

Discounts will be to a maximum of 25% (cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer)

Jeff SwordsMay 11, 1:54pmThat's pretty cool. And makes my getting stuck at the bottleneck right at the start of Scalp financially rewarding.
John AhernMay 11, 3:18pmWow. 39% discount!!
Dermot MurphyMay 11, 3:19pmJohn, up to a maximum of 25%.
John AhernMay 11, 3:20pmOh, just saw max 25% off. Still very welcome!
John LanganMay 11, 6:36pmThat gets me a 24% discount with my results from Bray and Three Rock :)

Happy Days-that's a pretty decent discount!
Dermot MurphyMay 26, 8:24amA quick reminder on this offer - Basecamp said they will be running it until the end of June.
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