Race numbers and pins

Mick HanneyMay 14, 8:05pmI was checking the race kit before Carricks race. The race numbers are in a sorry (still wet) state from Scalp. Numbers are stuck together with the moisture. The way they numbers are stored doesn't help their drying I'm afraid but I'm not sure what can be done on that point.

Can people close the safety pins when they give back their numbers. Its not very fair to the volunteer who is left sorting numbers to find open safety pins of which there were plenty :-(

We go through safety pins pretty quickly. It would help if people left their pins on their no. and not discard them after races. Retain and re-use please.
Derek KellettMay 14, 10:26pmSorry Mick

I still have mine in the car boot since Sunday, I'll return it hopefully dried & ironed in a week or two


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