Bob Graham

Mick HanneyMay 18, 7:02pmBest wishes to one of imra's own, Paul Tierney who is currently nearing the end of a great Bob Graham run in the UK.
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 18, 8:46pmLooks like he is done in 17:59, absolutely top time. Well done Paul.
Gareth LittleMay 18, 11:34pm
Fantastic time! Well done Paul!!!
Ronan HickeyMay 19, 12:05amAn absolutely amazing time. I can't imagine how tough that must have been. Where's that race report?

You know it's worth a running volunteer position don't you? :-)

Richard NunanMay 20, 2:00pmWell Done Paul, incredible savage time !!!!
Patrick BarryMay 21, 10:42amAmazing effort, this thread shows the spirit of the fell running community
Jason ReidMay 21, 2:44pmWell done Paul. That's a huge achievement.
Paul TierneyMay 28, 9:30am@Ronan Hickey,

Here's that report you were looking for! It's longwinded, and likely a good cure for insomnia but you asked for it :)

Do I get volunteering Kudos for it???
Jason KehoeMay 28, 10:55amSuch an achievement SHOULD be well documented Paul! Well done and onwards to your next big dream/goal. With that sturdy chassis of yours you seem to be only limited by what your imagination can come up with.

Run long brother! ;)

Jeff FitzsimonsMay 28, 11:52am"sturdy chassis". Hmm, not sure how you should take that one Paul!

Good read, the reports are getting as long as some of your runs.
Ronan HickeyMay 29, 2:42pmLove the report Paul, absolutely brilliant. And the finishing video is class, it really shows how much it must have taken out of you. Amazing to see how all those fell runners who had never met you before gave you as much help as they could, humbling stuff.

Savage effort!


P.S. Is there a recipe for Barry's balls? :-)
Paul TierneyMay 29, 6:04pmRonan,

You're right,it was very humbling to receive that support. But thats the BG tradition. You help out when you can, knowing that you will receive the same in return when you decide to have a go. Although being a "blow in" made it all the more humbling. I had only met the girls once and that was by pure chance when we were out recceing the L100 course in March. Other than that I had met Bruce Duncan at the Art O'Neill and obviously I'm friends with Barry but the rest were total strangers to me. It did mean we had plenty to talk about getting to know one another though, which was great. The video was taken by Gaynor's husband and is a nice momento of the whole thing.
More than the round itself, the best thing about it was the friends I made because of it. I will see most of them again in July and we'll have some more craic then. And I mean that. The round was just part of what turned out to be a great trip away. I couldn't recommend it highly enough as an easy to get to holiday destination for anyone with an interest in mountain sports. And instead of going on a guided tour, just assemble a team and have a crack at the BG. You'll have most of the big tops ascended or viewed all in one go... Perfect!!
I'll be happy to burn your ears about it down at Carrauntoohil on Sunday if you decide to travel ;)

Paul TierneyMay 29, 6:06pmOh and you'll have to ask Barry himself for the recipe. I've been sworn to secrecy and I think he has them patented at this stage ;)
pat barryJul 31, 9:30amJust reposing a comment by the Amazing Nicky Spinks, on a FRA Thread who, over the weekend, stormed around the Bob Graham in 18:09 in far from ideal conditions

Thanks to everyone that supported me on Saturday from 4am to 10.12pm - 18hours and 12 minutes. I owe a lot to everyone that came out on the hill and also to those backstage especially Amanda Heading of as they made a record BG round possible in those conditions.

I always advocate not doing rounds in bad weather but the forecast was showers (same as for the Wasdale race which actually turned out perfect running weather) and so I went for it. Leg 1 was blustery and Skiddaw rather foul. Then the skies lifted and across Helvellyn we had views across to Scafell which looked promising. I managed to gain a bit of time on my 18 hour schedule until Great End where slippery rocks did slow me down a bit. Ill Crag and Broad Crag were horrid and the Scafell's lethal. After Broad Stand I needed two minutes just to calm the nerves and then the rock slabs up to the plateau were scary. Running into Wasdale once again the sun came out and although I could see clag on Gable there was no way I was dropping out then with only two legs to go.

Leg 4 started promising but a glitch in my schedule to Red Pike unnerved me, then I didn't eat, then my stomach packed up on me. Forcing a rice pudding down was a "make or break" and it did work by Green Gable although I had lost more time fighting it and the rocks by then. The hail and wind on Brandreth was the absolute pits and I was so glad to be getting off the hills to Honister.

The last leg was time to push it; my stomach had settled helped by soup at Honister, and I didn't have to worry too much about energy. I could picture the finish and even the road felt good as I didn't have to pick my way across rocks and could stretch out. What a feeling to sprint up deserted Keswick streets and touch the Moot Hall!!!!

And yes planning has started.....
Pat BarryNov 28, 8:27amHitler's BGR....

It just had to happen didn't it?
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