Early Starts

Rachel CinnsealachMay 31, 9:35pmI do not understand why people WANT to do early starts. The LL runs are races. I hate starting early. I find it really demoralising having the field passing me out. I have every intention of getting myself fitter and starting with the crowd.

It is also very frustrating, having to stop and get out of the way for other runners coming behind you, or coming against you. I'm sure it's even more annoying for them, having obstructions!!!!

The only reason I start early, is so that the volunteers are not left waiting for me at the end. I love the IMRA crowd and I always find people so friendly, I love the atmosphere on a Wednesday evening and hence I like getting out and running. As my friends tell me, I'm not going to get any fitter usless I actually get out and run. Training alone can be demotivating, hence I am using the runs to train and improve fittness. As soon as I am in any way fit, I will be starting with the main crowd.

I really think the early starts should be used, only for people who are slow and who would otherwise have the RD and volunteers waiting on them. I don't think it's fair that faster runners should start early and there for have an advantange over the main field. It's a race, and all competitors should be equal.


Mick FalMay 31, 10:05pmI'm not equal....
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