Dublin Mountain Plod

Dermot MurphyJun 1, 9:56pmYou can now enter online to the Dublin Mountain Plod through Run Ireland - please see the event page for details.
Dermot MurphyJun 11, 1:36pmQuick update - start time is now 10:30am rather than 10am.

Reminder also that online entries are open on Run Ireland - please see events page for details.
Neil KeaneJun 18, 9:58pmI have done fell running in the UK, this is my first in Ireland. Would this trail terrain definitely require Inov8's or similar? Looking forward to a clear day on the Dublin Mountains!
diarmuid O'ColmainJun 19, 9:14amI have worn road runners in this race the past 2 years and found them fine. Bear in mind that there is a reasonable amount of the run on road or hard packed forest track. Personally I would not wear Inov8s, but I do prefer a cushioned shoe unless I'm on real mountain terrain.
Dermot MurphyJul 3, 11:56amVolunteers required for the Dublin Mountain Plod - we need plenty more volunteers please, especially non running volunteers to act as marshals.
Donal TroddynJul 3, 12:23pmDermot, I can do either Laptop Op, First Aid or marshal, depending on requirement.
Dermot MurphyJul 3, 1:30pmThanks Donal.
Gerard KeatingJul 3, 4:06pmHi Dermot, you can count me in as a non-runner. I've mailed several times regarding getting set up in My IMRA but have not heard back so you will have to put me on the volunteer list for me. Thanks
Dermot MurphyJul 3, 4:31pmThanks Gerard, I have added you as a non running volunteer.
Santina Doherty FarinellaJul 4, 8:06amDermot - I added myself as a non runner. Haven't been a marshal before but happy to do it and can read a map.
Mick HanneyJul 8, 5:51pmDermot - I have the finish line gear from the Porters of Castledockrell. If you are in Ballinastoe on Weds I'll see you there.
seamus klicullenJul 8, 9:50pmDermot I can volunteer for plod,preferably near start/finish in case I have to go early.
mike kellyJul 9, 1:17amHi,just wandering is there anyone going to dublin plod from the wexford/carlow direction as i anm hoping to get a lift up to race,thank you very much.Mike.
Mike JordanJul 9, 10:34amI assume the IMRA website is crashing because this Irish Times article named the Dublin Mountain Plod as their 'Race of the Week'


Also interesting Q&A with Moire O'Sullivan which has me thinking about taking a trail-running holiday outside of Ireland next year!
Brian O'MurchuJul 9, 9:32pmMike,just happen to have been talking about this yesterday at Mount Leinster. One suggestion was The Canary Islands...
Tamas FarkasJul 9, 10:30pmI will mark sugarloaf race and was thinking how I am going to pick up the tapes and other stuff prior to that wednesday race. On sunday I work in the morning in dundrum so I could probably get to marlay park around 1pm to pick those things up?
bridget murrayJul 10, 12:41pmhi Dermot, i am unable to run the plod on sat due to injury,wondering is it possible to defer my entry to nxt year or a later IMRA run later in the year? entered on run ireland early.
Dermot MurphyJul 10, 1:38pmHi Bridget, I can't defer or refund the money, but you can transfer your entry to another person, if you send me on the details.
Stephen Mc AuliffeJul 10, 9:14pmIs it easy to get to the start using public transport ? as I would be travelling to Dublin by train.
Paul O'GradyJul 10, 9:55pmWhich train Stephen???

I can collect you (or anyone else) from Blackrock Dart station
Brian O'MurchuJul 10, 10:06pmHi Paul,
I would like to avail of your kind carpool offer. What time would you be leaving Blackrock Dart?
murchubrian at gmail dot com
Paul O'GradyJul 11, 1:03pmNo problem Brian - I've stuck the car up on the carpooling section of the event.
bridget murrayJul 12, 10:44amHi Dermot, order#115841 non IMRA member.
Sam ScrivenJul 12, 11:32amDermot,
You can add me to the list as a non-running volunteer if you need more volunteers for Sunday.
Sarah HarleyJul 12, 12:41pmBridget, sorry to hear you can't run. I forgot to enter before so I will take your entry if that would suit - and then i'll just transfer/ give you the money?
Dermot MurphyJul 12, 3:10pmIs anyone available to take some photgraphs of the Plod on Sunday? If so, please let myself and Mark Dalton know (Mark's email - markdalton at eircom dot net).
Charlie LyonsJul 13, 8:41amHi dermot,

Unfortunately i have had to take my name off the volunteer list as i will be away this Sunday.

Apologies for the short notice.

Gerard KeatingJul 13, 8:56amHi guys, I can take photos on Sun if required. I'm volunteering so I can marshal/photo.
Dermot MurphyJul 13, 10:06amNo problem Charlie.

That's great Gerard, appreciate that.
Paul O'GradyJul 13, 1:01pmHi Dermot.

I cant see any kit requirements? Is there any?
Paul GrantJul 13, 1:46pmI can't run the Plod Sunday, I took a tumble on Wednesday's run and after 2 days of strapping, ice-packs and elevation on my ankle I have to admit defeat. I signed up for 'IMRA Members with tshirt' option, if anyone wants me to transfer my entry to them just let me know and I'll forward on the Runireland.com order number.
laura flynnJul 13, 5:43pmHi Paul, I would like to run but see entry is closed. If you can legitimately transfer the number to me that would be great . Would I pay you or them. If you can you please let me have details and I will send u a cheque.
Paul GrantJul 13, 5:59pmHi Laura, maybe Dermot can let us know what the best way to transfer over the race entry? Don't worry about on the entry fee, just as long as it gets used I'm happy. My email address is paulygrant AT gmail DOT com, if you drop me an email me I'll forward on the order confirmation email I got from runireland to you. Paul
laura flynnJul 13, 8:46pmThanks for the kind offer Paul but I think I will try and enter on the morning just in case there is any problem with transferring number.
Dermot MurphyJul 13, 9:55pmPaul O'Grady - no kit requirement.

Paul/Laura - no problem transferring Paul's entry to Laura - as long as sort out the payment between you. Laura, if you are happy with that, please let me know and I will update Paul's details with yours.

Bridget/Sarah - same thing - if you can sort out the payment between you, I am happy to update Bridget's details with Sarah's - please confirm.
Dermot MurphyJul 13, 10:02pmAny other transfers, please let me know. Happy to do it in advance of the race (ie by tomorrow evening - cut off 7pm), not so happy on the morning itself.

Registration - opens at 8:30am. Please try to be there before 10am - registration will close at 10:15am sharp. Race briefing is at 10:20am - please ensure you are at the race start for this.

Volunteers - running volunteers will be needed for registration - please be there for 8:20am if you can. Donal, will probably take you up on the offer of lap top operator - can you be there for 8:20am also? Most of the non running volunteers will be needed for marshalling or at the end of the race - can you please be there for 8:50am for the marshals briefing at 9am?
Donal TroddynJul 13, 11:59pmSure thing.
Jim FitzharrisJul 14, 10:48amHi all,

I am helping Dermot at this race with marshalling, etc.

While we have a number of volunteers (and thanks to all who have come forward so far), we really need a few more NON-running volunteers to help out with marshalling in Marlay Park (no lonely mountain-top sojourns here!).

So if you want to help out, planned on running but cannot do so due to injury, etc, why not turn up to do your bit for the cause. Because this race attracts a number of non-IMRA people and due to the number of road crossings, etc, the need for marshals and general volunteers is greater than that for standard IMRA races.


Paul WhyteJul 14, 10:55amHi Jim,
I will be available and will put my name down - what time should people turn up for volunteering?
Sarah HarleyJul 14, 11:30amPaul - Bridget hasnt got back to me so if Laura doesn't want to take your entry I would be happy to - I've sent you an email to the same effect!

Dermot - in line with the above would you be able to transfer Paul's entry to me today?

Paul WhyteJul 14, 11:30amjust spotted note on when to be there - 08:50am in time for briefing.
Paul GrantJul 14, 12:19pmYep I got your email Sarah and I replied earlier - Dermot could you transfer my entry to Sarah. The details are - Order #: 116202.
Dermot MurphyJul 14, 1:30pmPaul/Sarah - confirmed transfer to Sarah.
Sarah HarleyJul 14, 1:33pmHi Dermot, thanks for doing that and see you tomorrow!
Dermot MurphyJul 14, 4:17pmOnline entry now closed - limited entry on the day - please arrive early to register.
Justin ReaJul 14, 5:37pmI've switched to non-running volunteer. Bags not erect the marquee!
Paul GrantJul 14, 7:23pmGreat thanks for that Dermot
Kevin EnglishJul 14, 7:56pmHey Dermot,

Is it still possible to enter on the day and what time would
I have to be there to register?


Dermot MurphyJul 14, 8:46pmHi Kevin, yes you can enter on the day - registration opens at 8:30am, and closes at 10:15am, but please be there well before 10am if you need to register on the morning.
Alan AylingJul 15, 2:50pmReally enjoyed that this morning, thanks to the organisers, helpers, marshals and of course the happy smiley gardai.
Hakan ErikssonJul 15, 3:06pmBrilliant run, brilliantly organized! Thanks to everyone involved!
Peter O'FarrellJul 15, 5:34pmThanks to all involved, a great event and my fancy watch says 21.07km so also very very close to a half marathon.

With all due respect to the Tulfarris tough ten this one could definitely be marketed as the hard half (with the bonus of posibly getting your mile pb on the Kilmashogue Descent)

The impressive marquee did remind me of the glory days of Jane and Graham ;)
Alan McDevittJul 15, 6:22pmThat was a great run and well oganised, I dont know how you got so many Guards on a Sunday!!!? That was my first half marathon and I really enjoyed it. There is a great club community feel to the IMRA. Thanks for a great day! (oh, nice t-shirt too, I should have bought another!!)
Kevin EnglishJul 15, 7:33pmWell done to Dermot and his crew today.Hope all those who had falls are ok.
Dermot MurphyJul 15, 9:09pmWell done yourself Kevin on the win!

Many thanks to all who helped out on the day, it certainly made for a memorable day out. Everyone I talked to really enjoyed the race - well done to all who took part!
Gerard KeatingJul 15, 10:49pmHi guys, I have loads of photos to upload from todays race but I need my "MY IMRA" account sorted out. I cannot get a password sent to me even though I'm registered.
John JoeJul 15, 11:35pmMy Garmin clocked the total ascent as 1084 metres today, can anyone corroborate, as this is significantly more than the 820 metres on the race info page.
aidan roeJul 16, 7:32amJohn Joe
i clocked 580m of climb yesterday. checked last year as well and I got 600m.
legs dont feel like they did nearly 1080m
John ColemanJul 16, 9:15amMy Garmin was 585m of an elevation gain also.
It'd be interesting to see the link to your garmin data.
Paul O'GradyJul 16, 1:01pmGreat Race - thank you Dermot and Co.

Didn't think it was possible to run uphill constantly for 10K!!!
brid murrayJul 17, 1:14pmhi Dermot, sorry i did not get back to Sara RE:transfer. Thought i had given the ok when i forwarded you my #details. Just logged on now to read the forum ,hope you all had a great day. AM NEW TO THIS so will know for again.
Brian O'MurchuJul 17, 6:48pmHi Gerard,

You could put some photos on the IMRA Facebook page until your MyIMRA is sorted
Jure PeklarJul 19, 12:29pmHey guys! Great event and amazing nature! Thank you for all! If you could only post photos, would be great, too!
Gerard KeatingJul 19, 1:03pmGuys, I've sent several mails to the webmaster but no reply. A couple of people I’ve talked to have had the same problem recently. If you send on the FB page I'll post up there. The only one I can find in FB is a dormant one
Brian O'MurchuJul 19, 5:04pmhttp://www.facebook.com/groups/11388560359/
Gerard KeatingJul 19, 6:27pmThanks Brian, All 400 photos uploaded now!!
Brian O'MurchuJul 19, 6:33pmGer caught the moment referred to in my race report of me and Peter chatting:
Stephen BailieAug 3, 11:28pmAny luck on photos from Dublin Mountain Plod being posted on website
Gerard KeatingAug 4, 3:02pmNope, after several mails to the webmaster and no reply I will have to do without ever being able to log onto "MY IMRA". They are up on FB
Mark d'AltonAug 23, 2:48pmTo all IMRA members who either took part in or helped organise / marshall etc. the PLOD ....

I have just had a mail from Dermot letting us know that the event raised 4K for the DMP - this is money that will be put back into trails and is much appreciated. It also helps the DMI very much in its dealings with the DMP.

Thank you all very much - very much appreciated indeed.

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