Sore Hip

ciaran kellyJun 10, 3:12pmHi Folks,
I went for a run last night. I covered 7 miles when i felf my right stride shortening slightly & right hip becoming slightly uncomfortable.
I continued to run thinking I could shake it off.
The stride continued to shorten until only a walk was possible.
I did nothing that could have provoked it... like a heavy landing etc..
I jumped in a taxi and headed for an early shower.

Today evening the slightest jog makes me nearly fall over, and is quite painful..

Could anyone suggest what my injury is ??

How long it will take to recover ??

What is my fastest way to recover is ??

An hoping to go to Gael force on the 23rd....

Recent mileage has been 11 miles road last saturday,, climbed Errigal sunday morning,, ran Scarr wednesday night,, 20 min tread mill thursday night,, all completed with no niggley injuries,, then the Ill fated 7 mile last night...


Ciaran K.
Ronan HickeyJun 10, 5:23pmCiaran to be honest I think you'll have to go to a physio to get checked out. I can recommend Aidan Woods in the Pearse St Physio clinic in town. As he specialises in sports injuries, he's pysioto the Olympic team, and an IMRA member, he should understand your need to get back running soon.

Brian O'MurchuJun 10, 8:04pmHi Ciaran,
It's sounds like something similar to what I had, tight muscles or 'bands of steel' (ie muscle band) as my physio called it. A couple of trips to the physio plus some exercises to get the muscles firing and a bit of barefoot running did the trick for me. I can recommend Dave Corcoran in Coolock.
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