DMW time

Barry MurayJun 20, 11:42am
I'm planning on running the DMW this saturday to set a time. Planning on starting in Shankill, finish in Tallaght.

Also planning on doing extended route, taking in Massey and Hell Fire club. Think this brings it over 50K.

Start Time 9am. Estimate maybe a 4.30hr duration, give or take. I'm not that fast over these "short" distances but it will be a decent enough pace. If anyone is around 3 rock, Tibradden etc and fancies a paced run, feel free to join in !

Q - do I need to gps this to clock an official time ?

Q - The massey and hell fire loop, assume this is okay as it is part of the DMW ?

any other pointers, please let me know


Zoran SkrbaJun 20, 2:17pmBarry have a look at this post:
Paul TierneyJun 20, 2:33pmI think your're being a little conservative with the time Barry! You'll go under that no doubt!

I'd love to join you but I'm working this weekend :(

Best of luck Dude and enjoy!!
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 20, 4:16pmI've shed loads on this weekend, Barry, but let me know what time you reckon you'll be hitting the 3 rock area and I'll keep you company/honest from there over to Masseys at least. :)
Gary CondonJun 21, 10:01amI ran the original route in Jan '11 (without the Massey Loop) in the direction of Tallaght to Shankill (in a lazy 4h 26m). The distance was 26.4 miles (which has a nice ring to it!), but I believe the route has been shortened with the chunk cut out from the descent from Three Rock. Conditions at the time were freezing with snow at higher points, so I had trail shoes for the slop and road shoes for the fairly sizable chunk that takes place on the road (ended up swapping around 6 times). Might still be worth considering two pairs of shoes, unless you have a decent hybrid shoe.

Best of luck with the run. With the Masseys Loop included it'll make for a super run, and one I might have a crack at during the summer (50k has a nice ring to it too!).
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