Wicklow Way Records

Brendan LawlorJul 23, 3:08pm

Eoin Keith (South to North) 13:06 21st July 2012

Previous (North to South)

Paul Tierney 13:38:51 14th May 2011
Eoin Keith 13:46:01 13th September 2008
Simon Walters 18:24:54 8th August 1998
Graham Porter, Brian Byrne 19:54 18th April 1998
Mick Rice ?? , ??


Caroline Reid (N to S) 17:12:03 26th June 2012

Jane Porter (Watt) 19:54 18th April 1998

Anyone remember Mick Rice's time? Any corrections welcome

It would be nice to put these great achievements on the site somewhere, perhaps in with the Wicklow Round section? The sub 13 round isn't far off
Brendan LawlorJul 23, 3:48pmCorrection..the sub 13 Wicklow Way Run

The sub 13 round will have to wait a little longer!
Brian & Julie byrneSep 4, 8:11pmYou were looking for a time on mick rice's record on the wicklow way. I Brian did it with Jane and graham Porter in 1997 in 20.5hrs. Then Mick Rice did it later that year and bettered it by -7mins, he did it in 20.23hrs...

Brian and Julie Byrne
Jane PorterSep 10, 4:16pmMick Rice was the first person to run the Wicklow Way as far as we know. That was some time before our first time doing it in May 1997. That time we completed it in 20h 30 and I know we took 2 hours off Mick's original time which therefore must have been 22h 30 approx
Brendan LawlorJan 14, 10:34amI met Mick Kellet over the weekend and he told me the sad news that Michael (Mick) Rice ,who was the very first person to run the full length of the Wicklow Way, passed away last year

RIP-Ar dheis de go raibh a ainm.
CaitlĂ­n BentJan 15, 11:16pmI am sorry to hear of MIck Rice's death. Mick was blazing a trail across the mountains spanning the '70s, 80s & 90s (& very possibly into 2000s). He ran these long runs the day before and stashed bottles of cold tea under rocks along the route, and more often than not cycled back home to Dublin. He was sometimes seen on Lug on his ordinary road racer bike (pre mountain bike era). He was one of those 'characters' of the hills.
Brendan LawlorMay 26, 6:11pmSaturday 25th May 2013 - Eoin Keith breaks his own record for running the Wicklow Way and also becomes the 1st winner of the Wicklow Way Race - New Record time 12 hours, 25 minutes and 7 seconds.
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