Lakeland 100

Adrian TuckerJul 28, 10:11amThere may have been fireworks in London last night but they've now spread to the Lakelands where Paul Tierney and Barry Murray are blazing a course and currently in 2nd & 3rd Place after 12 hours of running.
Live timing at:
Jeff FitzsimonsJul 28, 11:47amTerry Conway is tearing it apart! Could be a couple of hours inside his time of last year, showing no signs of a hangover after a DNF in the Anglo Celtic last weekend.

Paul and Barry seem to have run a smart race, staying together. Maybe holding something in reserve for UTMB/CCC in September.
Adrian TuckerJul 28, 3:56pmWell done to Paul and Barry for an excellent race.
Finishing together in a time of just over 22 hrs in 2nd and 3rd positions.
That's 2hr 30 mins up on last years time for Paul, and 3hr 50 mins quicker for Barry. Excellent running.
The winner Terry Conway finished in 19hr 50min, up 2hr 8min on last year
Richard NunanJul 28, 6:24pmGreat running lads !! Thats a savage result. Well Done!!
Rene BorgJul 28, 8:12pmTim Chapman came through the 50km mark for the 50 mile version in Ambleside in 57th position and a time of around 6:46. James Clancy followed in 6:57 and 68th position. One more "safe" checkpoint before the tricky last two passes, missing out on the daylight there will make a big difference.

Both were in the top-30 after the first two checkpoints and have been losing a bit of ground for each since. They've followed almost the same pattern I experienced last year so hopefully they'll rally better and stay out of navigational trouble for the last 30km.
Rene BorgJul 28, 10:41pmTim and James through in 62nd and 67th respectively with just under 9 minutes between them. James pulled back 4 minutes on this last leg. Very difficult pass to navigate now in the dark but with their recent recce they look set to finish in sub-11:30.
Rene BorgJul 28, 11:10pmChaps are home:

64th Tim Chapman 10:53:05
68th James Clancey 10:59:41

Ronan HickeyJul 28, 11:52pmSub 11 hours. Great stuff lads! Hope you're hitting some of those local ales and bitters at pace! You should put up a race report on this forum post for anyone heading over next year.

Jeff FitzsimonsJul 28, 11:57pmWell done to all. Especially Tim as I know he was carrying a few niggles, I blame the coach! :)
Rene BorgJul 29, 9:20amAll part of the master plan Jeff: get them Lydiard training for a while and then sell them injury free courses ;)
pat barryJul 30, 12:58pmPaul, you did not have your running partner (Adam) with you this year! He has been struggling with a hernia for a quite a while now, not sure what is the latest news on it. Great result, two hours off last years time is some effort. I suppose you know the route options a lot better now?
I am on a ferry on Friday night so all going well I will be running Galtee on Sunday. Hopefully I will get to say hello.
Paul TierneyJul 30, 9:29pmSee you on Galtymore Pat, do say hi! Hopefully the weather will be good
pat barryJul 31, 9:36amWeather good?
Having a laugh aren't you!
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