€50 voucher

Ronan BurkeJan 1 2018, 3:09pmHi

I have logged into my account and would like to purchase the €50 voucher for 10x races. Where on this website can I see this? (I've checked 'purchase IMRA products' and it says there's nothing to purchase).

Pol O'MurchuJan 1 2018, 10:14pmYou can't purchase vouchers because you need membership first and you wouldn't have been able to purchase membership until about 3 minutes ago...go forth and get your vouchers Ronan!
Ronan BurkeJan 1 2018, 10:33pmGood news Pol - I'm in and I've got my red-hot vouchers. Watch out hills.
Graham ChampJan 30 2018, 4:28pmI know that we can use remaining 2017 vouchers this year, but can I use 2016 vouchers? I was out with an injury for the last 18 months, I want to start back with Tick Knock this weekend & I found some 2016 vouchers in my kit bag. Can I use the rest of these or do I need to get new ones? Thanks.
Laura FlynnJan 30 2018, 7:59pmI don’t think that this will be a problem in the circumstances Ronan.
Graham ChampJan 30 2018, 8:14pmGreat, thanks Ronan
Gerard Hughes71Feb 13 2018, 9:48pmHi Folks, could someone please let me know if I purchase a €50 voucher, do I need to register for each event online or do I just turn up on the day and use a €5 voucher. Thanks in advance.
Alan MaherFeb 13 2018, 9:55pm@Gerard Hughes: Just turn up to event registration on the day with your voucher (it'll be punched for each race). You'll receive timing chip on your first event. Ensure you have paid IMRA online annual membership 2018 (€10). Hope that helps!
Gerard Hughes71Feb 13 2018, 10:17pmThanks for the help Alan. Have the membership paid and have the chip. Thanks again .
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