Hellfire Spring

Richard MoriartyJan 8, 12:25pmHey there,

Not sure if anyone has been up to the Hellfire recently. I was up there a couple of weeks ago and there was a tree down on the main steep run up to the club itself, which was pretty restrictive as it fell across the slope. I should be up there again on Saturday so can check it out
Laura FlynnJan 11, 10:08pmWe still need a Race Director for this one.
Daniel BatesJan 11, 10:34pmWhere do you register for this race? Can u do it online or do you hav to call up to the merry ploughboy?
Andrew HanneyJan 12, 8:18amDaniel, you pre reg for the race online unless you have race vouchers, and you must also sign in at the Merry Ploughboy on the day.
Bronwyn Murphy-WhiteJan 12, 9:10amHello, what time is sign in at the merry ploughboy? Thanks a mill.
Adrian RocheJan 12, 1:16pmAnybody driving between registration and the Hellfire club should be aware that the road between the Merry Ploughboy and Tibradden Road is closed, the diversion may add up to 15 minutes to the drive between the 2 places.
Vivian O'GormanJan 12, 1:39pmIf anybody is thinking about being the RD for this race and is not sure I will be Deputy RD and we can do it together.So just give it a go!!
Tim ChapmanJan 14, 12:49pmI know there is no RD yet but just to say I'll have my 2 kids with me. If that could be taken into account when handing out roles.
Beth StephensJan 15, 4:48pmHi, the maps wont load when I click on it, could you tell me the general area of were this run is please? Google's being no help either!
Mike JordanJan 15, 7:47pmNot sure if the plan is to use the Merry Ploughboy again for carpooling/prizegiving but be advised that the Edmondstown Rd is closed between the Merry Ploughboy and Tibradden Rd until further notice.
Mike JordanJan 15, 7:49pm@Beth - the race is around the Hellfire Club forest: http://www.coillte.ie/site/hell-fire-club/
Jim FitzharrisYesterday, 11:28amHi all,

I am the Race Director for Hellfire.

We are just trying to finalise registration arrangements and I will issue a detailed notice when this is done.

In the interim, many thanks to all the volunteers who have already signed up.

I could do with a few more non-running volunteers as this will be a busy race with new registrations, numbers, etc.

Tim Chapman: can you please email me directly - jimfitzharris (at) outlook dot ie and we can agree a suitable role for you and the kids!


Jim FitzharrisYesterday, 1:34pmHi all,

This your Hellfire RD again!

As stated on the website, registration will take place as usual in the Merry Ploughboy between 09:30 and 10:30 on Saturday, 20th January.

The road above the pub is closed so you will have to go back down the hill and then up Stocking Lane to get to the race venue.

Car parking is tight at both the pub and the Hellire so please, please, please carpool as much as you can, travel with a running buddy or two, etc.

Unless there is a very good reason, it is unsatisfactory and, indeed, selfish for a runner to roll up to an IMRA race venue like Hellfire as the sole occupant in a car.

It is going to be busy as it is only the second race of the year and many runners are collecting numbers, race vouchers, chips, etc.

To all runners, the system will be as follows:-

1. If you have pre-registered go to that table and sign in ... your name will be on a pre-printed sheet.
2. If paying with a voucher go to that table, have your card punched and sign in.
[If you have bought vouchers online, they can be collected at this table too – you must bring your confirmation email.]

You MUST do either 1 or 2 otherwise you will not be racing! No cash on the day as always.

If you plan on using a voucher and do not have any, buy them now or ask another runner (nicely) with vouchers on the day – most people will sell you have a voucher for €5.

3. Collect your new 2018 number (if you did not get one at Howth).
4. Collect your new chip or have your old chip re-programmed.

Please be patient with the volunteers – it is always a little hectic at this stage of the year.

I will allocate roles to all volunteers in the next day or so.

Further updates will follow as necessary.


Ken CowleyYesterday, 7:54pmJim - apologies, I have had to 'unvolunteer' for Saturday, due to a family commitment. Hope everyone has a great race. Thanks.
Henny BrandsmaYesterday, 9:16pmHi all as I will be marking this race, course will be same as last year, slightly different then map shown on website and about 200 meter longer with one extra climb.
Regards Henny.
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