British & Irish Selection

Robbie WilliamsJul 23 2018, 9:18pmThe following are the selected teams for the upcoming B&I Championship in Glendalough this September 8th.

Congratulations to all runners, given this is a home championship I am sure we will see lots of local support out on the day.

Under 17 Girls
Aoife Coffey
Niamh McDonald
Dearbhail Cuddy
Ciara Kernan

Under 20 Girls
Danielle Donegan
Niamh James
Lucy McCann

Under 17 Boys
Aaron Smith
Evan Hogg
Eoin Richards
Luke Maher

Under 20 Boys
Cian McDonald
Alex Hunter
Iosac Coleman
Ruairi Long

IMRA High Performance Team
Miriam MaherJul 23 2018, 9:43pmCongrats to all the runners selected! Great to see a full range of teams representing our up and coming talent on the hills at an international event. Super opportunity to support given it’s in our own back garden - so to speak - this time.
Laura FlynnJul 25 2018, 11:32amWell done to you all. Looking forward to see the teams race in Glendalough on September the 8th. I'm sure they'd appreciate some support for IMRA members on the day too.
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