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Gerard Skally

The Hill of the Waves (Tountinna)

There were plenty of "Waves" to deal with on Sunday morning at 11am on the 3rd of March, while the ghosts of the Leinstermen looked on. The hardy souls that braved the elements did well to deal with the mud and the snow and the wind and the wet and the cold! Hard to know whether mud shoes or snow shoes were required! Irrespective, the start began promptly to get people on there way.

The route progressed out a road and then a left turn took you up the "first" hill. Lots of rocks and furs and mucky pools to negotiate to get to the top.
The route back down was easier with the wind mostly at your back, but then you had to decide on the direct descent or a curving route bringing you back to the road. The curving route was probably less dangerous and the runners near me headed that direction.

Back on to the road, through the start and then left on to the climb to Tountinna summit. It wound up slowly and inexorably with the elements doing their best to blast you off. The wind veered with the change in path direction catching you at times full in the face with some bitterly stinging sleet and snow. Fantastic, free, facial scrub!

Finally, with elements raging, the summit was reached and the downhill began.
Still difficult to negotiate narrow trenches and some runners coming up as you head down, but relief that the race is nearly done. Then, back on to the road with good warning shouts from the stewards that the road was slippy and encouragement to make a dash to the finish. And your done!

Thanks to all for a great event.