Irish Mountain
Running Association

IMRA Recognised Rounds

What are Rounds

Rounds are running challenges, rather than races. Generally they are a looped course defined by a start/finish location and a series of fixed points that an athlete needs to pass through. All the best known rounds are in specfic mountain ranges, with most, if not all, of the fixed points being peaks. The overwhelming majority of rounds specify that the challenge should be completed in under 24 hours to be recognised as a successful completion of the round. Athletes are generally free to choose their own route between fixed points, and to choose their preferred start date and time.

IMRA Rounds

IMRA is responsible for agreeing and recognising attempts to complete the Rounds below. Please click on a round to discover details about each round, along with offical lists of recognised completions of the rounds.

Wicklow Round A looped course in the Wicklow Mountains covering 26 peaks totalling at least 100K and over 6,000M climb inside 24 hours.
Connemara RoundA looped course in the Connemara Mountains taking in the Twelve Bens, Maumturks and Partry Hills mountain ranges. The round starts and finishes in the village of Letterfrack, and to successfully complete the round, participants must visit all 29 peaks, totalling approx. 94km and 7,700m climb in under 24 hours.