Irish Mountain
Running Association

What is myIMRA?

myIMRA is an area of the website reserved for IMRA members.

When logged in to myIMRA, you can browse the entire site as normal, but you will see extra functionality:

Race Reports: On the Race Report tab for an event, you can see a button "Write a race report". We can now have multiple reports per race and any member can write one. Try it. Go write a report from your unique perspective.

Volunteer: On the Event Details page, you can see a "Volunteer" button. You can now volunteer to help out at an event, directly through the website. Do your bit for IMRA. Aim to volunteer at least once, for every 10 races you run.

Carpool: Also on the Event Details page, you can see a "Carpool" link. You can use this to offer your car into the carpool for that event. The old separate login for the carpool has been removed.

Edit Events: If you're listed as a Race Director for an event, you can see a "Change Details" button on the Event Details page. You can now update the event details yourself.

Forum: You can set your preferences regarding forum emails through myIMRA.

Photos: If you take photos at an event, you can now upload those photos to the website through myIMRA.

Personal Details: You can store personal details such as address, phone number and email address. These will not be published publicly.