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****New Registration Details 2016****

Route To Be Determined
Friday 1st January, 2016
Climb (m):
Distance (km):
Event Difficulty:
3 (1,1,1) - Easy Terrain, <200M ascent, <6Km
Race Marking:
Only major junctions marked - Only major junctions marked
GPS Allowed:
Organisers Instructions:
Important information regardin 2016 registration
Following on from the recommendations from our external auditor and to relieve some of the burden on RD's having to be responsible for large sums of cash we are introducing some new procedures around registration which will also simplify the registration process somewhat.

Please note that this year we will be offering prepaid race entries only for all races. No Cash payments will be accepted on race day.

Payment may be made by either registering online ahead of event and paying the €7/€5 entry fee or using a race voucher on the day. To facilitate this we will be allowing 2016 race vouchers with any remaining races at the end of 2016 role over to the following year.

Registration will close the day before the race to facilitate getting list of entrants over to race directors in time. As usual vouchers can be used to purchase multiple entries to facilitate registering for children, friends etc.

Runners will be required to sign in either as a preregistered runner or a voucher runner - further details on the new procedures and new guidelines will be sent to Race Directors in advance of races.

Runners will also be responsible for their own numbers at the end of the race and will be required to keep them and bring them with them for next race.

Please see separate forum entry on this topic for FAQ's.

IMRA Committee 2016

Volunteers (Non-Running)

You need to have done 2 non-running volunteer roles in a calendar year to qualify for end of year prize

Current Volunteers

Volunteers (Running)

Check with race director if they have a need for people volunteering and running. Race directors need a minimum number of people available throughout the race to make the race work so non-running volunteers are preferable. While it can be helpful, volunteering in a volunteer and race capacity does not count towards qualifying for end of year prize

Current Volunteers