Dublin Peaks

A long distance traverse over the Dublin Peaks (not the original shorter race)
Sunday 27 July, 2008
12:00 AM
10 (Extreme) - Extreme, >1,000M ascent or > 30Km
Route not marked - Route not marked
Zoran Skrba 2:52:16 Mary Jennings 4:10:14

From 3-ROC carpark the route goes to Fairy Castle over the old (shortest) route. Next Tibradden and down to car park (race route)

Out on road turn left, pass house on left, on right where metal barrier turns to stone wall cut down to river on little rat pass. Cross river up onto good forest road (being resurfaced at the moment) turn left, shortly road swings right and climbs for some time.

At next mayor turn left. (Where we want to go is straight up through the forest but there is no way through). So turn left followed by long slog up hill, Road eventually bends sharply to right.

After about 500m or so I have left a small cairn on left, take this through forest (going is easy) to come out on upper track. Here turn right, downhill until you see an old fence in the heather on left, this fence and small track will take you to Cruagh top (marked by upright pole). Continue on down other side (mainly open ground) to hit track, turn left.

This track will eventually take you down to start of Kippure race, however there are many tracks off it and you have to be careful you are going in right direction.

For more details contact route creator Joe Lalor.

Training run starts at Ticknock car park. Gr. O 168240
DISCLAIMER: This is not a race but a training run and is not an official IMRA event, but is advertised here because it has general interest for hill runners, and marks an important step in the development of long-distance hill running in Ireland.

Purpose of the Run
  • To address that how about adding a long distance Leinster and Munster race to next years calendar to the already established WW ultra to make a series of three long races to find the long distance champ.
  • To test the interest in this there is be a running of the Dublin Peaks Race (long version) on the 27th July as a training run (no fee, no insurance no rescue).

  • No Prize-Giving
    The route is 36k long,starts in 3Roc carpark and goes to Kippure top and back, passing the summits of Fairy Castle, Tibradden and Cruagh on the way. The route is 95% on tracks and it incorporates 3 existing hill runs. At 36k it is very long and should be


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