British & Irish Junior Championships

Sunday 9 October, 2005
10:00 AM

Boys & Girls U18 International Race & Open Championship(Born '87 or '88) Click RACE 3 for entries

Boys & Girls U16 International Race & Open Championship(Born '89 or '91) Click RACE 2 for entries

Boys & Girls U14 Open Championship Race (Born '91 or later) Click RACE 1 for entries
Village Map
The venue for the 2005 Junior Home Mountain Running Championships has been finalised.

It is to be held on the lower slopes of Slieve Foy overlooking the picturesque village of Carlingford north of Dundalk(G.R. J185115) OS Map 36, on the 9th October.

The earlier suggestion that it might be held in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow has been changed due to accommodation problems resulting in the change of date.

Accommodation has been reserved for up to 100 runners and 20 officials in the Tain Adventure Centre, Omeath, 3km for race start.

Parties travelling from Scotland and Northern England would most likely find it more convenient to travel through Belfast while the Welsh team would be better advised to use Dublin Port rather than Dun Laoghaire. There is almost a direct motorway link from Dublin airport to race area (travel time slightly over one hour) but be advised that car or coach hire in Ireland can be expensive.


10.30 U 14 B/G Start at official finish to turn around 1, back to finish 2.8k,170m

10.50 U 16 Girls Start - turn 1 - finish 4.3k,310m; U 16 Boys Start - turn 2 - finish 5.8k,360m

11.30 U 18 Girls Start - turn 2 - finish 5.8k,360m; U 18 Boys Start - turn 3 - finish 6.8k,470m

12.15 Open race on U 18 Boys Course 6.8k,470m

All courses start from the same spot (except U 14 G/B )and finish together but 0.5km from the start. The international courses only differ in where they are turned back. Each course returns on a small part on the outward leg but I don't expect this to cause a problem with returning runners meeting outgoing runners.

Most of the courses are on tracks of various types, with some of the outgoing ones quite steep, return leg is not as steep. The final 200m of U 18 Boys (ascent) is on steep open mountain with a two-way system to avoid up and down runners
Village Hall Carlingford



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