European Championship

Sunday 12 July, 2009
12:00 AM

Senior men: 3000m at 3%; 2800m at 17%; 2600m at 5%; 2600m at 23%.
Senior women and junior men: 8500m at 8%; 1000m at 25%.
Junior women: 2400m at 4%; 1600m at 19%.

Website: here
Distance and climb:
Senior men: 11.0 km / 1300m (12%)
Senior women & junior men: 9.5 km / 950m (10%)
Junior women: 4.0 km / 400m (10%)

Results of 2008 race on course

Teams will be selected after inter-clubs on 13th June. Full teams comprise four senior men, four senior women, four junior men, and three junior women. Juniors must be born in 1990-1993. The trial race and other form will be used to select the teams. Selection is subject to a high standard of performance in the trial or other races.



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