British & Irish Junior Championships

Saturday 24 September, 2011
12:00 AM
6 (2,2,2) - Moderate Terrain, 200M - 500M ascent, 6Km - 10Km
Route fully marked - Route fully marked

Under 16 course and profile
Under 18 course and profile

near Llanberis, Wales
To be held in north Wales in conjunction with the Commonwealth mountain running championships.

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International categories: Under 18 (born 1993/1994), under 16 (born 1995-1996)
Teams: 4 to run, 3 to score

Trial: Will be held on August 13th in conjunction with trial for World championships.

Selection basis: First two in trial races plus other positions based on trial race, mountain running, and cross-country/road performances in 2010/2011. All selection is subject to the athlete being capable of finishing within 5% of the trial winners time and 15% of the international race winners times. Only athletes who meet the criteria will be selected this means that full teams may not be sent. Selected athletes should be registered with Athletics Ireland.

Trial race details

Previous British and Irish Results
Race distances
Under 16: 6.31 km / 315m
Under 18: 6.77 km / 317m



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