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Turlough ConwayJun 4, 4:50pmHi Folks

Have added a spreadshhet into Event Details unedr organisers instructions.

It containes overall, ascent, deccent and grades for each and percentages as well as places gained and lost.

There seems to be a bigger spread of percentages on the descent. People getting very tired at the end of the race I guess.

You can use excel to sort by whatever column you want to get a better picture of who did well where.

Well done to Stephen Cleary on the fastest descent, Damian Jones and Karen Duggan on most places gained during the descent and ofcourse John Lenihan on the overall win.
Andy WalmsleyJun 3, 9:07pmThanks for the input folks..

John, yes of course I should have been a bit better organised - I will know next time! :-)

The day membership sounds a good idea - I wouldn't mind having to pay slightly more for being a stranger. 17 Euros did seem a bit much for what is quite a low key race though.

See you next year I hope.

Niamh O CeallaighJun 3, 2:15pmHi Andy,

I'm really sorry to hear of the hassle you had getting to the start of the race, but glad to hear you enjoyed the run anyway. Main problem was that the info was somehow posted on the wrong years event.

It was my understanding that travelling runners can get a single day membership to IMRA and race entry for a total of 10 Euro.
I'm not sure if it was a mistake that you were asked for 17 or if things have changed.

Perhaps if you submit your time to the committee, they would include your result, seeing as you are from the UK.


PS does anyone know why the race entry was 10 Euro and not the usual 7 for Carrauntoohill?
John MacEnriJun 3, 1:46pmI think 2 small things would help a situation like Andy's.

1. Vivian's (race director) forum postings which were effectively director's intructions, were tied to the 2002 race rather than 2009 (Not sure how that happened?), so for someone just looking at the event for this year, they would have missed Vivian's instructions.

2. The race registration location could be marked on the course map also, as it is within the area shown on the map. And also include a grid reference for start location and registration location as they never change from year to year.

Andy, if you were getting annual subscription for 7euro, that was a discount. The rest of us pay 10.

To be fair Andy, as someone travelling over for such a race, it would have been wise to ask questions on the forum beforehand, or read the instructions on where you would have seen both the annual subscription fee mentioned, and the fact that the reg form is available online to be filled in beforehand.

Glad you enjoyed the race anyway, you certainly saw it at its best.

Andy WalmsleyJun 3, 1:06pmI travelled over from England to run the Carrauntoohil race, though I ended up running officially. I found it difficult to get any proper information on the location of registration and wasn't really 100% sure of the start venue. I managed to find parking (thanks to a very friendly man at an old farmhouse near the start who also told me where the race started from) and then, after asking runners, had to go another km up the road to registration near Lough Acoose. Standing in the queue I was then told that I wold have to stump up another 7 Euros to join the association on top of the 10 Euro entry fee and was given a form on a clipboard - not an easy thing to fill in whilst stood up for a one-armed man! In the end I gave up and returned to the start area, running the race from the back - unofficially and unregistered, for which I apologise.

It's a shame that the above difficulties took the edge off what was a great event - fantastic course, friendly people and tremendous weather!

I'm all in favour of a low-key event but perhaps online entry should be available for overseas runners and if the location of registration was on the website that would also be helpful.

Sorry to moan - it was a great race and I enjoyed the run and my time in Ireland.

I will be back!
Moire O'SullivanJun 2, 11:23amNice little piece on John Lenihan on MST:
Rich NunanJun 1, 9:33pmSuper Photos John, well done on what must have been a huge effort. You really captured the race and some of irelands mountain running at its best, all in one !!!!
Rene BorgMay 31, 8:21pmCongratulations to John Lenihan for recording yet another victory at Carrauntohil in a streak of wins that will probably stand unbroken forever! Is it 18 now?
Shay FoodyMay 29, 1:11pmThanks folks, I have arranged a lift now.
Shay FoodyMay 29, 9:05amHi, would anyone be able to offer me a lift from Killarney to the event start on Sunday morning? My mobile number is O8seven 986O395, or I may be contacted by email up to 6pm today shay_ie AT yahoo DOT com
james daltonMay 19, 8:53pmthinking of doing this race,does it start at d base or from d car park? whats a good brand of mountain runnin shoes,till i get a pair?cheers in advance 4 any tips!
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