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Johana VankovaMar 3, 8:39pmHi Kevin,

thanks a lot :-) That's ok, I know for sure that number 128 was behind me, because I saw him finishing when I looked back while walking away. But I'm happy now, and those few seconds (I'm a newbie in racing and half a minute is still just a few seconds) doesn't really change anything!

Thanks a mil and I definitely make sure that my number will be notice the next time.

Kevin O'RiordanMar 1, 1:27pmHi Johanna,

I've given you an approximate time of 71 mins. I was a little bit conservative in order to ensure fairness to other competitors. The important thing to note for future races is that your number should be clearly visible when you cross the finish line for results recording purposes.

Mick HanneyFeb 26, 11:41amThanks guys - the more the merrier.
John ShielsFeb 26, 12:03amWell Mick, you did ask. I've put up a report as well.
diarmuid O'ColmainFeb 25, 5:03pmMick there is
Mick HanneyFeb 25, 3:57pmThere must be a race report out there somewhere?
Paul MitchellFeb 24, 5:27pmNo problem Rachel.
Stephen ClearyFeb 24, 4:05pmHi Niamh,
thanks a million for holding onto the jacket. See you at maulin.

Johana VankovaFeb 23, 7:36pmHi Niamh,

thank you. Looking at the pictures of other people I figured out I was somewhere between 69:45 and 70:25. Not to sure where exactly thou. It's partly my own fault, it was my first race and I didn't realise I'm suppose to hand in my number.
It'll be great if my correct time is written down somewhere.

niamh o ceallaighFeb 22, 4:39pmHi Stephen,
Your jacket was picked up and can be collected from Rachel at the Maulin race. It is with the race equipment.
Stephen ClearyFeb 22, 4:36pmHi, I was wondering did anyone pick up a blue running jacket at the start of the race next to the barrier, it was so warm I forgot to look for it after the race;)

Thanks, Stephen.
Mick HanneyFeb 22, 3:05pmTeam prizes for Sli Cualann (Mens) and Raheny Shamrocks (Ladies) can be picked up at the next race.
Mick HanneyFeb 22, 11:19am
Any creative spirits want to have a go at a race report? Eoin - how about one from the race winner :-)
NIamh O CeallaighFeb 21, 7:11pmHi Johanna,
Apologies for the mix up with your result.
We will amend the results with your correct time.
Dave McEFeb 21, 6:40pmCheers Gareth
Gareth LittleFeb 21, 6:36pmHi Dave, check out the below....

I got a pair of Salomon Speedcross 2 trail runners, a great shoe for the mountains!

Pop into the great outdoors and they will be able to give you lots of really good advice. You also get a 10% discount too :)


Hope this helps,

Dave McEFeb 21, 4:11pmLooking for some help to get the right runners. Did my first IMRA run yesterday, really enjoyable. I am looking for any info in relation to trail running shoes, where I can buy them, what types there are, any recommendations from the seasoned runners out there.

Caitlín BentFeb 21, 11:43amWill look in. Thanks Mick.
Mick HanneyFeb 21, 10:14amCaitlin - dog captured here... Dog wasn't wearing a no. so couldn't tag him/her
Rene BorgFeb 20, 11:01pmTeam results are up.
Caitlín BentFeb 20, 7:30pmA very enjoyable race today. My thanks to Niamh and all concerned. The marking was spot on. Just a little gripe - A race competitor passed me along the way with a dog on a lead which I believe is out of order for obvious reasons. Did anyone else spot him?
Johana VankovaFeb 20, 4:53pmHi,

it was my first race ever. I really enjoyed the run and the atmosphere. It was well organised and I had fun. Thought I did really well, it was 12:16 when I checked my phone after finishing. So I was really looking forward to see my result (at about 75 mins or bit less I guess)in compare with the others...and now I'm listed as a second last one, with 127 mins....How did that happened?
It spoiled the joy little bit..
Eoin BradyFeb 20, 3:37pmI agree with Mick. Thanks organisers! Really well run, lovely atmosphere and great fun.
Mick HanneyFeb 20, 3:18pmThanks Niamh and volunteers for a great race today in a wonderful wintery setting.
Rene BorgFeb 20, 10:34amThat should be "First mountain run". Last is a tad ominous...
Rene BorgFeb 20, 10:33amGreat stuff Stephane, enjoy your last mountain run, it should be about 45 hours shorter than your last race!
Brendan PollardFeb 19, 8:46pmKevin O'Riordan: Apologies for late reply but Kevin if you see this can you contact me on 0868178657. I live up at Lanesborough beside Charlestown. A lift tomorrow would save me a lot of hassle. I could meet you at Tolka Rovers or wherever suited you.
Brendan Pollard
Stephane PradinesFeb 19, 7:24pmIt's OK, i think I found a lift. I didn't see "carpool".

Stephane PradinesFeb 19, 7:10pmHi,

I am the young French ultra-runner. I'm sorry to write so late but i look for a lift for the race tomorrow.
Rene Borg helped me but for the moment anyone (just one person but he live in Dun Laoghaire so it's not very good for him).

So I'm interested by a lift. I live in Tallaght (near the hospital) but I can move (City center or somewhere else).

Thank you very much for your help.

Stephane Pradines
Catherine DevittFeb 19, 6:16pmHi Gary,

Great. I am just opposite the Tesco's in Sandymount - so how about I meet you there at 9.45 tomorrow morning. It is in Tesco village. Great if you can email me your number just in case i need to cntact you,

Emma HandFeb 19, 4:52pmHi Catherine,
I'd love a lift if you've still got space and can help out with petrol etc. Where are you leaving from in Sandymount? Is there somewhere I can park? Alternatively, I can meet you somewhere along the N11 if you can think of anywhere suitable. I've left my car in the Foxrock car park before.
My ph is 0876849235 if you need to contact me.
Dave McEFeb 19, 3:31pmcheers for the feedback Jason.
Brendan HoganFeb 18, 2:20pmGreat, Thanks for the help and advice. See you on Saturday morning.
Gareth LittleFeb 18, 2:13pmHi Brendan,

Going by your previous experience and times you will be fine for the Tibradden race. As this is your first race just go at your own pace and you will soon get into a comfortable routine. As stated previously, just bring along €17 (€10 annual membership / €7 race fee) and you will be all set to go! Looks like it could be a bit cold / frosty on the day so bring some extra clothes and perhaps and hat and gloves. Have a look at what other people are wearing too and you should be right. Good luck, Gareth
Brendan HoganFeb 18, 2:00pmHi,

I have been thinking of entering a race for a while now. I had planned on starting with maulin but have just seen this race on this weekend. One thing I am concered of is my level of fitness. Would this be a good race to start out in? Any help, advice appreciated. As a bench mark, I ran a 10k road race in phoenix park in 50mins approx the last 2 years, And completed GF6 for the past 2 years in 6 hrs 22 mins (exact time 2 years in a row..!). My fitness is relatively similar to what it was then.


Sean BroderickFeb 17, 5:45pmHey guys,

Anyone planning a doing a recce of the route Thursday evening? I cannot make the race on Saturday morning but I would love to do the route tomorrow evening. I dont know the route so if anyone knows the route and wants to do a training run let me know.
sbroderick at

Sean BroderickFeb 17, 5:44pmHey guys,

Anyone planning a doing a recce of the route Thursday evening? I cannot make the race on Saturday morning but I would love to do the route tomorrow evening. I dont know the route so if anyone knows the route and wants to do a training run let me know.

Rene BorgFeb 17, 2:03pmHi all,

I've got a young French ultra-runner, Crusaders and exchange student (some intro) who's looking to go to his first mountain race on Saturday.

He lives in Tallaght but trains out of Irishtown, so could probably arrange to meet anyone crossing within the vicinity of that area.
Gary WardFeb 17, 2:00pmHi Catherine,

I would love a lift out on Saturday. I live just across the East Link so only a few minutes walk away. Where in Sandymount would be a good place to meet? Happy of course to help with petrol etc.

Jason KehoeFeb 16, 10:01amMy own recommendations:

Bring a range of clothes for last minute decision - take a look at what others are wearing during their warmup.

Nice calm day:
Technical running t-shirt

Windy cold day:
Longsleeve technical running top

Rainy day:
Longsleeve or tech t-shirt
Lightweight rain resistant running jacket

Dave McEFeb 16, 9:48amPlanning to do my first IMRA run on the 20th of this month. Usually only do road races so looking for any recommendations on clothing. Is it the norm or do you need light running jacket, heavy weather top etc.

Justin ReaFeb 14, 4:44pmI ran recce of route during the week. It is pretty easy to follow.

The race will start along the forest road rather than up the way marked Dublin Way, you join the way further up the hill, and follow new trail till you meet Wicklow Way, turn left here, then route is easy to find up to Fairy Castle. Watch out for left turn coming down towards comms masts, this path joins Wicklow Way again at left turn, then you join up with the trail back to Tibradden.

Route is mostly on paths with one rocky patch on descent and traverse of Two Rock mountain. Fair climb in the first 2km, then pretty flat until Two Rock.

Great route for a Winter League race.
Catherine DevittFeb 13, 12:37amHi!
I will be leaving from Sandymount village and travelling south along N11 if anyone requires a lift. Leave Sandymount around 9.45 - 3 spaces available.

Brian CarolanFeb 11, 1:19pmI'm thinking of heading down to do a recce at some stage over the next week or so.

As someone with no sense of direction who would have trouble directing a seagull to the coast how easy is the route to find/follow?

Niamh O'CeallaighFeb 9, 1:10pmIMPORTANT NOTICE RE FIXTURES:

Contrary to what is printed in the paper calendar, the next race is Tibradden on Saturday 20th February, 11am. Please refer to the event page for further details.

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