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vanessa salllierJun 6, 7:52amHi, I am flying on the 29th with Aer ligus, arriving @ 20h20 in Zurich. We have room for 2 more athletes (3 if we squeeze!) so let me know if you are interrested. I am flying back on 3 July with Aer Lingus. I have provisionnaly booked a hotel (Gasthol Alfenz) but someone wants to share a house/apartment, I would be interrested.
I will send a few pictures from Buhlertal in the next few days and a report, promise!
Gerry BradyMay 27, 12:16pmEntries close in mid-June for an event that Ireland has had a lot of success in. Please let me know if you are interested in travelling. Some photos by David Bell of the recent World Masters and a race report by Anne Sandford are now on the IMRA event page. Are you ready to wear the green!
Gerry BradyMar 19, 4:29pmCan anyone interested in World Masters on 1st July, email me at Entry fee is 35 euro and must be paid before 16th June. Link to event website and flight options on IMRA event page, see

This event is held every two years and has five-years individual categories but ten-years team categories. In Spain in 2010, Ireland had some excellent results including: Individual gold medals for Donna Mahon (Rathfarnham W35) and Helen White (Sportsworld W45) and team gold for the Women 45-54 team. Silver for Stephen Duncan (Omagh Harriers M35) and Anne Sandford (Newcastle W45). Bronze medals for Barry Minnock (Rathfarnham M35), Tish McCann (Mourne Runners W45) and Mags Greenan (Clonliffe W50). Silver team medals in the Mens 35-44 and bronze in the Womens 35-44 categories,
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