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Francis CosgraveJul 28, 4:28amWonderful running, great ascent Brian and everyone else, you done the Irish proud.
Gerry BradyJul 25, 11:56pmVideo link on IMRA home page updated to longer clip of race.
patrick barryJul 24, 11:36pmIt is a proxy server your are referring to. There are free and subscription ones available
Barry MooreJul 24, 11:26pmGuide says there’s a repeat on S4C Friday night at 10
Mick HanneyJul 24, 10:48pmI watched it on S4C when it was on Sunday night. Great coverage - even if I didn't understand what was being said, apart from Brian McMahon's name lots of times :-)

The online version only displays in the UK. There is software you can download for a nominal fee or on trial which will make it look like you are in the UK. A quick google search gave me this one. Vpn Traffic. I haven't trialed it so can't vouch for it.
NIamh O CeallaighJul 24, 10:09pmWell done all! Superb results. Great to see Irish shirts up the front.
Has anyone had any luck watching the s4c coverage from Ireland?
patrick barryJul 24, 12:33amI have just watched it on the S4C catch up service

Not sure if it will work in Ireland.
cormac o ceallaighJul 23, 1:37pm Brillant results! That was one of the strongest mens teams of recent times. Plenty to build on there for next year.Super ascent time by Brian .Well done to all the runners who travelled over.
Jason KehoeJul 23, 12:03pmFantastic racing by all the lads. I hope you enjoyed the amazing atmosphere and the 5miles up and down. It's such a challenging race and the descent is a test of skill and physical endurance.

Savage running by Brian Mc' mixing it with the best on his début and Brian Furey shaving over 9 minutes off his 2008 time.

Brian O' ConnorJul 23, 8:10amWell done to all the Irish team. Ye did us proud for sure. Great race. Brian is a legend. To prove it check out a video on utube my brother got of him. It's called "Brian McMahon snowdon 2012" . Brian was at the finish line as i was only on the summit. Great to meet ye on the ferry this morning also. Well done again.
Brian O' Connor
Mick HanneyJul 22, 7:38pmHighlights of race are on S4C later this evening. 9pm I think.
Rene BorgJul 22, 6:54pmThis one is my favourite:

Brian McMahon leading up Andi Jones (before he retired midway) with the two Scottish lads trying to hang in there.
Rene BorgJul 22, 6:48pmPictures from yesterday:
Rene BorgJul 22, 6:48pmAll finishers from Ireland, international and not, with ascent and descent times and finishes. Team scores as well:


1. Murray Strain, SCOTLAND 22:58
2. Carl Bell, MALE OPEN 23:01
3. Fabio Ruga ITALY 23:18
12. Amidou Dembele, Crusaders AC 25:02
13. Stephen Cleary 25:08
18. Brian Furey 25:21
19. Johnny Steede, NORTHERN IRELAND 25:23
26. Brian McMahon 25:59
28. Gavin Mulholland, NORTHERN IRELAND 26:08
74. Sarah Mulligan 29:58
83. Jonathan McCloy, NORTHERN IRELAND 30:33
143. Paul McAnespie NORTHERN IRELAND 33:06
156. Ian Conroy 33:28
161. Brian Mullins, St. Finbarrs 33:40
186. Karen O’Hanlon 34:29
190. Gillian Wasson, NORTHERN IRELAND 34:33
213. Anne Sandford, NORTHERN IRELAND 35:23
253. Hazel McLaughlin, NORTHERN IRELAND 36:32
349. Thomas Galvin, Glenasmole 40:03
353. Dave Jones, Newcastle AC 40:12

1. Brian McMahon 41:46
2. Murray Strain, SCOTLAND 42:12
3. Robbie Simpson, SCOTLAND 43:16
11. Ian Conroy 45:58
23. Gavin Mulholland 48:46
24. Brian Furey 48:54
28. Johnny Steede 50:01
31. Stephen Cleary 50:18
61. Amidou Dembele, Crusaders AC 54:47
64. Paul McAnespie, NORTHERN IRELAND 55:02
69. Sarah Mulligan 55:33
97. Jonathan McCloy NORTHERN IRELAND 58:02
141. Karen O’Hanlon 60:54
153. Gillian Wasson, NORTHERN IRELAND 61:43
159. Brian Mullins, St. Finbarrs 62:30
211. Anne Sandford, NORTHERN IRELAND 65:48
265. Hazel McLaughlin, NORTHERN IRELAND 68:52
338. Dave Jones, Newcastle AC 72:59
382. Thomas Galvin, Glenasmole 76:01

TEAM RESULT (best 3 finishers)

1. Scotland 8
2. Italy 31
3. Wales 37
4. Salomon France 39
5. Ireland 42
6. Northern Ireland 63


1. England 10
2. Scotland 25
3. Wales 26
4. Northern Ireland 42
Gerry BradyJul 22, 10:56amThanks Douglas. Some photos from James Kevan uploaded.
Douglas BarryJul 21, 6:38pmHere's a list of previous Irish times that I happen to have. Will probably need revision. Douglas

John Lenihan 1 64-12 1989
John Lenihan 2 64-34 1986
John Lenihan 3 64-42 1995
Robin Bryson 4 65-17 1987
Robin Bryson 6 65-23 1985
John Lenihan 3 65-23 1990
Robin Bryson 5 66-23 1989
Robin Bryson 5 66-35 1994 O
Eamon McMahon 6 67-28 1990
Eamon McMahon 7 67-28 1991
Eamon McMahon 10 67-45 1992
Gerry Brady 8 67-39 1991
Gerry McGrath 10 67-52 1986
Gerry McGrath 10 68-08 1991
Robin Bryson 12 69-02 1986
John O'Connell 10 69-04 1989
Tommy Jordan 14 69-05 1992
Tommy Jordan 13 69-09 1990
Tommy Jordan 13 69-11 1991 O
Gerry Healy 14 69.15 1991
John O'Connell 15 69-23 1991 O
Tommy Jordan 22 70-02 1995
Gerry Brady 17 70-04 1990 O
Tommy Jordan 23 70-28 1993
Gerry McGrath 20 70-55 1985
Tommy McElwaine 28 71-22 1995 O
Francis Cosgrave 29 71-50 1995
Bob Lawlor 32 72-02 1995 O
Tommy McElwaine 30 72-18 1993
Pat Farrelly 28 72-58 1987
Gerry Hickson 27 73-19 1992
Martin McDonald 39 73-21 1995
John O'Connell 43 73-28 1993
Bob Lawlor 44 73-30 1993
Willie Guiney 41 73-36 1995 O
Brendan Doyle 35 73-39 1990 O
Seamus Waters (J) 31 74-37 1988
Justin May 42 75-41 1985
Aengus O'Cleirigh 40 75-53 1992
Jimmy Synnott 43 76-16 1988
Willie Maher 62 76-20 1993
Terry Swords 46 76-23 1988
William McAuliffe 49 76-48 1986
William McAuliffe 48 75-33 1987
Wally Young 50 75-48 1987
Niall Diamond 58 77-24 1990 O
Michael Deasy 59 77-28 1987 O
William McAuliffe 56 77-48 1985 O
Dick Boland 52 78-05 1991 O
Brendan Doyle 54 78-14 1991 O
Michael Deasy 60 78-23 1986 O
Rene BorgJul 21, 5:49pmThanks for the result Gerry, team resting in the hotel now after a dramatic day on the hill with pre-race favourite Andi Jones pulling out midway. Brian McMahon led to the top and was caught on the first third of the descent by Murray Strain and Robbie Simpson. Sadly he lost third spot only on the last k but we think he may gain consolation in having won the new "uphill sprint" - fastest man up the two staircases Allt Moses and Allt Criocht (spelling?).

Also running, for the 15th time, Tommy Galvin. 373rd in 1:56.

I put up some photos on Facebook:

Will see if I can upload them here when we get back from Llanberis.
Gerry BradyJul 21, 4:39pmResults:

Fourth for both Brian MacMahon and Sarah Mulligan in Snowdon. Brian led at the summit and Sarah was third. See IMRA event page for more details.

1. Murray Strain (SCO) 65:10
2. Robbie Simpson (SCO) 66:43
3. Fabio Ruga (ITA) 67:25
4. Brian MacMahon (IRE) 67:45
16. Brian Furey (IRE) 74:15
19. Stephen Cleary (IRE) 75:26
22. Ian Conroy (IRE) 79:26

13. Amidou Dembele 79:49

1. Tessa Hill (CAN) 81:26
2. Helen Fines (ENG) 83:10
3. Katie Walshaw (ENG) 84:22
4. Sarah Mulligan (IRE) 85:31
12. Karen O'Hanlon (IRE) 95:23
Gerry BradyJul 20, 6:54pmNiamh

There is mention of us here:

The teams are:

Senior men
Stephen Cleary (Clonliffe)
Ian Conroy (Raheny Shamrock)
Brian Furey (Rathfarnham)
Brian MacMahon (Clonliffe)

Senior women
Sarah Mulligan (DSD)
Karen O’Hanlon (Dunleer)

Manager: Rene Borg (Crusaders)
Niamh OCeallaighJul 20, 5:54pmSo, who made the team? I don't see any team announced here. The are no international Irish listed on the Snowdon website. Good luck whoever you are. Enjoy it and make sure and treat yourselves in "Pete's Eats"!
Niamh OCeallaighJul 20, 5:53pmSo, who made the team? I don't see any team announced here. The are no international Irish listed on the Snowdon website. Good luck whoever you are. Enjoy it and make sure and treat yourselves in "Pete's Eats"!
Brian O' ConnorJul 9, 8:00pmhello Rene,
Ive entered already. We are travelling over on the thur night ferry and back on the sunday ferry also. We will walk the course friday. There are some English rock climbing friends of mine coming over to climb and support us, Accommodation is sorted also. Thank you for your help and hopefully we will meet up over there.
Kind Regards,
Rene BorgJun 30, 10:17amhi Brian,

I'm taking the Irish team (names to be confirmed here shortly) over this year and with us will be travelling Amidou Dembele, Tommy Galvin and possibly one more person, so at least a contingent of 11 by the looks of it.

We are going over on the Dunlaoghaire ferry leaving just after Noon and returning around 10 on Sunday. if you book yourself in, I may be able to get you onto the transportation that the organisers are sending to pick us up.

Most hotels are booked out now, so hope you have accommodation sorted, otherwise email me (rene at championseverywhere dot com) and I can give you some advice on places to stay. We're in the Padarn Lake Hotel but it is full AFAIK. We are also booked into The Heights restaurant for a healthy meal the day before. There's limits to how many they can take but if interested in going, let me know and I'll see if they have space. Dinner will be around 20:00 and there'll be a short walk up the early parts of the course before it.

Also if anyone else is going and wants to be in touch feel free to email me. We can't promise we can help with arrangements as we had to book the team in early but I'll do my best for you.

Brian O' ConnorJun 29, 6:22pmHello, are there many Irish doing the snowdon race this year?
Rene BorgMar 22, 9:37amEntries for the Snowdon race are almost sold out. 150 yesterday, 100 left today, so best book now to avoid disappointment for the Irish runners planning to do this:
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