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Paul SmythMay 19, 1:58pmMick,

There is one sure fire way to fix this problem and that is to disqualify anyone who

doesn't register fully
doesn't sign in
runs with the wrong number

Having been responsible for the sign-in sheets at a recent event I can say that it is a messy job and it would be easy to mislay a sheet. Another problem is that people are in a hurry and you are relying on them filling in their name legibly (a forlorn hope at the best of times). I propose instead that for each race the RD brings a print out of all the people registered this year and that people sign-in beside their name. In other words combine the sign-in sheet with the list of competitors numbers. That way people can check their numbers while signing in and you get a legible copy of the name beside the signature. The printout should have numbered pages so that it is easy to tell if a sheet is missing.

Important and all as discussions are on the forum, my gut feeling is that there are a lot of IMRA runners who probably don't regularly read them, perhaps focussing on the posts relevant to a particular race instead. IMRA needs a way to communicate policies and rules to members that is independent of the forums and which is going to reach everyone.
Mick HanneyMay 19, 1:37pmI did a bit of analysis on the Carrick results versus the sign-in sheets prompted by Ian's post about a result being listed for his no. when he wasn't actually in the race.

Whatever about the parking debates, this particular issue has safety implications and people need to take it seriously.

I compared the race results with the sign-ins and found that more than 20 runners are on the results but NOT on the sign-ins. One logical explanation is that I'm missing a sign-in sheet with details on it. I fear the more obvious solution is simply that this many people didn't sign in. Others signed in listing no number
Others signed in with illegible numbers / names.

If you don't sign in or don't sign in clearly we do not know you are on the mountain. This has safety implications for runners and organisers alike.

It seems like there needs to be an overhead at registration for a volunteer to ensure the flow of monies paid, numbers taken and sign-in made. If runners are unsure about their race no. please double check in advance or against the runners list which is at registration.
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