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Ronan HickeyJun 7, 4:24pmBest 8 races from the last 2 years

Unless of course you're a Gemini, or the moon is waxing gibbous, in which case....

Any chance we could get the %s added back into the runners results pages? There's room for both camps surely!

Brian O'MurchuJun 7, 4:13pmHow does this points system work? The last x number of races?
Shane MullaneyMay 22, 10:07pmThanks for the reply running is a science or so they say.
Peter O'FarrellMay 22, 7:50pmEnduro points calculate how you did when compared to the middle third of the field (base points) and then add an amount of difficulty to that answer(race points) - subjectively.

As long as the percentage points are still in place on an individual race result page you can easily see how you did in any given race - objectively.

Having base points and race points on the runners results page without percentage points makes that page less informative as most people have no intuitive understanding of either of the two metrics.

Paraphrasing a previous post on this - "if they are not intuitive they give no added value"

I understood from a previous forum post they were to be taken down but in fairness there are other more pressing matters for the website managers to deal with I'm sure.

This "studying" lark is great, the garden is weeded, the house cleaned and now I've even replied to forum posts I didn't need to!!
Alan AylingMay 22, 5:29pmSort of like the Gordian knot of Irish mountain running - something to which no one has been able to figure out the solution, but whoever does will become master of IMRA...

I think there was some discussion on the matter on the 2011 forum if you fancy trawling.
Shane MullaneyMay 22, 12:00pmJust curious to know what the Enduro points mean?
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