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John ShielsJul 2, 9:41amPhotos posted, let the tagging commence
John ShielsJul 2, 7:54amHi Daragh,
I was out taking photos on a voluntary basis but was to busy with the day job, family etc. to get around to uploading them. If I get a minute today 'll try to get them uploaded.
Daragh O'ConnorJul 1, 6:41pmHi

Who was the official photographer guy taking photos throughout the race. Does he upload these onto a website for viewing.

Jason KehoeJun 29, 12:37pmHi,

Well done Jim on a well organised ship. You can catch a few words from this shy and reclusive organiser at the end of this video. I caught the race start and finishers.


Rene BorgJun 29, 8:56amTeam results are up.
Jennifer O'MalleyJun 29, 7:43amHey
Just after seeing the results now.i had an early start and i didnt keep a time.please add 30 mins if that is ok??I gave my number to someone at the start to say i was starting sorry for thr hassle
Berndt HeimJun 28, 11:10pmI was an early starter also, 130mins is about right.
Jim FitzharrisJun 28, 1:37pmThanks Bronagh.

Anoher female runner just pointed this out to me offline!

If Jennifer can supply a time, the record can be changed or, alternatively, 30 minutes can be added as you suggest.


Bronagh CheethamJun 28, 1:11pmthanks Jim and team for a v well organised race and well marked route...tks to Peter too for saving me re-running the course!! (almost going wrong at the end)

Jim / Kevin - Im sure Jennifer O'Malley wont mind me pointing out a correction in results - she did the early course with me and came in after myself and Mary. Im not sure where but adding 30mins to her results would correct this and therefore alter the female results.
Brendan LawlorJun 28, 12:39pmWell done and thank you to Jim and his team for a lovely race last night
Jim FitzharrisJun 28, 12:16pmI have the following prize vouchers from last night:-

3rd male: Conor Short
M40: Bernard Fortune
2nd female: Jennifer O'Malley

I forgot to put them back in the RD box but I will mind them and as I plan to be at the next few races, hopefully they will soon be united with their legitimate owners!



Jim FitzharrisJun 28, 11:24amDoes anyon have a current email address for Karen O'Hanlon?

Please contact me directly at jim dot fitzharris (at) smurfitkappa dot com or text me on 086-809 0525.


warren swordsJun 28, 11:12amGreat race last night. Total sufferfest and that was just the start line with the midges.

Thanks to organisers, volunteers and marshals.
Jim FitzharrisJun 28, 11:02amHi all,

As race director for Seefingan, I just want to thank all the volunteers who did such a great job helping out last night. As is always the case, everyone on the team gave up their time willingly and undertook whatever tasks they were asked to do without complaint.

An RD’s job is made much easier when you get a volunteer corps of that calibre. You can thank them for all that went right with the race but blame me for anything that went wrong!

Thankfully, all appeared to go well. The weather gods were kind to us, no one got lost and there no serious injuries. The midges were less forgiving but if that is all we have to complain about, we are alright.

I have sent the results file to the technical experts to be uploaded to the website. I suspect there may be a few results missing so if you do spot any omissions, please let us know and we will try to rectify them.


Torben DahlJun 27, 3:05pmI will leave from the pub at 5.45 if some of the volunteers want to car pool from there.

Joseph MooneyJun 27, 2:45pmCan whoever booked a spot in my car drop me a text please, just incase someone did it by accident and I end up waiting for noone. Cheers. Joe
David RouseJun 27, 12:43pmCar now full.
Paul O'GradyJun 27, 12:31pmHere Here Jim,

I always thought that the Races Directors instructions were lacking a nice bit of latin - always adds and air of authority!!
Joseph MooneyJun 27, 12:03pmAdded my car to the carpool but the time didn't show up. I'll be leaving at 6.15. If anyone wants a lift, drop me a text at 087 7487716
Jim FitzharrisJun 27, 10:58amReply to John Barry about volunteer car pooling.

If the volunteers can car pool, that would be great.

That said, I do need people there early so it may not always work out, especially as some volunteers will come later and there may be different departure times.


Jim FitzharrisJun 27, 10:56amOne small plea.

If anyone coming tonight has one of those power inverters (gizmo that sticks into 12v socket in car and has a normal three-pin plug socket in it) can you bring it along? The IMRA unit is acting up and we will need the laptop for a while. You will get it back after the race.


Jim FitzharrisJun 27, 10:47amHi all,

Just a few points about the Seefingan race tonight. If you are running the race, READ THIS!

As Ercus Stewart will verify: “ignorantia juris non excusat” – ignorance of the law is no defence !

Yes, it is the same old message! It is good to see a number of arrangements being made already. Parking is very tight at this venue with just a narrow mountain road and no friendly farmer’s field. Please make you own arrangements or else use Aherne’s Pub – there will be marshal there in an orange hig-viz jacket. No single occupancy cars PLEASE. You can always travel up in one car and come back in a different one allowing for different finishing times, etc.

Car parking
Follow the marshals’ instructions. We will use the space on the west side before the gate (a little) and on the east side after it (a lot). Parking will be on the side of the road in lines of 5 cars followed by a double-length free space to allow passing cars. If you arrive late and see a nice 30 foot gap, no, it is NOT your lucky night – keep going until directed by a marshal! There will be at least 4 of them so no excuses! Park as tight to the side of the road as possible. Do not argue with the marshals – they are volunteers. Abuse of a marshal is an automatic DQ.

Early start etc.
Seefingan is the longest course in the Leinster League. At 12 km, it is equivalent to at least running 15 km on the road allowing for climb and terrain (it will be soft!). If this sounds like a bridge too far, just do the short course – you are still credited with a LL finish. If you decide to head to Seefingan and then regret it, just turn back – we will credit you with a short course finish. The forecast is for reasonable weather but with a lot of low cloud and fog so tonight is NOT the one where you push the boat out and try for a PB in terms of distance!

Early starts are permissible – just time yourself and notify the helpers at the finish. Anyone who starts early and does a time of <160% of the winner will have their time adjusted.

There is no mandatory kit requirement because the weather is mild but bring whatever will help you in terms of a light jacket, water, etc. – you will be out there for a while and we do not provide water at the finish. Expect plenty of midges in these humid conditions so bring insect repellent.

After all the draconian stuff, just come along, enjoy the race and have a well-earned drink in the pub afterwards!


Alan DolanJun 26, 9:58pmHi

If anyone is heading to Seefingan 2moro and needs to carpool im looking for a lift. Number is 0863361085

ciaran kellyJun 26, 9:34pmHi folks,
2 spaces available from Liffey Valley / City West area.

Leaving Lucan 6.00

City West 6.15

086 88 44 629
Niamh HartnettJun 26, 8:33pmTwo spaces available from Lwr Baggott Street 5.45pm.

Email: niamh_hartnett @ ya hoo. co. uk or text zero87 602606zero
David RouseJun 26, 4:39pm2 spaces from Ballsbridge at 6pm- driver is a volunteer so leaving race site late.

Email dave rouse @ g mail . com
John J BarryJun 26, 3:12pmJim,

Are the Volunteers Car Pooling?

Cathal Kearney and I will be travelling together (from Blackrock). I could pick up one or two more from Aherns about 5:40.

Jim FitzharrisJun 26, 1:58pmThanks again to all who have volunteered for Seefingan tomorrow night. Without your help, this race could not take place.

I have a few requests:-

Could I ask all volunteers to be at the start at 6 pm if possible. If this is too early for you, just let me know by email (jim dot fitzharris (at) smurfitkappa dot com) or text 086-809 0525. Similarly, if any volunteer must leave by a certain time after the race is over, please let me know. There is no issue but it helps me allocate pre and post race duties. I have a draft schedule done but this will help me to refine it.

Could one of the non running volunteers act as car-pooling marshal at Aherne's Pub? It would suit someone who has to travel out that way. A high-viz jacket would be useful in that role as well. Again, please contact me if you can do this.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening.


Jim FitzharrisJun 26, 1:47pmDaragh,

You should be well able for this race on that basis.

In any IMRA race, you can always turn back or do the short course if you feel you have taken on too much but I think that this is unlikely.

As regards car pooling, just go to Aherne's and look out for people who look like they are getting ready for a hill run! I will try to have someone there organising car-pooling.



Daragh O'Connor Jun 26, 1:23pmHi

First timer to the straight mountain running. Iv done gaelforce, War Glendalough/powers court ,CAC etc before and fancy a bit of straight running with no bike. just wondering is this one more advanced or would I be ok to turn up.

Also the car pooling how do I organise this I'm coming on my own. Will there be people just waiting in Aherns Pub in Oldbawn carpark for lifts?

Stephen BrennanJun 25, 5:49pmSorry Jim, I can't volunteer after all. Hope the weather holds out for you and the race goes well. Stephen
Jim FitzharrisJun 25, 3:43pmHi Martin,

I will not say no to your offer no because someone could drop out at the last moment!


Martin BagnallJun 25, 9:35amHi Jim,

I'm available as a non running volunteer if you still need people.

Jean O'NeillJun 22, 7:55pmI have just looked at the map of the course-do we run clockwise or anti-clockwise?
Ercus StewartJun 21, 10:10pmI will act as runner volunteer if needed, Ercus - estewart- at -
Stephen BrennanJun 21, 2:37pmJim,

Have added my name as a running volunteer but I can switch to non-running if needed.

Padraic RyanJun 21, 11:41amHi Jim,

I could do non-running volunteer - might save this race for next year..!

Have no login yet - email is

Richard KieranJun 20, 11:51pmHi Jim,
I won't be running - doing the Kilruddery 10K the evening before!
Paul O'GradyJun 20, 4:57pmCan you put the technophobe Aedamar O'Neill down as a helper please?
Jim FitzharrisJun 20, 1:46pmThat is great Vivian.

Conor, the race marker, has been in touch with me and we will have a rota for marking/marshalling so if you can do Seahan, that would be perfect.

Unfortunately, I will not then pass you on that summit thus depriving me of the opportunity for some gentle banter but no doubt we will get a chance to do that before the race starts!


Vivian O'GormanJun 20, 1:22pmHi Jim,

I can do marshall on Seahan knees n' all!!
Jim FitzharrisJun 20, 12:04pmRichard,

Glad to have you on board - I still need helpers for this race!

Are you non running or running?


Richard KieranJun 19, 9:51pmHi,
I would like to volunteer if you need any more helpers at this race.
Conor O'MearaJun 14, 11:34pmSummit of Seefingan:
While last year we ran to the Cairn, technically the post is the summit on all maps. As race marker this year, I propose to run to the post as per 2010. Apart from anything else, the race is long enough at 12+ km.

Recee last sunday, very wet up there, but that's nothing unusual, always is !!
Trail or mountain shoes are a must.
Jim FitzharrisJun 14, 12:56pmSorry, one extra point.

We do not have a Deputy RD for this race yet. It would be an ideal oportunity for someone to "learn the ropes" thus giving them the confidence to act as RD at a future race.

For this event in particular, if we are still awaiting errant runners coming in quite late at the finish, the Deputy RD could go back to the pub and get the ball rolling wrt results, prizes, etc.


Jim FitzharrisJun 14, 12:52pmI am doing RD for Seefingan in just under two weeks.

Firstly, thanks to all those who have volunteered so far - much appreciated.

Secondly, it is timely now to issue an appeal for more volunteers. This is the longest race in the Leinster League calendar so there is a special need for plenty of marshals for the various summits and junctions. We also need some "strong-arm" types for the marshalling the car parking!

You can volunteer online or just send a posting to the Forum.

Finally, does anyone know if the pub, Aherne's, is aware that we will be there on the night? If not, I can drop in and let them know.



Padraig ReillyJun 13, 5:42pmCan you put me down as a non - running volunteer for the Seefingan race please .
Padraig Reilly
Dermot MurphyMay 31, 8:49pmDone!
Caitlin BentMay 31, 4:47pmCan you put Tom Galvin down as a running volunteer please.
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