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Rene BorgJul 24, 9:22amTeam results are up and confirm the medal positions previous to the event (UCD, Sli Cualann, Crusaders). The overall file has been damaged so it will take me a few days to put it back together again.
John ShielsJul 22, 8:38pmJust uploaded a few shots from Wednesday's race and will do yesterday's ( Mweelrea)in a few minutes.
Paul O' ConnorJul 21, 10:59amMick, thanks very much for sorting out the results.

Brian, nice report. Looks like you were directly behind me, may have been speaking to you at the end. I also saw that guy pegging it down the initial section of the descent and was also very impressed by his complete lack of sense of self-preservation!
Brian O'ConnorJul 21, 12:39amHey,
I posted a review of this race.
Check it out and let me know what you think!
Mick HanneyJul 19, 8:46pmBoth 1019 and 1009 are listed in the updated set of results which will be uploaded in due course.
Aidan KellyJul 19, 8:35pmHi

On the results my result from last night isn't showing, I'm not aware if race number 1019 took part last night but this may have been consfused with my number 1009 at the sprint to the finish.
Mick HanneyJul 19, 7:25pmSome tweaks made to results as a result of feedback so that will be up in due course.
Niamh O'GormanJul 19, 6:51pmthanks a million, best bbq yet!...and ive been to many many sugar loaf bbqs!! claire i think you are talking about the jammie creamy almond buns. As many mountain runners know at this stage if you are hungry after a race you pretend to talk to vivian o' gorman in a bid to find out if denise (Creator of said buns) has come along bearing delicious treats!
warren swordsJul 19, 5:41pmGreat race, fitting event to finish the LL. This race feels harder each year, the pain! Great hoodies.

Thanks to all
Richard NunanJul 19, 3:12pm
Phew we were lucky with the weather !!!

Just a quick note to say thanks to all the Volunteers that helped out last-night at the Race and the BBQ. I think in General the rate of Volunteering has been up on last year apart from laptop Operator. Great inventive by Brendan, Mountain Rescue and other Clubs to manage races, so hopefully that continues into next year. So well done to all!!

Thanks again to Angus Tomas for assisting with the marking, de-marking and Sweeping of racers who went astray. Best of Luck to Tamas who now leaves our shores to Study in Oslo.

Lastly well done to the winners - Jenny McCauley and Peter O Farrell, a relaxed minute ahead of the scramble between the next 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The parking of the silver vehicle at the start/finish obstructing the course providing. Well done to Jack Lawlor and Kate McDonald on winning the Juniors.
Jeff FitzsimonsJul 19, 2:00pmAs you are mentioning arrows, Peter & Angus, I picked one up from the verge opposite the back car park entrance of Marley last night.

I have it in the car and will give it to someone responsible the next time I see them. I know, the arrow may be in my car for a long time!
peter o'farrellJul 19, 1:57pmFair play on marshalling and rounding up the soul ladies Angus.

Arrows are the job, there should never be blocking lines of tape. Only put tape where you want people to go. Blocking lines of tape are the echoing manifestation of a (currently) discredited marking system! Much like static stretching!

Normally I'd give out about lines of tape across paths, they are not part of the marking guidelines and can cause confusion but I think in this case that poor lady was simply destined to go wrong, at one point I was wishing a random line of tape was the finishing line too :)

Still, at least she had her phone in one hand and your concern in the other..
Mick HanneyJul 19, 1:29pmWell done Richard for a well organised evening.

Thanks Fiona for the help on the laptop. With luck a laptop course will be arranged for interested parties in the new year like was the case for the 1st aiders. Its relatively straightforward but its a vital cog in the IMRA machine.

Thanks James & co. on the numbers recording front. There was so many bunch finishers there was no way we could have recorded them without your help.

Lastly, who was the not so bright spark (runner) that parked their landrover jeep at the limited parking at the GAA entrance and in so doing blocked what would normally be the a potential finishing track - which added spice then to the shake-up for 2nd, 3rd and 4rd places. Its a bit Irish to think you can park at the finish line!
claire McEnteeJul 19, 12:43pmThanks an absolute million for last nights race, the organisers did a great joh, I took a spill on the way up the hill and finished with a face like a thunder cloud.. ( Im thinking racing flats do not lend themselves to the sugar bowl ;) ) until I hit the the bbq and had a head sized burger... I realise this is a hardcore running site but whoever made the jammie cream bun things..... is a genius. I NEED! that recipe :)
Angus TynerJul 19, 12:31pmI didn't race, but have report up.

So while the rest of you were enjoying the BBQ...;)
Brían O'MearaJul 19, 12:19pmGreat course - thought short, it's a proper mountain run. I can't think of many other race with a degree of scrambling similar to that. I suppose a bit of Carauntoohil, but I can't think of any others. Fortune favoured the brave.

Jim FitzharrisJul 19, 12:05pmI know I am joining a Greek chorus but sincere thanks to Richard and his team for a well organised and truly memorable mudfest of a race last night and to Justin & Conor and their crew for a great BBQ afterwards.

And yes, Eva’s veggie sausages/burgers were superb – just as good as her home baking. I am surprised that hubbie Simon is not a lot heavier than he is – he must have a will of steel or takes lots of exercise!

The IMRA hoodies are very nice too and just the ticket to keep warm on a cool evening – the hood was very effective at keeping the midges at bay from this bald head at any rate!



Aisling GrowneyJul 19, 11:44amThanks for the great night and yummy food!:) Well organised!!
Gerard CunninghamJul 19, 11:35amThanks to all involved for the great organisation last night.
Please note that Kevin Cunningham (1493) was on the junior course. I think Jack Lawlor (148) may also have been on the junior course
Jeff SwordsJul 19, 9:53amChhers guys, can't beat a nice burger after a hectic and mucky race like that, it was good fun. The IMRA hoody kept me cost walking the dogs this morning too.

As for the person who scratched the crap out of my car and drove off, an analysis of your paintwork is on it's way to Karma, and everyone knows how much of a bitch karma is !
Brendan LawlorJul 19, 9:45amThanks Richard, Justin and both your very substantial crews of helpers for a great event last night
Michelle RowleyJul 19, 9:38amMany thanks to all for the great race and BBQ last night....and as for the hoodies, fabulous :-)
Mick HanneyJul 19, 9:20amI'll check that this evening Paul. There was quite a few bunch finishes which made the job of recording results all the more challenging, but the info you gave is helpful.
Daniela BoehmJul 19, 9:16amJust wanted to say thanks to the organizers/helpers for a great end-of-league evening! A fun run, fantastic bbq (still felt full this morning, it was such a great feed! special thanks to Eva's magnificient veggie burgers!) and even a couple of rays of sunshine (and otherwise cozy IMRA hoodies to keep us warm) - what more can we ask for?! :)Daniela
Paul O' ConnorJul 19, 9:09amHi Mick,

Just on the results, I came in between Kieran Crowley (84th) and Brian E O' Connor (86th). I was wearing number 335.

85th position was credited to number 339 so it would appear that the number was recorded incorrectly at the finish.

Would appreciate it if you could update the result when you get a chance please.

Mick HanneyJul 19, 6:47amA couple of runners signed in using a wrong no, wore a wrong no. or didn't sign in with a no. at all. None of this helps with the results. Wearing someone elses number is a big no no. Please double check your race no. if you are unsure. Thanks.
Mick HanneyJul 19, 5:59amThanks Kevin for getting results uploaded. If anyone spots any issues with their result please post details and I'll check it out later this evening.
eanna o'floinnJul 19, 1:05amI'm not a regular imra runner, but that was cracking good fun and a really well-organised event. Many thanks to all!
Paul LarkinsJul 19, 12:37amI have put up some photos on Flickr:
If you search under plarks you will also find them...
Richard NunanJul 18, 3:06pmThats correct, John Fitzgerald.
We have enough volunteers - plenty if other races for you to sign up for.

@ Orla

Thanks you for letting us know.

@ Renne

Great preview - describes the race well!!
Orla CrosseJul 18, 2:08pmRichard, something's come up and I can't volunteer tonight. Apologies for short notice. Hopefully someone else will snap up the position and you won't be left short. Orla
John DoyleJul 18, 1:46pm@Richard,I had volunteered for this race but havnt been allocated a role,does that mean im not required to show up at six oclock?just want to confirm.Thanks
John CondonJul 18, 1:21pmDriving from Greystones around 6.30
Conor O'SullivanJul 18, 12:45pmHey Folks,

just wondering anybody have space for two in the blackrock area around 5.15/5.30 mark? If so could ya give a text to 086 2668608.

Conor O'SullivanJul 18, 12:45pmHey Folks,

just wondering anybody have space for two in the blackrock area around 5.15/5.30 mark? If so could ya give a text to 086 2668608.

Rene BorgJul 18, 9:47amI've posted another preview of this evening's race:
tony berkeryJul 17, 10:40pmHi David,
I'll take a lift please, if you can stop at cabinteely cross on the n11, it's on the way, 6 miles out the n11 from donnybrook church. my numner is 0862246031 if you could confirm please? Tony
David RouseJul 17, 10:11pmTwo spaces available from Donnybrook Church @6.15pm.
Tamas FarkasJul 17, 9:48pmMarshals.

Angus Tyner - Summit with me, then we demark the course.
Karen O'Hanlon - Bottom of sugarloaf on the western side, where runners turn to the peak directly.
Cathal Kearney - An easy-to-miss turn 1.5km before the finish.
Brendan Deery - Tarmac road before the finish. Only need to be there at the end.

Angus, Karen, Cathal: Be near GAA gates around 6.15pm, after I am done with marking we walk up from there to the above mentioned places.
All marshals: expect occasional heavy showers.

Richard NunanJul 17, 8:05pmHi Aine,

Its 3.3km up to the peak top and 2.9 km down

Richard NunanJul 17, 8:03pmAlong with the other Key Roles identified on the site and the BBQ role please see below the "Helper" roles on the night.

Course Marker – Tamas Farkas

Course Marshalls –
Angus Tyner, Karen o Hanlon, Cathal Karney, Brendan Deery
****Course Marshalls Please see Tamas for Positions****

Registration :

Cash Collector - Aisling Growney –
Numbers - Angus Teerney and Brendan Deery
New Registrations – Hazel Thompson

Car Park Marshalls –
Eamon O Neil – (Finish Marahall)
Oliver Ryann – (Finish Marshall)
Kieran Rocks - (Finish Marshall)
Zoran Skrba –

I have filled the positioned with Non-running volunteers mainly.

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to make the race a success.
Aine Mc DonaldJul 17, 7:05pmI was just wondering how long in distance the short race up the mountain was in Km....
Richard NunanJul 17, 6:59pm@ Seamus

In the interest of Safety and Fair racing - I am willing to wait the
extra 30 Minutes. No need for you to buy me a beer after :-)

It was 9:45 by time I made it to the BBQ last year - That gives you enough time to run it based on last years performance.

@ Kieran
The list of volunteers above are for the BBQ only.

Other Roles will be posted this evening.

Kieran RocksJul 17, 5:51pmRichard,
I'm down to volunteer for this but if you have enough and am just taking up a volunteer spot for someone who is entitled to the end-of-league prize, i'm happy enough giving them a chance to do it instead.
Wasn't planning to run at this anyway, so let us know if those you didn't list are still needed to help. Thanks
seamus kilcullenJul 17, 2:26pmwhy no early start? afraid we'd gobble up all the grub if we managed to get back before everyone else?
i just don't need an early start i need an early eary start unless you want to wait half the night for me to finish and to me that's an awful waste of drinking time,so iwant my usual early early start.
jason melvinJul 17, 10:26amCool.

Cheers for the advice.

Kevin O'RiordanJul 17, 10:18amAlso stops at every lampost along the N11.
Stuart ScottJul 17, 10:16amHi Jason, I've got the 145 before and it's grand but allow a good bit of extra time because it brings you on a tour of Bray. I'd recommend getting the 84X out and then enjoy the scenic 145 route on the way home!
Jason MelvinJul 17, 10:10amHi,

Jsut wondering would we be ok getting the 145 which runs fairly regularly along the N11 to Kilmacanogue?
Mick HanneyJul 16, 11:09pmSorry, didn't see you on the list. See you both at registration so.
Fiona SheerinJul 16, 10:48pmHi mick
If you read the list of volunteers you will see that i am on it and have been for the last 6 weeks!
Angus TynerJul 16, 10:09pmMick, I was going to volunteer to marshal, but with a guiding hand will gladly do Laptop.
Mick HanneyJul 16, 9:18pmHi Fiona,
I think the Race Director has enough volunteers already, its a matter of one of them sticking their hand up. Another time perhaps. I think a laptop training course should be on the cards for next year so keep an eye out.
Fiona SheerinJul 16, 9:10pmMick
I will help with the laptop if you still need someone
Richard NunanJul 16, 8:36pm*************************** Further Race Information ************************


This is a pretty long technical 6km. It is wet, very rocky, there are boulders and multiple single track paths where you will not be able to over take. Especially the last 1 km of the descent. The growth is not too bad (ran it tonight)but muddy. We will be going with the same route as last year. So you will be ascending on the right and keeping on your right descending from the peak. We will have 4 marshals on the course. Race start at GAA and Finish under the Barrier.

We have more than enough Volunteers for tomorrow night (37) - Volunteers should show up at 6:00pm at the Glencormac Inn.

Justin OKeeffe
Conor OMeara
Eva Fairnmaner
Rosie Monaghan
Ger Lawlor
Nicola Neve
Rozanne Bell
Quentin Crowley
Dermot Murphy
Fergal Daly
Berndt Heim
Cathal Kearney
Paula Keohane
Shay Foody
Orla Crosse
Niamh Hartnet

All others will be assigned roles on the night.


The Race is served by Dublin Transport

There is a bus, number 84X, leaving Eden Quay at 17:30 that will get you to the event on time.

Note that there are two 84X's leaving at the same time - it is the one heading for Newtownmountkennedy that you need to get.

Please Carpool - no access to Glencormac Inn carpark to single occupied cars who are attending the Race.


Closes at 7:15 SHARP

End of League Prize will be given out adjacent to registration

paula reaJul 16, 8:13pmI'm looking to volunteer and run on wed

Mick HanneyJul 16, 6:09pmAnyone of those volunteered that would like to assist with the laptop. I'll gladly show you the ropes. Pretty straightforward.
Paul GrantJul 16, 3:59pmIf you still need non-running volunteers for the BBQ, I'm injured and happy to volunteer for Wednesday. Paul
Zuzana PavlikovaJul 15, 8:27pmHi,
Do you still need non-running volunteers for BBQ? If so, could you add me please?
085 7202096
Marcos SanchezJul 15, 5:54pmGreat run. Second year I have run this race and is one of my favorites. Very well organized and great atmosphere.

Unfortunately I forgot to return my number (my fault, deep apologies, no 854 Marcos Sanchez), I will either return it personally on Wednesday at the Sugar Loaf BBQ or through some workmates which are IMRA regulars (Aidan?). Apologies again and great job to all marshalls and people involved in the event.
Mick HanneyJul 15, 3:33pmWill we see a repeat of a 'Tom Erik' from last year :-)
richard dunneJul 13, 4:15pmAnyone one got a spare seat?coming from drumcondra.could prob jump on dart :)
Cheers Richard
Ursula RedmondJul 12, 10:23amHi, could I be added as a volunteer for the BBQ? Thanks, Ursula.
Eva FairmanerJul 12, 10:04amI am making Glamorgan Sausages (a.k.a. Cheese and Herb sausages) for the vegetarians but I do need to know numbers sp if you plan on having some please raise your hand!
Brendan DeeryJul 11, 10:17pmHi

Can you add me as a non-running volunteer for this race, please

Richard NunanJul 9, 8:42pm**************************** IMPORTANT NOTICE************************

There will be no "Early Starts" allowed for this race

Richard NunanJul 7, 10:10pmNon Running Volunteers required for the BBQ required only
Martin BagnallJul 6, 10:37amHi Richard,

Do you still need volunteers for this race?

Quentin CrowleyJul 2, 9:58pmHi - you can add me as a volunteer for the BBQ to do some veggie stuff.
Tamas FarkasJul 1, 7:35pmHi Richard, you can contact me via email as for race marking and what we would need marshals-wise.
Justin O'KeeffeJun 30, 6:44pmAs ever Conor & I will be looking for BBQ volunteers, so please let my self ( justinokeeffe at gmail dot com) or Conor OMeara know if you;d like to help out at the BBQ
Richard NunanJun 30, 4:07pmJohn, Eamonn, Mary all added. Thanks for Volunteering -

We will as usual have a split between those doing the BBQ and those doing the race.

Richard NunanJun 30, 4:02pmHi Orla,

Added you as a Volunteer.


Orla CrosseJun 30, 12:14pmHi Richard, Can you include me as a non-running volunteer for the SugarB event please, 087097774ate, thanks.
mary manganJun 19, 9:49pmCan you include me as a non running volunteer for this run please. Thks
Eamonn O'NeillJun 14, 3:06pmHey,

I'd like to be a non-running volunteer. Unfortunately I've been having great dificulties logging into my account. Could you stick me down?

Thank you,
John FitzgeraldJun 8, 10:28pmCan you add me as a running volunteer -thanks.
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