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Stephen BailieAug 29, 8:12pmStuart just to let you know you have me down twice in nav challenge as stephen bailey(wrong spelling) and stephen bailie (correct spelling) thanks
Rosie MonahanAug 27, 2:00pmThanks to all involved for a great day and for welcoming beginners to the event. It was my first Nav Challenge and I learned lots as well as having a thoroughly enjoyable day.
James CurranAug 27, 8:48amStuart,

Thanks a million for a great course. Irene and I really enjoyed our day out.


Stuart ScottAug 27, 12:31amHi all,

Thanks to all who came out today - we had 37 which is a great turnout, in surprisingly perfect conditions! Results are below. The long course (clocked at around 20k) was won in 2hr13 by Aonghus O'Cleirigh with Zoran Skrba and the Shorts in close pursuit. The short course (at a not-so-short 17k) was nearly as challenging as the long (ahem, sorry), and all competitors should reflect on a great achievement.

Routes taken were varied with some interesting choices which I hadn't envisaged (guns, electricity and swims spring to mind!) but none seemed to confer a significant advantage.

Special thanks to Mirjam, Fergal, Ger and Gerry for their help and to Ger Eile, Rachel ('s Mum) and Rosie for supplying the tasty home-cooked food which all appreciated.

Roll on NC3 in 2 weeks time. Philip will be back so normal services will resume!




Course Position Time Name
Long 1 02:13:02 Aonghus O'Cleirigh
Long 2 02:15:54 Zoran Skrba
Long 3 02:20:43 Ruairi Short
Long 4 02:22:22 Conor Short
Long 5 02:24:56 Ger Butler
Long 6 02:35:17 Sam Scriven
Long 7 02:37:26 Alan Ayling
Long 8 02:37:55 David A Butler
Long 9 02:50:45 Kieran Rocks
Long 10 02:50:55 Michael Stoker
Long 11 02:50:56 Barry Moore
Long 12 02:51:44 Laurence Colleran
Long 13 02:57:04 Ruth Lynam
Long 14 02:59:30 Gerard Cunningham
Long 15 03:14:12 Fergus Byrne
Long 16 03:14:16 Oliver Castle
Long 17 03:23:52 Brendan Delaney
Long 18 03:25:38 David Duffy
Long 19 03:25:42 Don Short
Long 20 03:30:06 Harry McGee
Long 21 03:31:00 Eileen Walsh
Long 22 03:50:55 Ger Lawlor
Long 23 03:56:49 Stephen Bailie
Long 24 03:57:16 James Curran
Long 25 03:57:39 Irene Walsh
Long 26 04:21:48 Joe Lalor
Long 27 04:30:32 Ger Power
Long 28 05:45:09 Rosemary Monaghan
Long 29 05:45:09 Colum McKeown
Long 30 DNF Rachel Cinnsealach
Long 31 DNF Regina Kelly

Short 1 02:18:40 Fergal Buckley
Short 2 02:45:05 Val Jones
Short 3 03:14:40 Niall Corrigan
Short 4 DNF Joan Stapleton
Short 5 DNF Jill Brangan
Short 6 DNF Mick Kellett
Stephen BailieAug 27, 12:27amSame, same Ger. Great day, great weather and the company on route wasn't too bad either.
Ger LawlorAug 26, 9:38pmGreat day out today, well done to Staurt and co and all who ran. Lovely weather, a beer and a cold soak in the river at the end, if Carlsberg did finish lines....
Stuart ScottAug 26, 2:08amHi Niamh, en-route is grand. Obviously just remember to take down both courses at the start!

niamh o ceallaighAug 26, 1:34amStuart,
Must one specify what course (short or long) they are doing before the start or can a decision be made en route?
Alan AylingAug 25, 9:04pmRed Bull has been purchased in the hope of gaining the aforementioned wings.
NIAMH O CEALLAIGHAug 24, 2:59pmStephen,
Just get a sheet of acetete and draw a scale rule on it.
Or you can cut out a square (km size) and draw the 10x10 grid on it to make things even handier for plotting points.
To get scale accurate, use draw in microsoft word or something and get lengths correct then trace onto the acetate.
Stuart ScottAug 24, 12:20pmThanks Ger! Any more offers? The amount of cake left for finishers will be proportional to the initial amount of cake, the length of time ye are out and the capacity of my stomach.

Stephen, if you can't pick up one of the scale rulers that Zoran mentioned, a simple alternative is to remember that each grid square on the map is 1km. Use the compass to orientate the map correctly and pick off obvious features around you (forests, fences, hill tops etc.) and compare their relative distances. Unless visibility is really poor, you should be able to use this information to estimate your position pretty well.

Also, Philip asked me to remind you that anyone doing the short course will not be eligible for the Navigator of the Year award (whatever that may be!).
Zoran SkrbaAug 24, 8:48am@Steven there are little scale/grid rulers in Great Outdoors, which have 1:30000. They cost €1.50.
Ger LawlorAug 23, 9:57pmOne offer of cake is just not good enough.I'll throw my hat in the ring(bread in the oven) and bake some banana bread and I'll bring pot of jam to keep Stuart happy too!
Stephen BailieAug 23, 6:47pmhi stuart just purchased a harveys map but first thing I noticed few compasses plot 1:30,000 harveys maps
Stuart ScottAug 23, 2:16pmHi all,

The start location for Sunday's NC2 (hereby re-named Jackson's Folly) is T 159 969 - Trooperstown carpark.

Straight-line course lengths are:

Long - 16k
Short - 12k

Route choice (and lack of wings) will make these considerably longer so bring enough food and water with you for a good few hours on the hills.

The terrain is very runnable for the most part. Take care crossing roads - there is one dangerously busy section.

I've only had one offer of home-made cake so far (I like jam) so I may be destined for the supermarket. Either way, there will be refreshments (solid and liquid) on offer after the race.

Registration will open from 11.15am and KO is at midday.

Don't forget the mandatory kit (see above) and the map!

Hopefully I've remembered everything,

Stuart ScottAug 22, 4:03pmHi Derek,

I'm in the same boat (haha) as you but short of asking them to sail up the Avonbeg there's not much we can do unfortunately. I've no particular desire to put controls out during the night either!

If you want to run the route unofficially, I can give you the list of controls during the afternoon but you won't be included in the results. I'd prefer not to give them out too early just in case there are any last minute issues.

There'll be an early start 30 mins before the main race but that'll be it.

Derek KellettAug 22, 1:51pmI was hoping to get back to watch the Tall Ships leave Dublin bay on Sunday afternoon so I was going to ask could I start early about 9 am.

Having seen the last post I'm considering asking could I start on Friday afternoon or will a bus be provided ?
Stuart ScottAug 22, 11:32amHi Sean,

The long course will be 20-25k and the short course 15-20k. Don't be put off though - there's fairly good running for much of it!

Sean KennyAug 21, 10:17amHi Stuart, Can you divulge any more infor re race length, for long & short routes?

Stuart ScottAug 21, 10:06amFOOD - also meant to say, IMRA will provide some food and rehydrating spirits at the finish. If anyone with better culinary skills than mine was willing to bring something along, I'll reimburse your expenses (and possibly knock a few hours off your time). If you could let me know, that'd be great. Thanks!
Stuart ScottAug 21, 9:58amI'm ok for volunteers now too thanks - there's still a couple more races on the calendar if anyone needs to earn their hoody!
Stuart ScottAug 21, 9:50amHi all,

We will use the Harvey's map again this week. It is possible to use the EastWest (Lug and Glendo) map but you will be at a small disadvantage. No other maps are suitable. I will announce the grid ref for the start location on Thursday.

The course has been recced but will be shortened slightly to make it less masochistic (it was still fun). The winning time will be around the 2 hour mark, so allow for your speed and navigational ability and ensure you have enough provisions with you. A short course option will also be available and you can decide on the day. Beginner navigators are most welcome.

Important: all private property is out-of-bounds and competitors will be dnf'd if they enter it, however enticing the prospect of mad dogs and landowners is (see last year)! When in doubt, go around.

Stuart ScottAug 16, 12:41pmHi all,

Unfortunately Philip is away so I've a high standard to live up to with the next Nav Challenge! It's on Sunday week (26th) and the start location and more details will be released later next week.

In the meantime, keep the date free and try to encourage as many people as possible to take part. These events are a great way to learn and practice navigation skills and are a nice stepping stone for the likes of the Stone Cross Relay and Irish Champs races. If you don't feel confident on your own, then why not team up with someone else? Unlike orienteering, control points are generally placed on obvious features but choosing the optimal route between them is where places can be won or lost - that's where the 'challenge' comes in!

Any questions just shout.

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